Love Hurts by: Denise

"Hey Pacey," Dawson said as he saw Pacey approaching him. "Hi"

Pacey said. Dawson didn't ask because he knew what was wrong with Pacey same thing that was wrong with him he lost his love. Only Andy still called and might come back probably would. But Joey well she won't even talk to Dawson when she is standing right next to him. Sometimes he wished he had never put Joey's father in jail but deep down he knew it was the right thing.

"Want to go on a boat trip?" Pacey asked, " My dad just got a new boat and he said I could use it" Dawson agreed quickly he and Pacey went to get it when they saw Jen and Joey walking over. Dawson smiled and waved. Jen waved back.

"So you guys doing anything interesting today?" Jen questioned.

"Not really just going on a boat trip Pacey got a new boat wanna come?"

"Joey do you want to?" Jen asked her.

"Why not? Like I have something else better going in my life"

The four of them walk over to get the boat past the first dock. It was actually an extremely nice boat. Looked incredible expensive. She saw Joey's face light up when she saw it to. There were four seats. Two people to sit by the drivers seat and two in the back of the boat.

"I am going to sit in one of the drivers seats but I don't actually want to drive it" Jen said happily. Dawson volunteered to drive it. Joey and Pacey sat in the back. Jen and Dawson started chatting as Dawson demonstrated to her how to start the boat and that kind of stuff.

" So miss Josephine how have you been lately?" Pacey asked.

"Pretty good you and don't call me Josephine." Then suddenly Joey new she had said the wrong thing. Because Pacey's face got strickened and seamed to mope.

"Nice boat," Joey commented. Trying to break the tension between them.

"Isn't it don't ask me how my dad got the money to afford it because frankly I am not sure" Then out of nowhere Pacey went "You know you can't avoid Dawson forever''

" I know but I am not ready to talk to him yet after what he did"

Now it was Pacey's turn to realize he had brought up the wrong subject. Joey saw Dawson spying her and turned away. Dawson could feel himself turning red when Joey saw him looking.

"I got an idea since this trip doesn't seem to be taking off with a bang" Jen said. As she told Dawson to stop the boat for a little. " Remember in detention how we all got bored and Abby ……. " Jen suddenly told Dawson start the boat and go a little farther. Dawson looked confused. Jen pointed up and Dawson suddenly started going. They were in the almost in the exact spot that Abby had fallen and died. When they got out of that spot Jen continued.

" Well remember we played truth or dare well why don't we?" They all agreed realizing there was nothing better to do.

" I will go first Dawson truth or dare" Jen said. Dawson chose truth. "Let me think." "Are you friends with Jack now, and why weren't you before?"

"Yes I am now and before well ummm.." Dawson said. Joey was starting to look a little uncomfertible. Then Dawson said " He had something I wanted." And still want he thought.

"My turn now Pacey truth or dare" Dawson said

"Well my friend I don't want to take a big risk so truth." Dawson thought and then said.

"Who was better Miss. Jacobs or Andy " Pacey looked at Dawson in amazement how could he ever ask that question, but Dawson just smiled smugly.

"Andy of course" Pacey said returning the smug smile. What was up with Dawson today?

"Ok Jen truth or dare, no offense Joey but I got something for whatever she picks" Pacey said.

"None taken" Joey said. Jen picked truth. " Ok I always wondered this what does your grams think about me?" "She doesn't even know you exsist" Jen said. Jen then picked Joey.

"Well since this is the most BORING truth or dare game ever Dare." Jen then went for the kill " I dare you to kiss Pacey" Joey and Pacey didn't mind they were friends now. Dawson on the other hand looked devastated.

Pacey and Joey got up. Then drew slowly together. They started Kissing. Joey then realized she didn't want to pull away Pacey then realized he didn't want to either. Dawson on realized he did want them to pull away.

" Ok you guys she said a kiss." Dawson said obvisley upset. But they made no attempt to part. Dawson couldn't take this anymore he walk right up to Pacey and shoved him off the boat. Pacey fell hard. His arm smacking against the boat.

"Dawson O mi god" Joey said. Dawson looked just as scared as Joey. Joey and Jen kneeled down and helped Pacey back on the boat. Pacey was on the verge of tears and Joey, Jen, and Dawson could clearly see how swelled his wrist was. Jen and Joey laid him down. Joey glared at Dawson.

" Dawson why in the heck would you do a thing like this!" Joey said, "Drive us home it looks like Pacey is going into emergency." Pacey didn't say anything he knew if he did he would cry and that would be so embarrassing.

Joey took his wrist and moved it slightly" Ouch!" Pacey cried.

"Dawson I think you broke it!" Joey said.

"Pacey I am so sorry!" Dawson said meaning it.

"Shut up and drive! " Jen snapped.

Just great Dawson thought, everyone hated him and he was really worried about Pacey. How could he have been so incredibly stupid. Dawson stopped the boat at the dock. They hurried out of the boat Pacey elevating his wrist with Jen and Joey's help. Luckily the hospital was only about a block away. When they got there Pacey went into the emergency room. They all waited in the lobby and none talk then Joey said.

"Well Dawson care to explain"

"I don't know what got into me you guys just kept kissing and kissing and,"

"IT WAS A DARE DAWSON A HARMLESS DARE!" Joey said then wondered actually what it meant herself.

Pacey came out of the emergency room with his wrist in a cast. Joey walked up to him and hugged him and so did Jen. Then Joey whispered in Pacey's ear "Meet me at 8:o clock at my house"

Pacey face suddenly lighted up he always had a thing for Joey and he never wanted that kiss to end.

"Pacey, man I am sorry about that" Dawson said Pacey just glared at him in disgust.

"Ok Dawson I forgive lets just move on with our lives." Pacey said. But was Joey could tell he was still mad.

Fast forward to that night at eight

Pacey was in Joey's room as Joey shut the door. " Ok Pace what is going on between us, today that kiss I just couldn't pull away."

"Me neither Joey I just couldn't get myself to." Pacey said.

The next thing they knew they were kissing passionately.

Dawson on the other hand wasn't doing so well when he got home he started drinking then decided to head over to Joey's.Pacey and Joey heared the doorbell ring. " I will be right back Pacey." Joey said smiling.

It was Dawson. "Joey I just want us to be friends again I am so sorry please forgive me," Dawson said pleading with his eyes.

Joey who was in such a good mood after what happened with Pacey said "OK Dawson" They hugged. Joey noticed something was wrong with him though his speech was slurred and he couldn't walk straight.

"Hey I brought some movies over wanna watch?" Dawson said.

" Pacey is over to"

They went upstairs. "Hey Pace!" "Listen I am sorry again about what happened." Dawson said.

"That is fine," It was evident Pacey in Joey were in a great mood. Dawson got kind of suspicious.

"I brought over Casablanca"

They started watching the movie. Dawson couldn't help to watch Pacey sneak glances at Joey and Joey sneak glances at Pacey. Nah he thought it couldn't be anything. Then they heard another knock on the door it was Jen.

"Hey" Joey said waving. Jen waved back.

After the movie Dawson and Jen left. Joey was walking Pacey home. "Hey wanna spend the night here" Pacey said.

"Yeah I would love to," Joey said. Joey called her sister Bessie and told her.

Next thing they knew they where making out intensely. " Wait, wait what do we tell Dawson" Joey said.

"Why don't we keep it our little secret for now" "I don't want another broken wrist." Joey nodded then started making out again.

The next morning

"Pacey what about Andie?" Joey asked.

"Joey deep down I have always loved you more then Andie ever sense that day at the carnival," Pacey said. "I love you Joey"

"I love you too Pacey," Joey said. They walk to school together.

"Hey why are you to walking together," Dawson said suspiciously.

"We had a sleepover last night because I was tired and I had to stop at Pacey's to get my books that I left there so I just stayed," Joey said. Nice one Pacey thought. But Dawson didn't look convinced though.

"Why are you carrying Pacey's books?" Dawson asked.

"Well I dunno Dawson maybe because you broke his wrist!" Dawson turned red and started off to class.

"I don't think we can keep this up for long," Pacey said. Joey nodded knowingly.

"I just don't think he can take it right now," Joey said.

After school they all crashed at Dawson's place,but before they came

Dawson got drunk again. Dawson left to go get some popcorn. Joey looked over at Pacey and Pacey looked over at Joey.

" We can't go for very long you know," Pacey said with a smile. The next thing they knew they were making out.

"Hey guys I got us some ……..'' Dawson said then the beer kicked in. Pacey and Joey broke apart. " Pacey what the hell do you think you are doing," Dawson said.

"Listen I can explain," Pacey said.

"I don't think so," Dawson said. Raising is fist to punch him.

"Listen man calm down I have no way of defending myself," Pacey said.

"DAWSON DON'T," Joey screamed. As Dawson lowered his fist. But Dawson made no attempt to stop and punched Pacey right in the gut. Pacey dropped back having the winds knocked out of him. Dawson didn't seem to be finished yet while he brought his fist up again. Joey jumped on his back but it was to late Dawson punched Pacey right in the temple and knocked Pacey out cold.

"O my God Dawson," Joey cried running to Pacey's side. Joey started crying softly. Dawson looked just as upset and was in disbelief that he even did that.

"Joey I..," Dawson said.

" Just be shut up and go get some ice." Joey said with anger. Dawson did as told and when he came back Joey said " Ok now help me get Pacey's body on the bed." They lifted his body on the bed.

Joey glanced and saw it was 10: o clock. " Dawson it looks like we are spending the night here tonight I think it would be best if you slept downstairs or in your parents bedroom because they are not home and I will stay here with Pacey." Dawson just nodded, then ran to the bathroom and started vomiting the beer. Joey sat on the bed and put a pillow in her lap and put Pacey's head on the pillow. She knew she had to stay up until Pacey woke up. She also knew Dawson had been drunk. A half an hour later Pacey woke up.

"Where am I," He asked he tried to get up but his head hurt so much he got back down.

"Dawson's, remember he knocked you out, he was drunk," Joey said.

"I don't really remember all I remember is having the winds knocked out of me," Pacey said, " He didn't hurt you did he." He noticed she had been crying.

"No he didn't," She said then explained to Pacey where Dawson was sleeping now.

"Can I go back to my house," Pacey asked.

"No I think it is best you just lay down for now" Joey said now she rubbing his shoulders.

"Wow I didn’t know the D man has this in him."

"Neither did I." Joey let Pacey's head down from her lap and went over and laid on his chest. Pacey stroked her hair.

"Thank god nobody in my family is going to be home for a week," Pacey said. "What day is it?"

"Sunday" Then Joey fell asleep. Pacey just thinking about how lucky he was to have her even if Dawson did kill him.

The next morning

Dawson walked in the room. Pacey and Joey were asleep Joey on Pacey's chest. He had to deal with the fact that they were a couple now he knew now that would be the last time he drank no matter how bad things got. At about two in the morning Joey informed him what he did But he didn't know if Pacey or Joey would ever forgive him. He shook Pacey lightly. Pacey opened his eyes and tried to get up but again had to lay back down.

"Pacey listen I am sorry so sorry is there anyway I can make it up to you, ?"

"I am not in the mood to forgive you right now my head hurts so bad I can't even get up my stomach hurts where you punched me there, mabey when the pain goes away I will be able to forgive you," Pacey said. Pacey could tell Dawson understood. Joey woke up and saw Dawson there. " Joey will you take me home?" Pacey said.

Joey helped him up not saying a word to Dawson. Pacey felt so incredibly dizzy that he wanted to sit back down but he didn't want to be with Dawson right now. Pacey leaning against Joey started to walk home.

"Sure you can make it?," Joey said. Noticing him having trouble standing.

"No but I am not staying at Dawson any longer," Pacey said. "Hey can you stay at my house for awhile?"

"Sure I will just tell Bessie what happened and she will let me stay." When they got the Pacey's house Pacey lied down on the couch.

"Thank god last Friday was the last day of school this year." Pacey said.

"Or people would ask about this huge bruise and I would have to lie to all of them."

"I will still have to lie to my dad though because he might arrest Dawson he shouldn't though my dad has hit me all the time." Pacey pulled Joey down and kissed her softly on the lips.

The next day

"Joey wake up, rise and shine," Pacey said nudging Joey lightly. Joey woke up.

"Well you seem to be doing better," Joey said. Pacey smiled leaned down and kissed her. Then they heard the doorbell ring.

"Joey stay here I will get it," Pacey then went to awnser the door. It was Jen. " Hey Jen!"

"Hey Pace you seem to be doing better then Dawson said," Jen said

"Yep feeling much better today wanna come in Joey is over" Jen stepped in.

"O I see that bruise on your head though ouch!" Jen said.

"Hi Jen," Joey called. Stepping out of her room. Jen waved back.

"Dawson is so worried about you Pacey!"

"That’s great but I am definantly not ready to forgive him yet!" Jen nodded.

"You and Joey a couple now?"

Pacey smiled. " Yeah" then put his arm around Joey. Joey smiled.

"Hey Jen wanna come over for dinner tonight?" Joey asked.

"Not so fast no offense but I have something special planned for Joey tonight," Pacey said.

"Gotcha well I was planning on talking to Dawson tonight anyway well got to go see ya later," Jen said. They waved bye.

"What exactly do you have planned Witter?"

"Not telling till tonight!"

Back at Dawson's house

"So what did they say?" Dawson asked.

"Well Joey didn't say anything but Pacey is still pretty steamed you should see that bruise on his head Dawson!" Jen said

"I hope they forgive me soon," Dawson said sadly, " I don't know exactly what got into me I was just shocked to see him and Joey acking all friendly with eachother that I started to drink. Joey said I punched him as hard as I could then I did it again."

"They won't hate you forever," Jen replied.

"Jen I was wondering I need a night off will you go to dinner with we?" " At the diner I will pay and everything!"

"I would love to Dawson."

That night…

"O Pacey The Diner I haven't eaten here in ages thanks!" Joey cried hugging Pacey.

" My treat," He replied. Pacey only had a cast on the wrist so he was able to drive .

The same night Dawson and Jen arrive at the restaurant. They got seated only a table behind from Pacey and Joey. Jen and Dawson noticed Pacey and Joey were too wrapped up in their converstation to.

"Dawson do you want to go home?" Jen asked.

"No!" Dawson stated firmly. So they sat down. Dawson noticed the huge bruise on the side of Pacey's head.

Pacey put is arm up and accidentally knocked elbows with Dawson.

"Sorr..," Pacey started to say but then realized it was Dawson. Joey looked just as surprised as Pacey did. Dawson didn't look surprised to see Pacey.

"When did you get here," Pacey asked flatly.

"10 min ago," Dawson said.

"Don't even try to punch me this time Dawson it is a public place,"Pacey said saracasticly.

"Pacey I wouldn't you know that!"

"See this bruise on my head Dawson see it, well it kinda hard not to see it, you gave me this bruise see my wrist you did that to,"Pacey said, "and I am suppose to KNOW that you won't hurt me here, explain how I should know that!"

"I said I was sorry about that ok, I was drunk!," I wasn't thinking I just let out all my anger."

"Umm I got to go to the bathroom, Jen care to come?" Joey asked.

"Yeah I have to go to." Jen said.

"O my god," Joey said when they got there I thought they where going to bite each others heads off!!!

" Well lets stay in here for awhile and hope they have one of those male bonding moments," Jen. Then she and Joey laughed

Dawson heard them laughing " They are laughinng at us aren't they?" Dawson said.

" Yea umm I think they are," Pacey said, " Dawson lets try to reach a compromise here we both love Joey."

" She loves you Pacey and I am going to need to learn to accept that," Dawson said.

"Friends?" Pacey asked.

"Friends," Dawson said.

Back in the bathroom

The girls had started playing a game and what they had to do is name a sport like swimming for example then another thing that was like it like sex or something and then the other person would describe the sportr swimming.

"Ok ok my turn, describe the sport soccer to me, " Jen said.

"Well you have to kicks the ball do some moves then score a goal," Joey said. Jen burst out laughing.

"I compared soccer to Pacey," Jen said. Now Joey burst out laughing.

Back at the tables

"How long have they been in there?" Dawson asked.

" Probally have one of those girls bonding moment, " Pacey said.

The girls came back to the table. " Well me and Dawson made up, and we were wondering tonight we could play some soccer and then we spend the night at his house," Pacey said. Joey and Jen looked at each other then started laughing. Dawson and Pacey looked confused.

"Sure we would," Joey said between laughter.

"Are you girls not telling us something," Pacey said with a sly grin on his face. Joey and Jen just nodded no.

After Dinner

"OK Pacey and I verse Joey and Jen," Dawson stated. Everyone agreed. Joey got the ball was about to shoot and then Pacey picked her up from behind.

"Hey no fair," Joey said laughing. Pacey made no attempt to put her down though he flung her over his shoulder and took the ball. While Joey was jokingly pounding on his back.

"Hey everyone," Jack said. Pacey put Joey down to see what he had to say.

"I came to tell everyone well namely Pacey that Andie is coming home tommorrow" Pacey looked at him in disbelief wondering what he was going to do.

To Be Continued

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