I Know what You Did Last Summer Part Two
by: Jill


Joey gasped and covered her eyes with her hand.

"My God! When will this stop? Who is it? We feel bad enough already!" Pacey wailed.

Jen started to weep and the sight of the note again, and Dawson put his arm around her.

"Jen when did you get this again?" Dawson inquired.

"Yesterday," Jen said sobbing.

Pacey stuck his head out the window and yelled, 'Who is doing this?!!!!!!!', while Joey sat and shook back and forth saying, "Please no. Oh God, no."

Pacey looked and turned to her and kissed her forehead. "It will be okay, Jo," Pacey said.

Joey, however, was not okay. She lay down on her bed next to Jen and remembered what had happened on that breezy summer night of their graduation from Capeside High School. There had been to happy, nothing to worry about, no troubles at all.

Pacey had found his calling as an actor, and was going to go to Hollywood to try to be discovered. Dawson was also going to go to Hollywood, to try to submit some screenplay he had developed. Even Jen had a job, helping out at the church with her Grams. She was going to a community college, to continue her education. Their lives were so planned out, until that night.

Being teenagers, who were just out of school, of course they had some beers. They also told scary stories around the campfire. Joey remembered their words...

"Dude, thatís from Urban Legend. That kick ass movie that was about that freaky classmate who killed all her friends with Urban Legends. You didnít make that story up," Pacey said, taking a drink.

"That movie sucked Pace, I mean itís so non-realistic," Dawson shot back.

"Oh, and E.T. is?" Joey said leaning over to face Dawson. Dawson just blushed and admitted that he got the story from the movie.

Pacey finished his drink and grabbed Joeyís hand and took her over by the ocean, leaving Jen and Dawson alone, behind. Dawson and Jen, of course not are dating at the time.

"So", Jen said looking at Dawson, and digging her toes into the sand. Dawson just looks down.

"So looks as if my best friend and her new boy toy have ditched us," Dawson replied, obviously angry.

"Dawson I am so sick of this! God! Joey dumped you, move on, I know she has." Jen said standing up, and turning to walk away.

Dawson turned Jen back towards him and pulled her close. "Jen, Iím so sorry. God it just really hurts you know?"

"Yeah Dawson, I know. You can count on that," Jen said breaking free of Dawsonís grip. She gave him a look and turned back and walked the opposite direction that Pacey and Joey.

"Pacey what are we doing?" Joey asked, smiling at Pacey. "This," Pacey said. Then he kissed her. Joey smiled. "Ahhh, I like what weíre doing," Joey replied, kissing him back.

Dawson sat on a rock and buried his head in his hands. He had just wrecked his life. His best friend and secret love had a new boyfriend, and he blew off his blonde bombshell. He took a drink and threw the can away. He decided to just go home, but he forgot Pacey was driving. He walked over to where Pacey and Joey were making out. He kind of shielded his eyes.

"Hey guys, get off each other I think we better be getting home," Dawson called out to them.

Pacey looked up from Joey to Dawson. "Dawson, man weíre not on each other," Pacey said, rolling off of Joey.

"Well whatever you guys are doing, I say itís time to go home."

Pacey got up and staggered to Dawson. He smelled of beer and said, "Dawson. Friend. Itís time to go home. I have business to attend to," Pacey said, digging his keys out of his pocket. "Now you go get Jen and Iíll start up the car." Pacey staggered to the car and Dawson ran up to him.

"Pacey you are not driving. Give me your keys." Dawson said, turning him around.

"Hell no man, itís my dadís car."

"Pacey give me the damn keys!" Dawson yelled.

Joey just stood there kinda limping. She seemed drunk too, and ready to drop at any moment.

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