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Joey and Dawson have just gotten together in Matahari's new series. They decide to do something to make their relationship as exciting as possible right from the start (it's rated PG, so it's probably not what all you dirty-minded people out there are thinking!!! Stop it!).

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the surroundings of Dawson's Creek, although I don't think that the WB or Kevin Williamson own the surroundings of it either (except maybe for all those rooms, school, the Icehouse etc.) Well, have no fear guys. Whoever these characters belong to, I'm just borrowing them and I promise to return them safe and sound. Oh yeah...thank Mother Earth for the background, the kind site masters and/or mistresses who make sites where people can post this kind of fanfic and especially the readers! Three Cheers!!!!!!!

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams: Joey and Dawson discuss what their relationship will be like after they share their feelings.
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough: Joey watches Dawson sleep and starts to question their decision.
My Only Sunshine: Dawson and Joey each try to deal with the reprecussions of Joey's letter.
I Think I'll Give it a Try: Dawson and Joey have to face each other in an uncomfortable situation in English class.
Parting in Such Sweet Sorrow: The situation gets even more awkward when Joey and Dawson are given their English assignment.
Losing Control: Joey has a very odd reaction when she finally talks to Dawson.
Are You An Angel?: Dawson tries to help Joey after she falls. Pacey lets Jen have it in the cafeteria.
I've Missed You: Dawson is relieved that Joey is okay.
For Just Tonight: Pacey is sent to the principles office for getting into a fight.
Maybe it could get Better: Andie McPhee comes to town and searches for Pacey, her English project partner.
Down The Path Of True Love: Dawson and Joey prepare to rehearse their kiss. Someone is watching them when they go to the ruins.

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