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In The Day After by Tiffany, the gang deals with the after effects of the homecoming dance.

Disclaimer: I don’t know any of the characters in this story. I am not making any money off of this fanfiction; I am just a fan with some free time. The WB television network and creator Kevin Williamson copyright Dawson’s Creek. I don't own 'N Sync or Tearin' Up My Heart, either.

Please Note: Some of these series are complete, some are incomplete. Because it has been so long since a part was last written, though, the author's provided email address may no longer work, and it will likely never be updated again.

The Day After

The Day After Part 1: There are many issues to be dealt with the day after the homecoming dance.
The Day After Part 2: Dawson's talk with Joey doesn't end the way he way he wanted it to.
The Day After Part 3: Joey talks to Jack, and then hears about an art competition.
The Day After Part 4: Dawson is sad that Joey's kept a secret.
The Day After Part 5: Joey wins a better prize.

Best Friends Again and Possibly More

Best Friends Again and Possibly More: In this new series, Dawson makes the first move to getting back together with Joey, with unexpected results.
Best Friends Again and Possibly More Part 2: Joey asks to be apart of the new movie Dawson is creating. Pacey asks Joey to talk to Andie after another tragedy occurs in her family.
Best Friends Again and Possibly More Part 3: The filming of Dawson's new movie starts.
Best Friends Again And Possibly More Part Four: Dawson and Joey come to an agreement.

Cupid's Matchmakers

Cupid's Matchmakers: Pacey and Andie attempt to get Joey and Dawson together on Valentine's Day.
Cupid's Matchmakers Part 2: Pacey and Andie continue their Valetine's Day attempts.

Love Returns

Love Returns Part 1: Tiffany's own version of "Psychic Friends".
Love Returns Part 2: Joey helps Dawson see what a great filmmaker he is, since his confidence was shattered by Ms. Kennedy.
Love Returns Part 3: Cue happy ending!

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Part One: Bessie and Joey have rebuilt the Icehouse, but something's changed.
Part Two: Dawson prepares to return to Capeside after spending the summer in Philadelphia with his mother.

A Day In Detention

Part One: The gang get another detention!
Part Two: The tension between Dawson and Joey is obvious.
Part Three: Another game of Truth or Dare proves interesting!
Part Four: Joey and Dawson get stuck in the cupboard.
Part Five: Joey is confused after the day's events.

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