The Axis of Time by: Andre Cole

The Seeker appears.

Seeker: Well, hello again, folks. I guess you're here because you would like me to spin you another tale of what might have been. What story will I share with you today? Well you may recognize the players in my little game but this will be more than you can ever imagine!

The Moon - Space

Rita and Zedd are on the moon preparing for an invasion of Earth.

Rita: It's finally time to conquer earth my pet.

Zedd: Yes, my dear, everything's in place. Earth will be ours! And will start with a little village in America place called Capeside.


School Hallway - Daytime Two teenagers Dawson and Pacey are walking thorough the halls talking.

Dawson: Look, she said she'd never forgive me!

Pacey: Look, Dawson, her father's in jail again, she knows it's not your fault. She needs someone to blame for a little while. She'll come around, trust me.

Dawson: What makes you say that?

Pacey: She loves you, man, just give it time.

Dawson: How's Andie?

Pacey: Fine, she's still got some treatments left. She should be back soon.

They go outside.

Dawson's Room - Nighttime

They are in Dawson's room watching a movie. As they watch two morphers drop out of the sky into their hands.

Dawson: What are these?

Pacey: I don't know, they look like toys I used to play with when I was little.


Icehouse - Nighttime Jack and Joey are at the Icehouse cleaning up after closing.

Jack: Why are you doing this to yourself?

Joey: I don't know what you're talking about.

She moves to clear another table.

Jack: You know exactly what I mean. Why are you still not talking to Dawson?

Joey: Listen I don't wanna go there so just drop it okay.

Jack: Fine but you'll have to talk about it sometime.

Two Morphers fall in Jack's hands.

Jack: Joey?

Joey: What now Jack?

Jack: What are these?

He gives one to her.

Joey: I don't know they look like toy phones.


Jen's House - Nighttime Jen is leaving her house to go to a party.

Jen: Alright Grams. I'll be ack around eleven.

A morpher falls and hits her in the back of the head.

Jen: You don't have to throw things!

She picks it up.

Jen: What the hell is this?

She looks at it. She pushes a button revealing the numbers on it.


Dawson's Room - Nighttime

Dawson: Looks like it's got some kind of numbers on it.


Ice House - Nighttime

They are standing in the Icehouse eating area.

Joey: I'm not gonna push 'em, you push 'em!

Jack: We'll both push 'em

They push the buttons. The morphers are heard.

Morphers: 2!


Jen's House - Nighttime

Jen is also pushing the buttons, the morpher is heard.

Morpher 3!


Dawson's Room - Nighttime

Dawson and Pacey are also pushing the buttons. The morpher is heard.

Morpher: 5!

They are teleported away.


Power Chamber - Nighttime

Dawson lands on the floor of the Power Chamber he looks around and sees everyone else.

Dawson: Jen, Jack, Joey.

Joey: Dawson what are you up to?

Dawson: Nothing, I don't even know where we are.

Pacey: Forget where we are, I'm more concerned with getting out of here.

Jack: I'm with Pacey!

The start towards the door as Alpha heads them off.

Alpha: Wait! You can't leave.

Pacey: Look I don't know who or what you are little guy but we are leaving.

Zordon's energy tube comes on.

Zordon: For the sake of the world I cannot allow you to leave.


Dawson: Okay I'm lost here. Who are you people?! And what do you mean for the sake of the world?! And why don't you have a body?!

Zordon: You are an inquisitive one Dawson Leary.

Dawson: Okay the giant head knows my name.

Zordon: I am Zordon and this is my assistant Alpha 5.

Jen: Okay now that we're all acquainted, you mind telling us what you want.

Zordon: The two deadliest beings in the galaxy, Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa are arming to invadeour planet. If they succeed the world will be in the grip of evil.

Joey: So what does that have to do with us?

Zordon: You are going to stop them.

The morphers have chosen you to become the Power Rangers!

Jack: Power what?

Alpha: The Power Rangers! Those morphers you have in your hands teleported you here when you pushed the three numbers

.Joey: Last time I listen to you.

Zordon: The morphers you carry give you special powers.

Alpha: All you have to do is push those three numbers!

Zordon: If you would kindly look at the screen please.

They all go to the screen.

Zordon: Jack you have the power of the Green Ranger.You will command The Green Lion Zord. Jen, you are theYellow Ranger. Joey you are the Pink Ranger. The Pink Eagle Zord belongs to you. You command the Yellow Jaguar Zord. Pacey you are the Black Ranger.

Pacey: Oh how fitting.

Zordon: Your Zord is the Black Bull. Dawson you are the Red Ranger, you will command the Red Dragon Zord and, you are deemed leader of this team. All fve of your zord come together to form the Battle Megazord.

Jack: I've heard enough, let's go.

Alpha: No you have to save the world.

Jen: You can't make us do anything, we're teenagers and we have rights!

Joey: Maybe we don't want to save the world.

Pacey: We all have our own problems to deal with without having to chase Edd and Lela around.

Zordon: Zedd and Rita.

Pacey; Whatever, bottom line, find someone else to do it. And put us back where you found us.

Zordon: Very well then. They are all teleported away, landing back where they were originally.


School Hallway - Daytime
Dawson is walking through the hallway and he bumps into Jack.

Jack: Whoa. What a trip that was last night.

Dawson: Yeah I know.

Pacey joins them.

Pacey: Talking about that living Sci-Fi movie we saw last night?

Jack: What else?

Dawson: What they we're saying, it got me thinking.

Pacey: That is your problem, my friend, you think too much. Don't worry about it.

The ground begins to rumble.

Jack: Earthquake?

Dawson: In Capeside.

Jen and Joey come around the corner.

Pacey: What's going on?

Jen: They said, the towns under attack!

Joey: Something about a monster.

Dawson: Come on we got to get to some shelter!

They run.


Shelter - Nighttime

The kids are watching the T.V. report of what's going on.

News Reporter: The monster has been attacking Capesidesince early this afternoon. The monster has been sent by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa two people bent on ruling the world.

Dawson: Zedd and Rita.

Pacey: What are you talking about Dawson?

Dawson: The big head and the robot said that the Power Rangers were supposed to stop Zedd and Rita.

Jen: So?

He shows them his morpher.

Dawson: That's us.

Jack: Not a chance! I won't be killed by Godzilla.

Dawson: People need us. We've gotta save the world.

Joey: There's no way I am going to fight on a team led by Dawson Leery to save the world.

Dawson: LISTEN! This is bigger than all of us. We have a chance to do something incredible with our lives. So don't you think we can all rise above our problems and pettiness! We can be SUPER HEROES for god's sake. We have a chance to save the world.

He gets up.

Dawson: I don't know about you. But I'm goin out there!

He goes towards the exit and Pacey puts his hand on

Dawson's shoulder.

Pacey: Well no sense of him killing just you.

They all go to a dark corner.

Jen: How do these things work?

Dawson: We push what we pushed last time.

They activate the morphers and are teleported away.


Town Square - Nighttime

They stand across from the monster in ranger uniform.

Monster: I will now destroy you! Power Rangers!

Pacey: This guys a cheesy super villian.

Dawson: Then we do what cheesy super heroes do!

Jen: And what might that be?

Dawson: Fake karate and hope it works.

They flip into action kicking and punching the monster. The monster shocks the Rangers as they fall on the ground.

Pacey: Well that didn't work.

Dawson pulls his laser gun out of his holster.

Dawson: Maybe these'll work then!

He gets up.

Dawson: Everybody pull out your guns and turn them up full blast!

Joey: But...

Dawson: Trust me! Fire on my command. Ready, Aim, FIRE!

They fire on the monster and it explodes.

Jack: I can't believe it!

Jen: We just saved the world.


The Moon - Space

Zedd: I don't think so!

Zedd and Rita put their staffs together

Zedd and Rita: Make our monster GROW!

They zap the monster and it grows.

Town Square - Nighttime

The grown monster is ripping up the town.

Pacey: Damn that things huge!

Joey (Sarcastically): What now fearless leader?!

Dawson: Simple, we need that Battle Megazord now.

The zords form together into the Battle Megazord.

Jack: Okay what now?

Dawson: We pilot it like on that show Voltron

.Pacey: Well commander Keith how are we supposed to get in there?

Dawson jumps inside.

Jack: That answer your question?

They all jump inside.

The monster begins to beat the crap out of the Megazord.

Jen: We're gonna die!

Dawson: No we're not! Let's see.

He looks on he console and sees a button marked fireball.

Dawson: Fireball.He pushes the button and a fireball is shot outdestroying the monster.

Shelter - Daytime

The crew wakes up and begins to watch the news.

News Reporter: The monster from Zedd and Rita wasstopped late last night by the Power Rangers everything is safe in Capeside as shelters are being cleared.

The T.V. goes off.

Dawson: I told you.

They are all teleported away.


Power Chamber - Nighttime

They arrive at the Command Center as Zordon greets them.

Zordon: Excellent Power Rangers you have done well.

Jack: We were lucky.

Zordon: Nonsense, the Power protected you as it always will. So are you ready to become the Power Rangers for good?

Dawson: Well I'm in.

Pacey: He needs somebody to keep him out of trouble,so I guess I'm in too.

Jen: Well, what beats saving the world.

Jack: Exactly.

Joey: Well I guess so.

Zordon: Very well then. But before you do this there are three rules you must follow and the Power will always protect you.

Pacey: More rules.

Zordon: Yes. More rules. Rule 1, never use your power for personal gain. Rule 2, never escalate a battle unless Rita and Zedd force you to and keep your identity secret. No one may know you're a Power Ranger.

Dawson: I think we can do that.

They all shake their heads in agreement.

Zordon: Very well then. WELCOME POWER RANGERS!


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