Love Conquers All by: Jessica

Classification: D/J, sorry all you P/J fans but I truly believe that D and J were meant to be together.

Spoilers: none, unless you haven't seen the Homecoming Dance episode.

Rating: Oh boy, probably G, I'm too much of a goody goody.

Author's note: Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on "Simple Again!!!" I love you all!! This story is not a continuation to Simple Again, though. Being a D/J fan I hated the ending to the "Homecoming Dance" episode, so I decided to add my own little story. I apologize in advance to those of you who hate it. Anyway please send any feedback to

Love Conquers All

Joey Potter laid on her bed holding a picture. Her tears were flowing freely as she looked at the picture of her mother. Joey was normally able to contain her emotions, but as the four year anniversary of her mother's death approached, she felt herself crying constantly. Tomorrow, she would go to the cemetery as she did every year. This year, I'll have to go alone Joey thought.

Not many people knew exactly how traumatic her mother's death was for Joey. In fact, Dawson was the only one. Dawson had always accompanied Joey to the cemetery, he knew that she didn't want to go by herself. "He won't be coming this year, I'm sure of that," Joey said to herself. Ever since she had broken up with him, Joey had been avoiding Dawson. She knew it would be too hard for her to see him. Even so, she wished that he would go with her tomorrow. Dawson had always been there for her when times were rough. A little voice in her head asked So why are you deserting him? Joey tried to shake this question away, but she couldn't. Joey had broken up with Dawson because she felt that she was too dependent on him. Her point was proved by the fact that these last two months without him had been the worst months of her life. Pacey had told her that Dawson was also miserable, and that broke her heart. But, she told herself that it had to be this way. As she had said to Dawson, she had to be able to make herself happy. The tears began to fall harder. Joey felt alone. She loved her mother, and she was gone. She was in love with Dawson, yet she pushed him away. Joey continued to sob.

The sound of her alarm woke Joey the next morning. Joey realized that she was still clutching the photograph of her mother. She hadn't remembered falling asleep last night. Joey remained in bed, dreading heading to her mother's grave alone. She knew she could go with Bessie, but Joey didn't feel as if Bessie would be able to comfort her. If anything, Bessie's presence would just add to her sorrow. Joey got out of bed and got dressed. She started to walk to the cemetery.

Joey soon saw her mother's grave. She was about ten feet away from it when she stopped walking. Joey remembered the other times she had taken these last few steps to the grave. Each time, Dawson had been with her, holding her hand. He had always given her the strength to approach the tombstone, and he stayed with her for as long as she needed to be there.

Joey couldn't take these steps, not alone, not without Dawson. She stood there sobbing, completely unaware of everything around her. Suddenly, Joey felt someone take her hand. Joey looked up to see Dawson standing beside her. She sobbed harder, and Dawson pulled her close to him. Joey soon became lost in Dawson's embrace. She felt safe. She felt as if Dawson's arms would protect her from everything in the world. I love him so much Joey thought. She loved him for helping her get through her previous hardships. Most of all, she loved him because he was there with her today. Despite all of the pain she had caused him, Dawson was still there when she needed him the most.

Joey broke away from his embrace and took Dawson's hand. They headed toward the grave. Joey knelt down and put her hand on the tombstone. She closed her eyes. Somehow, she felt as if her mother was there with her, she felt as if the two of them had some sort of spiritual connection. Joey suddenly felt complete. She backed away from the tombstone and took a seat beside Dawson on the bench.

They sat there in silence. Dawson kept his arm around Joey, while she rested her head against his shoulder. Joey never loved Dawson as much as she did at that moment. For the first time that afternoon, Joey spoke. "Dawson, I'm ready to leave now." Dawson nodded and they left the cemetery all the while holding hands.

The two of them continued to walk in silence and they soon reached the ruins. They sat down and Joey noticed Dawson staring into space. She wondered what he was thinking. Joey soon realized that they were sitting in the exact spot where they had discussed being married in a past life. Joey recalled the conversation, and how she knew even then that she would have definitely chosen Dawson over the rich guy at the bar. She wanted to tell him. Joey looked at Dawson, and fought the urge to kiss him. She loved him so much that it hurt. Joey knew that she had to tell him. She knew that she said she had to make herself happy, and that's what she was about to do.

Joey spoke for the second time that day. "Dawson, thank you so much. I needed you there with me today, it meant the world to me that you were there."

Dawson looked over and smiled at Joey before saying "You know you can always count on me Jo, no matter what, I'll always be here for you."

Joey felt the tears swell up in her eyes, but she wanted to speak before she lost her nerve. "Dawson, I am so sorry. I should never have pushed you away. I'm miserable without you Dawson. I know I said I wanted to be able to make myself happy, but I realized that I can't be happy without you in my life. You mean the world to me Dawson. I may not know who I am, but I know I love you." Joey looked down as she says the last sentence. She was terrified that Dawson didn't love her anymore.

Dawson placed his hand under Joey's chin and pulled her up to look at him. He spoke to her. "I know who you are, Jo. You're the beautiful, intelligent, caring girl from across the creek who is capable of anything. You're the girl I'm madly in love with." Dawson looked into Joey's eyes as he continued to speak. "I'm miserable without you because I love you." Dawson then kissed Joey with an intensity neither one had ever experienced before. Joey knew that there were still some rocky times ahead. In life, there were never any easy answers, but she knew Dawson would help her find them. Joey truly believed that love would conquer all.

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