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Katy's stories are all pretty awesome, especially the Model Behavior series and The Dawson Show. There are far more disclaimers than I will usually include, because she takes a whole lot of time coming up with them, and they deserve to be posted if just for the effort she puts into them...

Disclaimer: (I'll save Katy the trouble of coming up with a new, amusing one for each story.) The characters from Dawson's Creek are not mine, they are Kevin "the god" Williamson's. Guess Jeans is not mine either, but they should consider it free publicity. Anything Disney related is not mine, but don't sue. Just consider it free publicity, too. I don't own The Truman Show, either. The titles and songs mentioned are not mine, as well. I am not profitting from any of this. The only things that are mine are the new characters that I created. Use them if you want, but send me the link to the story when you do!

PLEASE NOTE! Katy loves your feedback, but has asked that feedback is sent to me at amoo282@hotmail.com, so that's not a typo. Send it along!

Model Behavior

I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing: Joey gets a modeling opportunity in NY much to Dawson's dismay. Pacey finds a mysterious girl in the ruins.
Supermodel: Jen gets support from Cliff at her grandfather's funeral. Joey is a modeling sensation, but assures Dawson that she still loves him.
Picture Postcards from L.A.: Joey goes to Los Angeles for two months as her modeling career skyrockets. Cliff's ex-girlfriend moves back to Capeside.
You Must Love Me: Pacey goes to talk to Ethan as Valerie plots to get Jen from Cliff.
Rush, Rush: Another disaster ensues as Joey puts her plan to bring her and Dawson together to work.
Save the Last Dance For Me: A depressed Joey is sent home and Jen and Pacey try to cheer her up.
Happy Together: After meeting Abby, Kathleen goes through some changes.
Crash Test Dumies: Valerie and Abby try to break up Jen and Cliff while Jen's sister prepares to make a surprise visit to Capeside.
No More I Love Yous: Pacey writes a personal story. Jen finds out something interesting from Valerie.
Inside Out: Jen has a confrontation with Megan and finds out exactly what she wants.
All I Really Want: Jen confronts her sister, who is planning something against her.
Deep Water: Pacey meets Stormy, a singer whose songs touch him in a way he can't explain.

Three's a Crowd

Crush: Dawson has a strange reaction to his kiss with Joey, who goes to Pacey for consolation.
lI'll Never Break Your Heart: Joey struggles to decide inbetween Pacey and Dawson.
The Goodbye Girl: Joey finally decides, but she is too late.
Again: Joey is finally coming home from France after 13 years for a wedding.
Do I Have to Say the Words?: Dawson rethinks his plans to get married.

An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember: When everyone is 25 years old, Joey and Pacey see each other again at Jen's apartment in New York. R Rating.
The Way We Were: Joey and Pacey try to JUST be friends, with no sexual tension. R Rating.
This World, Then The Fireworks: Pacey tells Joey he doesn't think they should be together. R Rating.

The Dawson Show

...And, Action!: This cool new series is based on the movie "The Truman Show".
Take Two: Kevin decides to break up Pacey and Andie so Pacey and Joey can get together.
Smile You're On Camera: Dawson overhears a conversation between Josh and Meredith that leads him to the truth.

Separate Stories

A Cinderella Story: A different kind of story about everyone.
Peter Pan Syndrome: Another fairy tale-meets-Dawson's Creek story.
Unforgettable: Joey goes back in time during a visit to her mom's grave.
Dear Diary: A revealing look into everyone's diaries explains a lot after "The Breakfast Club" episode.

The French Connection

French Kiss: Katy's ideas about what would have happened if Joey had decided to go to France.
In Love and War: Joey finally approaches Luke.

Anatomy of a Murder

Introduction: Something is not right in a small town.
Part One: Pacey realizes how strange everyone's become.

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