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This is an EXCELLENT series by Kilby. It is the only series that has made me want Pacey to get Joey (being the Joey/Dawson fanatic that I am). It's a great love triangle story and even though it has a Pacey/Joey picture up (I thought it's appropriate and think it's really cute, anyway), it will keep you guessing the outcome.

Disclaimer: These characters and settings are not my property, and I am not making any profit from their use. Some information on concussions was taken from the MS Encarta Encyclopedia. Any songs, movies, or books mentioned are not mine either.

Please Note: Kilby's email address has been updated. To send her feedback, use the email address at the bottom of this page, not the one at the bottom of her stories.


Moving: Joey gives Dawson an ultimatum and feels he chooses Jen. She then goes to Pacey for help to get Dawson back.
Waiting to Exhale: Joey and Pacey pretend to date and really do start to get closer. Jen fears that she is HIV positive.
Boomerang: Pacey and Doug have a confrontation. Dawson jealously watches Joey's planned date with Pacey.
Clueless: The four go to Dawson's house to film a movie that Dawson was inspired by Jen to make.
Picture Perfect: Dawson grows increasingly jealous of Pacey and Joey. Joey is surprised at how well Pacey handles Alex.
Set it Off: Joey tells Dawson that she slept with Pacey. She and Pacey stage their breakup.
Yours, Mine, and Ours: Joey feels that she has lost everything to get Dawson. She later talks to Pacey, but they still don't know how the other feels.
Love Jones: Dawson is insecure because he thinks Joey slept with Pacey. The four go to the hospital to finish filming the movie.
Disclosure: Dawson forces everyone to talk about why their friendships are growing apart and some interesting discoveries are made.
Independence Day: Dawson decides to give Jen another chance. Pacey writes how he feels about Joey in a letter that he never intends to give to her.
Hav Plenty: Everyone, including Mr. and Mrs. Leery, goes to the hospital to check on Pacey.
While you were Sleeping: Everyone takes turns visiting Pacey as they wait for his condition to improve.
Awakenings: Pacey finally awakens, but learns he may still have some problems.
A Thin Line Between Love and Hate: Neither Joey nor Jen like Natasha, but Pacey asks Joey to be nice to her.
Conspiracy Theory: Joey still feels guilty about Pacey's accident. Jen gets some big news.
Big: Jen meets an inspirational woman named Mya.
Out for Justice: Mitch receives word of the consequences he must face for punching Mr. Witter. Jen tells Pacey her news.
Places in the Heart: Natasha and Dawson grow closer.
'Til There Was You: Jen and Joey are hit on by two guys named Malcolm and Nate. Pacey reads his personal writing about Joey, and is upset by Natasha's actions.
A Smile Like Yours: Joey and Pacey grow closer as Malcolm drives Dawson and Natasha apart.
The Mirror Has Two Faces: Natasha tells Dawson of her moment of weakness. Jen shares her news with her grandmother.
Terms of Endearment: Pacey and Joey confront the man who caused the accident. Doug freaks out.
In the Line of Fire: The last installment of the series.
Moving On - An Epilouge: An additional ending, if you feel you would like to read one.

Dream a Little Dream: A new story by Kilby and Suzanne, the gang is a little surprised at the weird dreams that they have.

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