Kelli's Stories

Kelli's stories are a little bit different and strongly influenced by MTV. Take a look, her series about "Room Raiders" and her series about "Made" are good reads.

Disclaimer: I donít own Dawsonís Creek or the characters. I also donít own the shows Made or Room Raiders. Those belong to MTV.

Raiders of the Lost Heart

Raiders of the Lost Heart: Prologue: Joey is 19 years old and on the tv show "Room Raiders". Can she really pick a date solely based on looking through the bedrooms of three guys?
Raiders of the Lost Heart: Chapter One: Joey somehow lets Audrey talk her into appearing on a new type of MTV dating show.

Made to Love You

Made To Love You: Prologue: What would have happened if Joey decided to ask MTV to turn her into a beauty queen in order to win the Miss Windjammer Pageant?
She's the One: Joey is Discovered: Dawson's obliviousness leads to Joey wondering what she can do to get him to notice her. Pacey and Joey have their infamous snails study session from season one.
The Study Session that went Bad: MTV gives Joey a phone call.
The Story of Scruffy: When Dawson gives Joey exactly the response she expected to the news about Made, Pacey tries to think of a way to cheer her up.
Good Enough: Dawson and Jen interrupt a strange moment between Joey and Pacey.
Belief: After overhearing Joey speak to Kat about him, Pacey decides to drown his sorrows in tequila.

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