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A Smile Like Yours is a series by Melissa happening after the episode "Sex She Wrote". Things are going perfectly for Pacey and Andie, until their relationship is struck a life-altering blow. The Secret's Out is a fun, completely fictional story about the actors behind the creek.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters here, they belong to Mr. Williamson, and TPTB at the WB.

Please note: Both these stories are complete, but were completed so long ago that the author's provided email address may no longer work.

A Smile Like Yours

A Smile Like Yours Part 1: Andie is rushed to the hospital when she collapses at school for an unknown reason.
A Smile Like Yours Part 2: The discovery of the reason for Andie's fainting strengthens Pacey and Andie's desire to have a baby.

The Secret's Out...or is it?

The Secret is Out... Or is It?: Valentine's Day gifts to Katie Holmes have the rest of the cast confused.
Shadows and Truths: Katie and James decide to break their news in Seventeen magazine!
How's and Why's: The gang finally get to talk to the couple.

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