Stranger in the Storm by Jill

*Scene outside of Capeside High, Pacey climbing into his father’s squad car. It is also pouring.*

“Aw, man! I forgot the keys. DAMNIT!” Pacey says regretfully. “I bet I dropped them. My dad is gonna be PISSED!”

*Girl taps on window and Pacey unknowingly lets her in the car*

“Hey! You're Pacey Witter right?” the brown hair, brown eyed girl asks.

“Yeah…and you are…?” Pacey inquires.

“Oh! Wait first you dropped these!” The girl hand Pacey the dripping wet car keys, and explains how she found them outside the car.

“Thanks a lot, I thought these were lot for good.” Pacey says sighing inrelief.

“Wow… you are really cute when you are fretting,” the girl compliments.

*Pacey blushes and looks down surprised.*

“Well… thanks, but you never answered me. Who are you?”

“Oh! Right.. Well, Pace, I must look really different because do you remember Tatum Potter?” Tatum asks.

“TATUM POTTER?! Joey’s little cousin whom I used to throw in the mud?” Pacey says, excited, while the girl nods. Pacey hugs Tatum and gives her a peck on the cheek.“How are you doing girl? It has been like 9 years!” Pacey says.

“Great… and I heard you have been doing pretty well too.”

“Yeah… up into last week. My girlfriend flipped out and we said some bad things and.. well we’re through.” Pacey says sighing.

“Oh, I’m sorry Pacey.” Tatum says. Then she hugs Pacey and smile inside.

“Oh my GOD! Pacey Witter is free? YES!!!!! Maybe I’ll have a chance with him. Oh jeez….YES!!!!!” Tatum thinks.

“So, what brings you to this town?” Pacey asks.

“Oh, um my dad sent me here… I had a bad run-in at school and so I’m staying with Joey.”

“Oh great! Hey wanna meet for coffee or something tonight? It’s great seeing you.” Pacey attempts.

“Sounds great.. but on two conditions. 1) You’ll PLEASE give me a ride back to Jo’s cuz it’s frickin’ freezing out there. And 2) You’ll pick me up please cuz I don’t know my way around here.”

“Sounds great. Pick you up at 6:30.” Pacey says as they drive off.

**Cut to at Joey’s where Joey starts to finally talk to Tatum**

“So you want to create some kind of sort of date meuis e’ tuis with Pacey? But its … Pacey. He used to throw you in the mud!” Joey complains.

“Joey! Come on! He is the epitome of a high guy. He’s sweet, smart, hottttt, and I mean I think he likes me too.” Tatum answers.

Joey feels a bit of jealousy. She feels bad that she didn’t go with that first kiss that Pacey had offered her*

*****Cut to Dawson’s house with Pacey and Dawson talking*****

“Dawson I’m telling you. She’s great. We talked the whole ride home and she is the ideal woman. She’s on the “A” Honor roll, sweet, romantic, a flirt, and she’s beautiful. Nothing like that punk kid that we knew when we were like 5 years old. She’s…she’s changed man. And for the better. I really like her and I don’t want you trying to stop me.” Pacey says, while putting on cologne and brushing his hair.

“Whoa, whoa, Pacey, man. Just chill for a second. I mean what do you know about her? I mean it has mean what, 10 years?” Dawson persists.

“Dawson…bro are you jealous of me? That I’m finally getting more girls than you?” Pacey asks pointedly, raising his eyebrows.


“Or is it because I’m getting a Potter girl?”

“My GOD, Pacey, must this always be about sex, and dating?” Dawson says exhaling. “That’s all our conversations ARE anymore!”

“Then why can’t you be happy for me and let me be?” Pacey says sighing.

*Pacey throws down the shirt he was looking at, and walks out shaking hishead.*

“Pace! Pacey! Come on Pacey!” Dawson yells after him.

That’s all for part one now people! I’ll be putting out a part 2 ASAP! E-mail me with questions and comments!

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