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Tara brings us two series: One Crazy Summer and When She Was Bad. I strongly recommend When She Was Bad for a fun read! One Crazy Summer isn't too shabby either... it won the best Pacey/Joey fanfic Creeker's Choice Award of 1999!

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Don't sue.

One Crazy Summer

Part One: Pacey and Joey bond over their losses.
Part Two: The gang go to New York.
Part Three: Pacey and Joey share a dance.
Part Four: Pacey plans surprises for Joey's birthday.
Part Five: The gang goes back home, and Pacey gives Joey a poignant gift.
Part Six: Bessie teases Joey, Pacey feels guilty, and there's a game of baseball.
Part Seven: The flirting between Joey and Pacey reaches a climax.
Part Eight: Joey and Pacey try to relieve thier guilty feelings.
Part Nine: Pacey gets a letter from Andie.
Part Ten: Pacey and Joey continue to try to deny the attraction.
Part Eleven: Pacey teaches Joey to drive, but gets taught something himself!
Part Twelve: Pacey talks to Jack after arguing with Joey.
Part Thirteen: The gang go skating.
Part Fourteen: Dawson comes back, and sees something he shouldn't.
Part Fifteen: Dawson is shocked by the change in the relationship between Pacey and Joey.
Part Sixteen: Pacey waits for Joey's decision.
Part Seventeen: The last in the series.

When She Was Bad

Part One: Joey tries out for a... strip club?
Part Two: Joey signs up... but is she ready?
Part Three: Andie's surprise party goes awry.
Part Four: Joey gets Pacey excited... Rated R
Part Five: Dawson is shocked. Rated R
Part Six: Pacey takes drastic action. Rated R
Part Seven: Joey's civil conversation with Dawson turns sour when Bessie tells him a little too much information.

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