Simple Again by: Jessica

Classification: D/J. Sorry all you P/J fans but I truly believe that D and J were meant to be together.

Spoilers: None, unless you haven't seen "Pretty Woman."

Rating: Oh boy, probably G, I'm too much of a goody goody.

(takes place after Pretty Woman)

Author's note: This is my first fanfiction, so please take that into consideration. If I get positive feedback, I'll write more, but if you guys think it's awful, I'll leave fanfiction to the "pros" Happy Reading!! Oh, please send feedback to

Simple Again

Dawson Leery lay on his bed, deep in thought. He looks at the clock, 2:30, "Oh crap, how am I going to wake up tomorrow?" he says to no one in particular. He can't get to sleep, not that night. Not when he has all of these feelings to sort out. One word kept going through his mind--JOEY. He just wanted to scream her name out loud. He needed her.

He laughed to himself, two weeks ago he felt that he needed Jen. At least, that's what he thought. Jen never made him feel this way, it was Joey whom he couldn't live without. But he'd blown it, big time. He mentally slapped himself, thinking of how long she had been there, how many times he could have said the words she needed to hear. He could make any excuse as to why he never did say these things, but the truth was that Dawson was just scared. He sighed, he needed to take his mind of the beautiful brunette. He turned on the radio. The new Hootie and the Blowfish song was playing, and he laid back on his pillow.

He says he can't be without her
Tonight he's gonna be without her

"I can't catch a break tonight" Dawson thought. "What if tonight isn't the last night that she's not here with me?" Dawson was worried. He couldn't picture his life without Joey as anything but bleak and horrible. The song kept playing as Dawson pondered over his terrifying Joey-free existence.

When I wake to find the solace of, of
All we've become
I can't wait to make the promises
That I've been leery of

Dawson chuckled at the mention of the word leery. After all, that's what he was Dawson Leery. A guy who was so scared of the truth that he hid his feelings, which might have cost him the love of his life. "Not if I can help it," Dawson thought, suddenly feeling rejuvenated. He put on a pair of shoes and grabbed his jacket. He was too determined to analyze the fact that he was running out of his house at nearly 3 in the morning. He wasn't scared of the truth anymore. He would only lose everything if he withheld his feelings. He jumped in the rowboat and started his quest across the lake.


Joey Potter sat in her room, with tears marking her cheeks. She couldn't sleep. She was heartbroken and Dawson Leery, her best friend in the world, was the cause of all of this pain. He had finally looked at her the way he looked at Jen. The problem was that Dawson hadn't really been looking at her. He was looking at Joey the Barbie doll. The beauty queen with the gorgeous dress, lipstick, and hairspray. She couldn't believe that she had stooped that low. Who was she trying to kid anyway? She knew Dawson would always see her as the "too tall girl from the wrong side of the creek."

His words tonight had hurt her the most. She recalled his sentence "I feel as if I'm seeing you for the first time tonight." That killed her, it had only confirmed her suspicion that he was admiring the beauty queen. The tears started falling again, so Joey turned on the radio in an effort to drown out her thoughts.

Another night alone without him
Another night alone in Charleston

"Just change it to Capeside and you've got my life story," Joey mused. One more night where she was alone, where she knew she meant nothing to Dawson. She had to correct herself, she knew she meant something to Dawson, but it wasn't anywhere near what he meant to her, and she knew she never would. Sighing, she let the music overcome her thoughts.

God to feel him
This she prayed
It'd make her feel so much better
I wanna feel so much better

Joey wrapped her arms around herself, pretending she was in Dawson's arms. She smiled to herself as she imagined his touch, his warmth. Suddenly, a noise in the room brought Joey back to reality. She looked up and saw Dawson standing in front of her. He looked as miserable as she felt. She only hoped that he wasn't there to drive the knife deeper into her heart.

Dawson looked at the beautiful girl in front of him. It was obvious that she had been crying, and it killed him to know that he was the source of her pain. He wasn't going to let her be hurt anymore though, he was there on a mission.

He cleared his throat and prepared to speak. Joey held her breath, terrified of what he might say. He didn't keep her waiting very long though, he spoke. "Joey, when you were up there tonight, it made me realize how much I care for you. And it wasn't because of the dress Jo, you did look gorgeous up there, but you look beautiful now. You always look beautiful. I tried to picture my life without you, Jo, it would be unbearable. You're what keeps my life together, Jo, you're my everything. I, I love you, Joey."

Dawson looked at Joey, tears were once again visible on her face. Dawson felt a twinge of pain at the prospect of her not returning his feelings, but his worries were brushed off by the smile that appeared on her face. He sat down next to her and looked directly into her eyes. Joey's heart melted, as she was positive he was looking into her soul. He repeated what he had said earlier, "I love you, Joey, always and forever." Joey's smile grew even brighter as she said "I love you too, Dawson." With that, Dawson took her face in his hands and kissed her. It was a kiss that let out years of pent up emotion. A kiss that made everything simple again.

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