In Love and War by: Jessica

Classification: Oh boy, I really don't know this time. I mean it's partly love triangle Dawson-Joey-Jack, partly Pacey-Andie, but I'm a die hard Dawson-Joey fan, so well, ya know what, group it under whatever you feel best.

Spoilers: none, this is purely my own doing.

Rating: This one is G, but they will progress as this series goes on.

Author's note: This is in no way connected with "Simple Again" and "Love Conquers All." However, this piece is the beginning of a series that I am expecting to make 9 parts out of. I have to tell you all that I am writing this because I think the writers this season should be shot. While the dialogue is still superb, what the hell does Joey want with Jack? I'm sorry, but all we've seen is that he drops stuff, likes art, and gets punched. HELLO???? What is so appealing about that? Personally, I am rather insulted that the writers chose to have Joey date Jack. I mean, she just told Dawson she loved him! I'm pretty pissed that they think that teenagers fall in and out of love that quickly. I'm counting on the writers remedying this situation pronto. Otherwise they're gonna get an ass kicking. :-) Oh wait, actually I must credit the writers a bit, Andie is wonderful!! I love her so much! If Jack wasn't her brother I would have killed him off in this fanfiction, the guy is such a pain in the ass. OK, I'm done with all my ranting and raving, for those of you who stuck through this far I LOVE YOU ALL. I hope you enjoy this story, if not e-mail me at If u love the fiction please send feedback too. :-) Happy Reading!

In Love and War

(Dawson is by his computer trying to work on his script. Seeing that he's not getting anywhere, Dawson runs his hands through his hair and sighs in frustration.)

Dawson (angrily): Damn it! Why can't I think?

(Dawson hears a sound by the window)

Dawson: JOEY?????

(Dawson rushes to the window, seeing no one, he lays back down on his bed)

Dawson: Get a grip man! Now you're hearing things! (laughs) And you wonder why you can't type a sentence.

(Looks at picture on his nightstand)

Dawson sighs again. He remembers when this photo was taken. It was taken a week after he and Joey had started dating. Dawson had his arms wrapped around Joey's waist and they were both smiling. "I never thought that it would turn out like this" he said to himself.

Joey, his best friend, the love of his life, had dumped him. To make matters worse, Dawson still didn't understand why. "Actually" Dawson thought to himself, "I think I know why, I'd just rather not believe it."

Joey had told him that she couldn't be with him because she had to be her own person. She said she needed to find herself. Dawson would have considered it a plausible explanation, had he agreed with it. After all, Dawson had fallen in love with Joey for who she was. Dawson couldn't even fathom why Joey would feel as if she was nothing.

Their breakup had left Dawson utterly confused and devastated. Joey had said she needed space, but Dawson had been under the impression that she still loved him the same way he loved her. Dawson had assumed that he would give Joey her space and then they would get back together. "Yeah, that was before her date with Jack." Dawson said bitterly. Joey was causing him to go crazy. If she truly loved him, then why did Joey go out with Jack? What happened to needing to find herself? "Apparently Jack knows more about Joey than she does" Dawson muttered sarcastically.

Dawson groans loudly and sits up. Despite all of his pain, he couldn't direct his anger to Joey. Dawson didn't understand why. After all, she had broken his heart. Yet, Dawson found that he was as much in love with her as ever. "Love is not fair" Dawson said as he got up from his bed and headed back to his computer.

(Joey is laying on her bed, writing in her journal. She slams the book closed and tosses it on the night stand) "What is going on with me lately?" Joey asks no one in particular. She had just returned home from her "dat" with Jack, and she was full of mixed emotions. She had enjoyed spending time with Jack, he was charming and funny, but at the same time she felt incredibly guilty. One word popped into her head......Dawson. Ah, Dawson Leery, Joey sighed, why did this guy have such an effect on her?

That was the exact reason why Joey had broken up with Dawson. She knew that even though he didn't mean to, he controlled her. If this was anyone's fault it was Joey's, and she realized this fact. That is why she dumped him, Joey needed to be capable of being by herself. "If you need to be alone, then why did you let Jack kiss you?" Joey's conscience interjected.

There was the other problem, Jack. Joey had to admit that she liked kissing him. Jack made her feel as if she was in control. She could be with Jack and still feel as if she had an identity. She wasn't exactly sure why, but Joey felt drawn to Jack. She definitely hoped that there would be more "dats." Joey's conscience interjected again, "So where does this leave Dawson?" Joey exhaled deeply and decided to let that question remain unresolved for the time being. It had been a long day and Joey was dead tired.

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