Untitled: Part 1
By Katy

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Dawson's creek characters nor can I make any money off of them. They all belong to Kevin Williamson and WB. So please don't sue me! Thanks :) This is not based on the episode! This was just something I made up! Oh yeah if you want this story on your page. Just e-mail me to tell where it is :) This is my first fanfic so it probably very bad! So please send me all the comments you want at PBGCMW@aol.com!! Thanks!
PS - I am a Dawson/Joey fan so that's what this is about :)

Dawson Leery sank onto his bed and started crying. Why? How could they do this to him? He had just finished talking to his parents who had told him they were getting a divorce. Sure the whole Bob thing had shaken everyone up but could they really tear up his picture perfect world?

"Obviously," thought Dawson bitterly.

He heard someone climbing up the ladder to his room. He really didn't want to see anyone right now. "Go away," Dawson said.

"Dawson? What's wrong?" He heard the familiar voice of Joey Potter, his best friend.

Her head appeared at the window and Dawson said, "Joey I am not in the mood to talk please go away." He rubbed his eyes and sniffed.

"Dawson, you've been crying!" Joey said with worry in her voice. "Please tell me what's wrong." She walked over to his bed and sat down. Dawson was sprawled out stomach down with his head in a pillow. Joey started to rub his back with one hand. "Dawson, please tell me what's bothering you so much." Dawson started to cry again.

"My parents are getting a divorce," he choked out.

"Oh my God Dawson! I am so sorry," said Joey. Dawson laid there tears on his cheeks. Joey laid down next to him and gave him a hug.

"Hey people! Having a party without me?" Said Pacey. He saw them laying next to each other hugging. "Umm am I interrupting something?" He asked.

"No," said Joey.

Then Pacey saw Dawson's tearstained cheeks. "My God Dawson! What's wrong?"

"My parent's are getting a divorce," said Dawson as matter-of-factly as he could muster.

"Oh God that sucks Dawson," said Pacey.

"Don't remind me," Dawson said.

"Sorry" said Pacey. "I would stay," said Pacey, "but I have to get to the video store. I came by to see if you guys wanted to see a movie on Friday night. We could see that new movie "She's All That" or something else. Whatever you want to see is fine with me. Anyhow, call me." With that he disappeared through the window.

Joey cleared her throat. "I should be going to," she said.

"No! Please stay with me! I need you here with me Joey! I can't go through this alone." He gave her his best lost little boy look. And it worked. She felt her heart melt.

"Okay Dawson, you win I'll stay with you."

"Thank you so much Jo!" He sat up and gave her a hug and kissed her cheek.

"Let me go call Bessie and tell her I'm staying her for tonight," said Joey. She was sure her face was flaming from the kiss that Dawson had given her.

"Okay," said Dawson. "While you're calling I will change into my pajamas," he said.

"Whatever you want" said Joey.

Joey headed downstairs to call Bessie but her mind was on the kiss that Dawson had given her. She had loved him for the longest time. But he had never shown any romantic feelings to her. Besides he was with Jen. She could deal with that. Even though she hated Jen. As long as she and Dawson were friends. Best friends. She would be happy. While she was thinking about all this she tripped on the stairs, let out a scream and fell. Dawson came running out of his room in nothing but boxers.

"Jo? Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He asked. As he was running down the stairs he slipped and fell and landed right beside Joey. She started laughing.

"Are you okay Dawson?" She said as she choked through giggles. Dawson glared at her.

"Yes, I am fine," he said standing up. He put out his hand to help her up. She took it and he pulled her up. He stared into her eyes. For one moment she thought he was going to kiss her but the moment quickly passed.

Dawson's parents who had been in their room discussing and signing the divorce papers had come out to see what was causing all the noise. "Are you guys okay?" Dawson's mom asked. Dawson turned and glared fiercely at her.

"Yes, which is more then I can say for you and Dad." With that he ran back to his room.

"I didn't think he would take it so hard," said Mrs. Leery.

"Well, Dawson likes to peace and harmony. He doesn't take to change too well. Give him some time he'll be fine!" Joey said.

"I sure hope so. He is pretty shaken up," said Mrs. Leery.

"I'll take care of him Mrs. Leery. Could one of you call Bessie for me?" She said.

"Sure honey," said Mrs. Leery.

"Thanks," said Joey. "'Oh yeah tell her I am spending the night with Dawson. If that's okay with you."

"Of course! It is fine with us. I will call her right away," said Mrs. Leery. Mr. Leery cleared his throat.

"Thanks for being with Dawson tonight Joey. It means a lot to him. Even if he doesn't show it."

"You're welcome Mr. Leery," said Joey.

She ran back up to Dawson's room and called, "Dawson?" She saw him laying on his bed thinking. She walked over and sat down next to him.

"Nothing is going right in my life," Dawson muttered from his position on the bed.

"Dawson, I can think of a few things," said Joey.

"Such as?" Asked Dawson.

"Like Jen," said Joey.

"Oh Pacey didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" Asked Joey.

"That Jen left me for that jock Cliff," said Dawson.

"Oh God Dawson! I am so sorry," said Joey. They were quiet for a few minutes. Each caught up in their own thoughts.

"Nobody loves me anymore Joey," said Dawson.

"Dawson Leery! You know that is NOT true," said Joey.

"I know, it just seems like no one loves me or cares for me anymore," said Dawson with a sigh. He looked on the verge of tears.

"Dawson I still care. I still love you. And I can promise you that I will always try be there and I will try to help you through anything. Nothing will EVER change that," Joey said.

"Do you promise Joey? Nothing can or will ever change that?" Asked Dawson.

"I am positive Dawson," said Joey. He gave her another hug. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He was calmer now.

"Want to watch a movie?" He asked.

"Sure," said Joey. She was ready to do anything right now to make Dawson feel better.

"Which one?"

"What about our all time favorite ET?" Said Joey.

"Okay," Dawson said. He popped the movie into the VCR. He went back to his bed and laid down again. Joey snuggled up next to Dawson. He looked down at her and smiled. He put his arm around her and they watched the movie. At the end of the movie Joey was almost asleep.

"Want to watch another one?" Dawson asked not tired at all.

"Sure," said Joey, "you can pick this time though."

"Okay," said Dawson. "How about the Wedding Singer?" He asked.

"Okay that's cool. I love that movie. But before we start it can I borrow some of your boxers and one of your t-shirts? Because I am really tired and if I fall asleep I don't want to fall asleep in my clothes." Joey said.

"Yeah sure. You know where they are," said Dawson.

"Okay thanks! I am going to go change," Joey said.

"Okay," said Dawson. As soon as she left he sat down and his bed and sighed. He still felt confused, unhappy and downright awful! He knew he couldn't let Joey see him like this or she would be worried. He didn't want Joey to be worried. So he climbed up onto the roof and sat there thinking.

"Dawson? Where are you?" Joey asked.

Dawson quickly wiped his eyes for he had been crying a little. He cleared his throat and called, "Up here Jo. Up on the roof."

"Can I come up?" Asked Joey. She knew by the sound of his voice he had been crying.

"If you want," said Dawson. He knew that she knew he had been crying. "Dang!" He thought, "Why can't I hide my feeling better from her." He knew why they had been through everything together. They had shared so much.

"Dawson? Are you okay?" Joey asked.

"Not really," said Dawson.

"I kind of figured that Dawson," said Joey.

"I keep going over every little thing that my family's ever gone through together. We have always stuck by each other," Said Dawson. "I feel like we are giving up one each other." He put his face in his hands.

"Come here," said Joey. She hugged him tightly and soothed him by rubbing his back. "Dawson I know what you are going through. I have lost someone I have loved and I know it hurts," said Joey. "But I will always be here to talk or just to hold your hand."

"You are the best Jo," said Dawson. She smiled at him. "I'm sorry I am acting like such a baby," said Dawson.

"You're not acting like a baby! You have every right to cry," said Joey.

"I know," said Dawson, "but guys are supposed to be strong and manly."

"Dawson, you've never followed those rules before," said Joey. "Besides, girls love guys who cry and show their emotions!"


"Of course!" They were quiet.

"Joey?" Dawson asked.

"Yeah?" Joey said.

"Thank you for being my best friend. I don't know what I would do without you," he said. He took her hand and squeezed.

"You're very welcome Dawson!" She said. "Thank you too Dawson. You are my very best friend. You know everything about me. Without you I could have never made it through my mom's death." Tears sprung into her eyes. Every time her mom was brought up she could not help crying. She missed her so much. Dawson looked over at her and saw that she was crying.

"Jo? Are you okay?"

"Yeah Dawson it's nothing," She lied.

"Joey, like you said I know everything about you. You never cry. Come here." Dawson held out his arms. She moved over and leaned against him.

"I miss my mom." She started crying harder. Dawson pulled her closer and ran his fingers through her hair.

"I know you miss her Jo. I miss her too." Dawson let her cry until she was out of tears. She stayed leaned against him with his strong arms around her. He took her face in his hands and wiped off the remaining tears with his thumbs.

"Thank you Dawson. Now I feel like a baby. I came here to help you not so you could comfort me."

Dawson smiled, hugged her and said, "It's okay Joey. You needed to cry."

She sighed and said "We better go back in."

"Yeah you're right."

They both went back to Dawson's bedroom. Joey sat down on Dawson's bed and said, "Dawson, I am really tired and we have school in the morning. Do you mind if I go to sleep?" Joey asked.

"Oh yeah I guess we do. I kind of forgot," said Dawson.

"Joey? Dawson? Are you guys still up?" Dawson's mother asked.

"Yes, we are Mrs. Leery," said Joey.

"Oh good! I called Bessie and she will drop off some clothes for Joey to wear to school tomorrow," said Mrs. Leery.

"Okay. Thanks for telling me," said Joey.

"You're welcome! I'm going to bed now. Dawson, you father already left. He told me to tell you goodnight."

"Okay Mom," said Dawson.

"Goodnight! Don't stay up too late!" Mrs. Leery said.

"Okay we won't!" Joey said.

"Goodnight Mom!" Said Dawson.

"Well, which side of the bed would you like Joey?" Dawson asked. Joey could see he was having a hard time keeping his emotions under control.

"Whichever side you don't want Dawson," said Joey.

"In that case, I'll take the left side," said Dawson.

"That's perfectly fine with me," Joey replied. Dawson pulled back the covers and laid down. Joey hopped in next to him. Joey could feel Dawson was tense and not relaxed.

"Dawson?" She whispered softly.

"Yes, Joey?" Dawson whispered back.

"It's going to be okay." Dawson turned and faced her.

"I'm not so sure."

After Joey had fallen asleep Dawson crept out of bed and went back up on the roof. He sat there thinking about his parents. He thought of all the things they had done together. All the picnics and boat rides they had been on. All the holiday's and birthdays they had celebrated together. "It's not fair! They are throwing it all away," thought Dawson.

Meanwhile, Joey had rolled over to snuggle next to Dawson and discovered Dawson was not in bed. She quickly got up and walked towards the window. When she looked out she saw Dawson sitting alone thinking about something. "Probably his parents," Joey thought. Dawson didn't hear Joey come up behind him till she said, "Want some company?"

"Jo! You should be in bed!" Dawson said.

"So should you but you're not. So I am going to stay with you till you do go to bed."

"Fine. But don't blame me when you fall asleep in math class tomorrow!" Dawson said.

"I won't. How are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm still getting used to it," said Dawson.

"It will take some time," said Joey.

"I'm afraid..." He broke off unable to finish the sentence.

"What are you afraid of Dawson?" Joey asked softly.

"I don't know! Everything I guess. My picture perfect life is ruined," said Dawson.

"Nothing ends up like the movies Dawson," said Joey.

"Not all movies have happy endings Joey," said Dawson.

"Well, some of them do!" Said Joey.

"I know. But everything used to be in my control and now everything is topsy-turvy. Nothing is right anymore and I don't think it will ever be right again!"

"Oh Dawson," said Joey as she hugged him, "everything is going to be all right." He laid down on the roof and looked up at the stars. Joey laid down beside him and soon they were both asleep.

The sun woke them up the next morning. "Oh my God! Dawson, wake up! We fell asleep on the roof," Joey said. Dawson quickly awoke.

"What time is it Jo?" He asked.

"Um 7:24," said Joey as she glanced at her digital watch.

"Oh shit!" Said Dawson. "We are going to be really late."

"Yeah unless we get dressed really fast and run like hell," said Joey.

"Dawson? Joey? Where are you guys?" Called Mrs. Leery. "You are going to be late for school!" She saw them climb through the window. "What were you doing out on the roof?" Mrs. Leery asked.

"We fell asleep out there last night," said Joey.

"Oh really?" Said Mrs. Leery.

"Yeah Mom we did and if we don't get moving and get dressed we are going to be late for school," said Dawson.

"Okay well, here are your clothes Joey. Bessie brought them over about 20 minutes ago."

"Thanks," said Joey as she took the clothes from Mrs. Leery.

"I would have woken you up, but I thought your alarm clock would do that," said Mrs. Leery.

"It's okay," said Dawson. "Hey Mom, could you drive us to school? I don't want to be late for first period," said Dawson.

"Sure honey. Can you be ready in 10 minutes?" She asked them.

"Yeah I think we can Mom," said Dawson.

"Okay I'll be waiting," said Mrs. Leery she walked down the hall.

"Damn!" Said Joey, "I wanted to take a shower."

"You look fine Joey!" Said Dawson giving her a hug. He sniffed her, "You smell fine too."

"Gee thanks," said Joey hugging him back. "I'm going to go change in the bathroom," she said.

"Okay," said Dawson.

She ran to the bathroom thinking about Dawson and how different he was acting. "It's like he likes me or something," Joey thought.

Meanwhile, Dawson was thinking about Joey. "God! She is gorgeous!" He thought to himself. "Come on Dawson. This is Joey we are talking about. Your best friend. The one you tell everything to. The one who understands you better then anyone else you know. There is no possible way that she likes you," he thought.

"Dawson? Are you ready to go? Your Mom is waiting in the car," said Joey.

"Um okay yeah I am almost ready to be with you, I mean go with you," Dawson said.

"Um right Dawson. Hurry up! It's almost 7:30," said Joey.

She ran downstairs. "DAWSON!! GET MOVING," she yelled.

"Okay okay! Just let me get my shoes on," said Dawson. He slipped them on and ran downstairs. He went out to his mom's car and jumped in the back-seat next to Joey. Joey looked at Dawson strangely for a few seconds. "What's wrong Joey?" Dawson asked.

"Well, um Dawson, the front seat was for you," said Joey.

"It was? Oh well thanks but I wanted to sit next to you," said Dawson.

At that moment Mrs. Leery pulled up to the school. "Okay guys better hurry! I'll see you after school Dawson. Bye Joey!" Said Mrs. Leery.

"Okay Mom thanks for the ride! We'll walk home," Dawson said.

"Okay sweetie," said Mrs. Leery.

"Dawson," said Joey after Mrs. Leery left, "you are starting to scare me."

"Me?" Dawson asked, "Why?"

"You are just acting different then normal," said Joey as they walked into school.

"Dawson! What's up man?" Pacey yelled.

"Hold that thought Joey. I have to go talk to Pacey. Save me a seat at lunch and we'll talk then just the two of us. Okay?" Dawson said. Joey was about to protest but Dawson gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then ran to catch up with Pacey.

"Okay Dawson Leery," Joey said to herself, "We are going to have one hell of an interesting lunch."

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