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This is new series. It takes place after Pretty Woman and before Breaking Away. Dawson decides that it's time he and Joey see how they really feel about each other.

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story, including any movies mentioned. Please don't sue!

Please note: This series has not been updated in a long enough time to categorize it as incomplete. The author's provided email address may no longer work, and it will likely never be updated again.

Conspiracy Theory: Dawson asks Joey to come over so he can figure out how he feels about her.
The Favor: Dawson and Joey reveal their real feelings to each other.
The Big Green: Pacey asks Joey not to tell Dawson where she was when she missed movie night.
Fierce Creatures: Dawson sees Joey and Pacey in the ruins.
The Crying Game: Dawson remembers something about Pacey from years before.
Mission Impossible: Dawson tells his parents what happened and asks them to talk to the Witters.
Dead Man Walking: Pacey and his parents talk, then Joey comes over when Pacey gets sick.

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