A Scream In Capeside
by: Jill

Authors note: This is based on SCREAM. I didnít have the idea, but I changed the story. Who will the killers be? The boyfriends? Who knows. A lot of this comes right from SCREAM, but with a Capeside Twist. So some of you might know what is going to happen.
Part 1 of ?

Abby sat at home, watching TV, ready to put in Dawsonís New movie. "Aww the best movie ever," She said. "The one that stars ME!" Abby pops the movie in and sighs contently. All of a sudden thunder strikes loudly and the lights flicker.

"Huh. I Hope the power doesnít go out, I havenít seen the completed film yet!" Abby says, shrugging it off. All of a sudden the phone rings making Abby jump.

"DAMN! I gotta turn that ringer volume down!" she says, while reaching for the phone.



"Who is this?" Abby asks frowning.

"You tell me your name, Iíll tell you mine." The mysterious person answers.

"Well," Abby says, her bitchy mood kicking in, "You arenít calling for me so Iím hanging up now you creep!" Abby slams the phone down smiling. "Stupid kids. well Halloween IS only just around the corner." The phone suddenly rings again. "Jeeze, who is it now?" Abby thinks out loud. She reluctantly answers the phone.


"We didnít get to talk before," the strange voice says again.

"Well SORRY but I donít want to talk." Abby says fiercely.

"Why not? What are you doing?"

"Iím TRYING to watch a movie! But YOU keep interrupting me!"

"Do you like movies?" the masked caller asks.

"Well DUH! I must or I wouldnít be watching them."

"Do you like scary movies?" the caller asks coyly.

"Ok, ok, Dawson let it go. Iíve seen SCREAM you made me watch it. Now Iím not a big olí scardey cat like Joey ok?" Abby says. "Donít toy with me Dawson, I wouldíve expected something more original from you."

"Howís this for original? Itís not Dawson."

"Wow Dawson Really? Now youíre quoting lines from the movie. Well you probably meant to scare Joey so youíve got the wrong number. Take it easy Dawson." Abby replies hanging up the phone.

The Phone rings once again and Abby picks it up.

"Listen Dawson! They have 900 numbers for lonely virgins that want to talk! Go call that! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Abby says, with a donít-bullshit-me- Dawson type of voice.

"Wait! Wait! I want to talk to you." The masked voice says.

"You talk to me at school Dawson." Abby says while getting up. Abby takes out popcorn and puts it on the stove. The popcorn starts to crackle.

"Whatís that?" The caller inquires.


"Oh yeah, youíre watching a movie. Do you like scary movies?"

"Dawson, really I truly expect more from you. What do you want?" Abby says, obviously ticked off.

Abby glances out the window while leaning on the island in her kitchen. She sees a dark figure dart through her backyard. She gasps and quickly gets up to look out the front door window.

"What was that? Why did you gasp?" the mysterious caller asks.

"OK Dawson enough! Stop you little Spielberg lover, horror movie freak, stalker! I donít want to talk with you anymore!" Abby cries out, almost in tears.

"Wait! You never told me your name." The caller persists.

"Why do you want to know my name Dawson?" Abby says, about ready to give up.

"I want to know who Iím looking at." The caller says nonchalantly.

"What did you say?" Abby says, a touch of fright creeping into her voice.

The caller pauses. As if trying to think. "I said I want to know who Iím talking to."

Abby pauses to glance out her window. She locks the door and catches her breath. Abby, chill itís JUST Dawson. The movie prone freak, just play along. Abby thinks to herself before speaking again.

"Thatís not what you said Dawson."

"What did you think I said?" the caller asks, trying to play it cool.

"I I have to go." Abby says nervously.

"But, we were talking."

"Well what do you want then Dawson?"

"To see what your insides look like." The caller says, seeming to be laughing while he says it. Abby yelps and hangs up the phone. She decides to call the police.Dawson has taken this way to far. As she puts her hand on the phone to pick it up it rings again. She screams and tears swell in her eyes.

"He-he-hello?" Abby says cautiously.

"I want to talk to you!" the caller screams.

"Well dial someone else OKAY?!" Abby screams slamming the phone down. Smelling something burning she turns to see the popcorn burning.

"Shit!" Abby says, racing towards the stove. As she goes to put her hand on the popcorn plate, the phone rings. Abby jolts, brushing her hand against the hot pan. She screams in pain, and throws the popcorn plate in the sink, running water on it. The phone continues to ring and Abby walks over to it, pissed off.

"Listen Dawson you Asshole!" Abby shouts.

"No you listen you bitch! One false move and Iíll gut you like a fish! Iíll do it to, I TOLD you I wanted to see what your insides look like." The caller yells.

"Why are you doing this to me Dawson?" Abby cries, crippling to the floor.

"I want to play a game shortie." The caller says, laughing.

"Is this a joke Dawson?" Abby sobs, standing up.

"Haha you wish. Why donít you comb your beautiful BROWN HAIR?" the caller says.

With that, Abby knew he could see her. She gasps, drops the phone and bolts up the house. She turns on the patio light, outside the window and looks around, and then shuts it off again. She hears yelling on the phone and picks it up, while walking back into the kitchen, to make sure the backdoor was still locked. Abby pants as she looks out the top of the window.

"Do you see me? Because I see you." The caller laughs.

Abby hears a noise outside. She sets the phone down on the edge of the table and locks the windows. As she shuts the blinds, her heart facing, the doorbell rings 5 times.

Abby screams and sobs and cries out, "Whoís there? Whoís there?"

"You should never ask 'Who's there,' don't you watch scary movies? It's a death wish. You might as well just come out here to investigate a strange noise or something," the caller said quoting from SCREAM, as Abby whimpered and huddled against herself.

"OK Dawson youíve had your fun. All I want to do is sit in peace and watch your movie." Abby says.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes heís big and he plays football and heíll kick the shit out of you Dawson!"

"His name wouldnít be Chris would it?" The caller taunts.

"How do you know his name?" Abby says, shaking in s corner, holding a pen as her defense.

"Open the shades, and turn on the light again."

Abby does as sheís told, and opens the shades and turns on the patio light. She sees Chris tied to a tree bleeding. He had been beaten and his letterman jacket was torn up.

"What kind of sick game are you trying to play?"

"A fun game."

Abby canít stand it and she starts to unlock the window to climb out it.

"You better not do that if you want to stay alive!" the caller yells.

"Dawson please donít!" Abby cries.

The caller laughs. "Turn the light off."

"NO!" Abby cries.

"Then you both die!" The caller screams.

"Ok ok itís going off!" Abby yells as she shuts the lights off. Abby huddles herself in the corner.

"Want to play a game?"

"No no please I canít Dawson." Abby cries

"Then he dies right now!"

"NO! Please leave us alone." Abby whimpers.

The caller laughs and says, "I will if youíll play."

"Iíll play."

"Great. I game is Trivia." The caller replies. "Name the killer in 'Friday the 13th'"

Abby perks up. "Jason! Jason itís Jason!"

"Iím sorry, thatís the WRONG ANSWER!"

"No itís not! God Dawson! You made me watch that movie with you at movie night!" Abby screams.

"Then you should know that Jason's mother, Mrs. Voorhees, was the original killer. Jason didn't show up until the sequel. I'm afraid that was a wrong answer," the caller told her as she surveyed the patio area again.

"You tricked me," Abby whispered angrily.

"Luckily for you thereís a bonus round. But poor Chris, Iím afraid heís OUT!"



"I have always been able to bargain with somebody Dawson! I I can get you a date with Joey." Abby pleads.

"WHO IS DAWSON? Just for that, heís out! No bargains allowed!" the caller answers fiercley. All of a sudden the light on the patio is cut, and Abby hears Chrisís voice screaming in agony.

Abby then starts to scream. She quickly darted up and ran to the kitchen. On her way there, she tripped over a cord. As she turned to get up she saw the killer in the window. The killer cocked his head at her and waved. Abby screamed and the killer burst through the window tackling Abby. Abby kicked the person and stumbled across to the kitchen. She went to grab for the knife but was stabbed in the back.

She screamed in agony, as the masked person laughed. She turned around screaming and tried to pull off the grim reaperís mask, just like the one in SCREAM.

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