Sudden Surprise by: Jamie

Spoilers-This story takes place after the Season Finale. If you haven't seen the last 3 episodes I suggest you do before you readthis! Please be kind to me, this is my very first attempt at fan fiction and I would really appreciate feedback!

Rating - PG-13 to begin with but that will change later on in the story! (I am from England and we don't rate things the same as you guys!)

11.30pm, August 4th

"Pacey are you crazy? You can't afford to come and visit me!"

"Andie, honestly, I can. I've been working double shifts and my pop says he'll give me some cash to come see ya, It seems you impressed the old man when you spoke to him that day!"

"Well I'm glad it sorted things out between you, I mean you never told me how rough your home life was, I could have helped you!"

"Well you helped me more than anyone has before, let's put it that way! Anyway, you completely changed the subject on me! I am coming to visit you, whether you like it or not!"

"Look Pace, I really wanna see you, but I am allowed out of this place 1 night a week and I can only have visitors during the day, so I really see no point in you coming to see me!"

"Look, it's not going to stop me, Jen and Jack want to come see you as well so you have no choice Sweetie!"

"Well it looks like I don't, hey will Joey be coming?"

"I really don't know, she's been real down since telling Dawson she doesn't want to know him anymore. She's gonna give in soon!"

"Well she seemed ok when I spoke to her, Look just ask her to come see me k?"

"Okay, but I gotta go now, I'll phone you tomorrow!"

"Ok, Bye!"


Pacey Witter placed the receiver on the hook and leaned back against the chair he was sitting in. He was planning to surprise Andie and turn up a week earlier than she was expecting. He had cleared it with her father and he had checked with the nurses about Andie having time away from the centre during the day, and they recommended that she would benefit from taking a week off with her friends to resume a normal routine. So with a little persuasion, Jack had talked his usually cold-hearted father into letting them all stay at his their house in Providence, with very few rules to obey!

All his bags were packed and he was up ready to pick up Jack, Jen and Joey at 5am tomorrow morning, for their drive to Providence.

Andie secretly smiled to herself! She was so happy that Pacey has been so persistent about coming to visit her! It was just what she needed, to see her friends and her boyfriend again! All she needed to do now was get her hair done, as the roots were really beginning to show and plan what they were going to do in their week together.

5am, August 5th

Pacey pulled up outside Jens house and climbed out to help them with their bags. Pacey was hoping to arrive in providence by 10am. He was planning to stop twice on the journey cause no way could he survive without breakfast and a comfort stop!

At 10am he pulled his Dad's Cherokee Jeep into The McPhee's driveway and proceeded to unload the car. For the following week Joey and Jen would be staying in one of the guestrooms, Jack and Andie would be in their own rooms and Pacey would also have his own room!

Pacey was eager to head off to the center to surprise Andie, but they hadn't arranged to pick her up until noon, so they all figured that they should get used to the neighbourhood.

Andie dumped all her bags onto her bed and went over to peer in the mirror. It really was true, Shopping makes you glow! With her new hairstyle she looked and felt radiant. She then heard a knock on her door and went to answer it. Mr. McPhee stood there with his arms open. Andie ran into them and hugged him. Even though she had seen her Dad only 2 days ago, he was a real source of comfort to her.

"How do you fancy going for a little walk, as it's such a lovely day and all!"

"Ok, just let me grab my cardigan, it's a little breezy out there! Hey dad how do you like my hair?"

"It looks great, is that for Pacey's visit next week?"

"It sure is!! Well come on then, lets get going!"

They walked around the Gardens when Andie stopped dead in her tracks. Over in the distance she spotted a group of people, 2 guys and 2 girls. As one of them turned around she noticed the smile from a mile away. She knew it was Pacey!

Pacey saw a girl running like crazy across the grass and he knew Andie had spotted him! She flew into his arms and they met in a romantic embrace which was followed by an extremely passionate kiss which lasted until Jack, Jen and Joey coughed in unison, then Joey piped up,

"Er excuse me Pacey but we would like to speak to Andie too, sometime today if that's ok with you!"

"Of course, I'm sorry Jo, it's just I've been waiting for over 2 months to do that!"

"Well Pace, do you have a whole week to do that if you want! Anyway, Andie how are you?"

"Oh ..I'm great, no I'm brilliant, ohhh c'mere and let me hug ya all!!I've missed you all loads!!!"

As they all broke away, Andie suddenly looked sad, Pacey noticed, "What's wrong?"

"Oh it's just that I'm not going to be able to see you guys that much and I only get a little free time which I used up today, shoppin!"

"No Problem, Just look over there at the car!"

Andie looked over to see her Dad loading the car with bags, "What is he doing?"

"Andie, You have a whole week away from this place, where you will be staying at your house!"

"But where are you staying?"


Andie's face broke into a huge smile and they all moved towards the car for their week of fun!

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