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Disclaimer: The characters, quotes and songs do not belong to me, so please don't sue because I don't have any money. The plot line is however mine, hah! So, you can't use it without my permission. DC belongs to the WB, Kevin Williamson, etc. (two words: not fair).

Angels Will take care of Us

Part One: Joey gets some awful news.
Part Two: Things are difficult for Joey and Dawson.
Part Three: How will Joey's announcement change things?
Part Four: Friends, babies and memories.
Part Five: The last of the series.


Part One: Joey and Dawson exchange letters.
Part Two: Will Dawson reply?
Part Three: What happened to Joey and Dawson in college?
Part Four: How will Dawson react to his life catching up with him?
Part Five: Can true love conquer all?
Part Six: Paris. The city of love. Or is it?
Part Seven: A soppy finale.
Epilogue Two years later after Dawson and Joey's reunion how much has changed?

Somebody's Crying: This story is told from Joey's perspective as she tells the story of how she came to love Dawson. It flashes back to when they were 13 years old.

This Was Us: What would happen if Dawson were gone forever, leaving Joey and everyone else behind?

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