Stand by Me by: Kay

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Author's note: You might wanna take a look at the previous episode. If you have any comments, questions or anything, send them my way, they'll be read, promise. Thanks. Also when I say, "this song still plays on the back" imagine it plays a little at the beginning and then fades and at the end of the scene plays again in a different part of the song, okay? Thanks to everybody who wrote to me, I'm deeply grateful and if you have any suggestions as to what type of music you'd like, send them to me as well. Thanks.


-We see the sunrise- Dawson and Joey are in his room, both asleep. Dawson's mom passes by the door and stays there watching them. She smiles.

Gail- (with her voice up) HEY, DAWSON!!!

-Both Dawson and Joey try to get up quickly-

D- (sitting up in the bed with a sudden movement) What?

J- What? (She tries to get up but she falls of the bed) Hey! Ouch!

D- (seeing his mom laughing) thanks for the good morning greeting mom.

G- Sorry, honey, it was just too tempting. You okay, Joey?

J- Yes, Mrs. Leery, although the bruise'll take days to heal. Good morning.

G- I think you need to go home, Joey, it's early so you'll be in school on time.

J- Thank you, Mrs.Leery. C-ya later, Dawson.

D- What? No good morning kiss from the woman of my dreams?

J- umm(thinking)... No.

G- Don't mind me, I'm leaving. (she exits the room)

D- (getting up) Come on, Joey...

J- Yeah, like I don't want to. (She puts her arms around his neck)

-They kiss- Joey goes out through the window and she starts walking towards the dock, Dawson is watching from the window and he sees Jenn seated at the dock. He stares at her and then sighs.

-Cut to Dawson's intro theme and commercials- ("Dreams" by The Cranberries starts to play in the back) Capeside High- Joey is walking in an outer hall and she sees Jenn seated in a bench so she approaches her.

J- Hi Jenn, are you okay?

Jn- Yeah, Joey, I'll live. Just getting in?

J- Yes, I overslept at Dawson's and had to get some homework done this morning so...

Jn- Maybe you should hurry, the bell already rang.

J- It's okay by me, but why haven't you got in?

Jn- I was supposed to go back to school today, but I just don't know.

J- I'll take it you've had no answer from N.Y.

Jn- Actually I did get an just wasn't the one I was expecting.

J- What do you mean?

Jn- Well, my parents don't want their slut daughter in their house so I'm stuck here.

-Joey sits in the bench and they stay in silence for a while. Then Jenn looks up to Joey-

Jn- So, this is finally our decisive moment, huh, Joey?

J- Look's like it, what are you going to do?

Jn- I don't know yet. I'll see how long I can hold back for now, so don't mind me if you see me around.

J- You can't actually expect us to ignore you for the rest of the semester.

Jn- No, I didn't think you would do it, but I'm gonna help you...(she turns from Joey and looks away) it's getting late Joey, you should go now.

J- But...

Jn- Now, Joey, or you'll be late for class.

J- Okay, Jenn, but remember you're gonna have to face him sooner or later because we're not gonna hide from you. (She leaves)

Jn- Don't worry Joey, I'll remember. I hope you will too.

-School Hall- Pacey sees Joey and goes to her. ("Dreams" is still playing)

P- Good morrow, Joey.

J- Oh, good morrow, Pacey, what brings you so early this day to school? To ruin my morning?

P- Okay, I got the idea. My dad just insisted that I should minimize my tardiness record.

J-Have you seen Dawson?

P- No, not this morning. Everything okay?

J- Yeah, (looks around) here he comes.

D- Hi, Joey. Hi, Pacey. (He kisses Joey and she looks around shyly).

P- Okay, that's my exit cue. C-ya around guys.

D- Bye, Pacey.

J- See you later. Okay, Dawson, we're alone now, what is it?

D- Nothing, I just wanted to see you.

J- Okay, and what else?

D- We're going out tonight.

J- You mean on a date?

D- Exactly.

J- (smiles) Nothing could be better. (He's about to kiss her and then she looks at the hall and sees Jenn standing alone in her locker, so she pulls away from the kiss) You know what Dawson, I know I'll jeopardize our relationship here but... there's Jenn if you still want to talk to her.

D- You sure?

J- Yeah, and go now before I regret it. (Dawson smiles and kisses her in the cheek. Then he runs towards Jenn)

D- Hey, Jenn! Wait up! (Jenn turns around and sees Dawson coming to her and Joey in the background)

Jn- (turns to see Dawson) Hi, Dawson.

D- Jenn, listen, I know you've had a rough time and I just wanted to know if you are okay.

J- I'm fine, Dawson; I'll survive through this just like I've done it before.

D- Yeah, I just...

Jn- Look, Dawson, I don't mean to be rude to you but...(she looks at Joey before she continues) you really don't need me right now since you have Joey, and I really don't want to talk to you right now, so...

D- Wait, Jenn, I know we had a bad time but I thought we were friends.

Jn- And that we are Dawson, but just not now when I want you to be so much more. (Dawson is surprised) Listen to me, I'm saying things I shouldn't and since I don't want to say them again I should go. (Looks up at Dawson) Give me some time, Dawson. If you are my friend, stay away from me for now.

-Jenn walks outside and passes next to Joey, Joey watches her go and then at Dawson and then she goes into class- Jenn's out of the school crying when she notices someone walking in the hall and then she walks away. She gets into the supermarket and then she's out again, next we see her walking in the ruins. She sits in a bench and takes a bottle of wine out of her backpack, puts it on the bench right next to her and simply observes the sky-Pacey is in school when Abby comes near him- ("Dreams" is still playing)

Abby- Hello, Pacey. (He turns)

P- Hi, Abby, what are you doing here? You have this inexplicable need to stab me in the back? Or is it just that you like my butt and can't get away from it?

A-Dream on, Pacey, I was just wondering if Dawson is aware that you're in love with his girlfriend.

P- Now, Abby, you really think that if I had the hots for Joey I would tell you? However, just to get you off your cloud, I don't like Joey, like you said, she's Dawson's girl now... (Turns to see her) but if you're jealous I can still go out with you, what do you say? Uhm?

A- Only in your fantasies Pacey, I just thought Dawson might find interesting the fact that you spent yesterday's entire afternoon with his girlfriend.

P-Yeah, right, like he doesn't know.

A-We'll see, won't we? (She walks away.) ["Dreams" fades with the image]

-Commercial break- we see Dawson and Joey seated in a stairs talking. ["You Learn" by Alanis Morissette plays in the back]

D-Where do you think she went? She looked really bad.

J- You should know, Dawson, I mean, you dated her...

D- Yeah, but I can't think of anywhere.

J-Okay, fine, I've heard enough of Jennifer Lindley for today. We'll meet outside after class, okay?

D-Fine with me (kisses her) I got film class, c-ya later.

J-Bye, Dawson.

-The halls start to clear and we see Pacey coming towards Joey with a preoccupied face-

P-Just the person I was looking for...

J- Me? What did I do this time?

P- Seriously, Joey. Abby told me she saw Jenn running out of the school... and that she saw her... going to the supermarket across the street and picking up a bottle (she looks at him), I'm a little concerned here.

J- Are you sure it's true?

P- No, but...Dawson told me what happened this morning. I really don't know what to think.

J-Thanks for the info Pacey, but I have to go. C-ya later, okay? (She gets up)

P- What about Jenn?

J- She's a big girl, she can take care of herself, (quietly) at least for another hour. (Joey exits and Pacey is left alone siting there)

- Jenn's still in the ruins, she turns to look at the bottle still full. She seems to be crying. She gets up, takes the bottle and smashes it into a pillar, and then she sits again. -

-("You Learn" fades) Back with Dawson at film class-

Mr.Gold- As you can see, the atmosphere you want to create depends on the emotion you want the viewer to share with the characters. Examples, anybody?

Student1- Scream, every set was dark and most of the killings were during the night.

MrG- Could be, but remember that lights, sets and camera positions can be helpful but the real atmosphere depends on the script, any other example?

D- Good Will Hunting, the ultimate sacrifice he made, abandoning a job, friends and a career to be with her.

MrG- Okay, but remember that he didn't really abandoned anything, he didn't had a job, at least he hadn't showed up that for work yet, he only had one friend, and he would see him again.

Student2- What about "The Bridges of Madison County" she did the ultimate sacrifice for her family, she abandoned the last chance she got with him and he abandoned the only love he had known.

MrG- Very good, although they knew they probably would never see each other again, they knew, it had to be that way. That's why you must have a good script in order to have a good movie. (The bell rings, everybody gets up) Remember to bring ideas for a closing scene for the movie next class. (Dawson approaches Mr. Gold)

D- Mr. Gold?

MrG- Yes, Dawson?

D- What ambiance do you recommend for a romance scene?

MrG-Is that a professional question or a personal one?

D- A little bit of both, I guess.

MrG- Well, it would depend on the person that's gonna be with you... try to remember why you love her or when did you realize it for the first time.

D- (thinking)The emotion, to create the perfect scenario...thanks Mr. Gold. (He runs out)

-Joey is outside sitting in a bench when Abby comes- ("You Learn" still plays)

A-Well, if it isn't Dawson Leery's new girlfriend? So, the friend won over the ex, huh?

J- What do you care, Abby? Do you want to go out with Dawson?

A-No thanks; I'm not a very good babysitter.

J- You wish.

A-Actually, I was thinking about the other person involved...

J-What about her? Don't tell me you followed to the supermarket just to make sure she was okay? How thoughtful of you.

A-No, I just saw her running from you two and wondered why would she do something like that, that's all.

J-I bet she appreciates your concern, but she'll be fine.

A-If thinking that helps you be happy. I have to go anyway, c-ya later Joey.

(Abby goes just as Dawson goes to Joey) ["You Learn" fades into the next scene]

D-What's with Abby this time?

J-Nothing, just making gossip as usual.

D-Ready to go home?

J-Actually Dawson, I have a little something to do. Can I catch up with you later at your house?

D- Sure. What are you going to do?

J- You're asking me to reveal a secret? Isn't that cinematically incorrect? When someone uncovers a secret, something wrong happens, it's the rule. So don't challenge your luck. I'll see you later.

D- I'll miss you.

J- I'll miss you, too, Dawson, but a couple of hours won't do any harm. Besides we'll look forward to our next encounter (she puts her arms around his neck) and because of this it shall be much more memorable. Don't you think?

D-You said it. (They kiss) I'll see you later then, don't forget about tonight.

J- You are not gonna tell me what you have planned?

D- (Smiles) When a secret is uncovered something always goes wrong (she frowns) your own words.

J-Fine, I can wait. (She walks a little, then she turns back) I love you Dawson. Bye.

D- (who is staring at Joey) Bye. (She turns again and continues to walk. Dawson is still staring at her) (whispering) I love you too, Joey. (He walks away)

-("let her cry" by Hootie & the blowfish plays in the back) Joey's walking through the hall that leads to the ruins looking for Jenn [which we saw in the third episode: A Prelude to a Kiss. When Dawson takes Jenn to the ruins for filming] and sees her sitting in the bench looking at the pond with the broken bottle of wine at her feet. Joey looks relived and is starting to walk toward Jenn but hesitates when she hears Jenn talking to herself -

Jn-I'm sorry, gramps, I know you can't hear me but I wish you could help me prevent something terrible from happening... I like Joey and I want to be her friend but... I love Dawson like I've never loved anyone before. I love him so much it hurts.

-Joey's hearing everything and doesn't move. Jenn gets up, getting herself ready to go back, Joey hides under the ruins [where Jenn and Dawson hide in the other episode] and stays there until Jenn's gone, then she steps out and looks at the bottle, then at the sky. She then turns and leaves) [image fades and the song with it]

-Cut to commercial- ["Wishing I was there" plays in the back] Next we see Dawson and Pacey together in the supermarket getting some stuff-

P- sounds good to me, Dawson.

D- Do you think your father will let you use his car?

P- I can always borrow it.

D- I don't want you to get in trouble for this.

P-Dawson, life is trouble, so let it go okay?

D-At what time would you pick her up?

P-I was thinking around 7 so the moon will be up by then.

D-Thanks a lot Pacey, you're a real friend. (Dawson exits)

P-Yeah, I'm a real friend.

-Cut to Jenn's house- Jenn's entering her house, her grandma is in the kitchen.

Gm- Where were you, Jennifer?

Jn- I just went for a walk Grams, alone, so you don't have anything to be worried about. Besides, Dawson won't ever look at me again, so your life should be peaceful from now on.

Gm- You got mail, it's in your bedroom. And Clifford came to see you because you missed your last 3 classes.

Jn- I didn't wanted to attend. Is that why you were waiting for me? ... You know what? I don't want to go back to school.

Gm-But Jennifer, you must go, if not for you, do it for your grandfather, he'd want you to.

Jn- He is dead. It makes no difference to him.

Gm- It does. He's watching us always.

Jn- As much as you want to believe in God and life after death, I don't. So it really doesn't matter to me, but if it makes you feel better, I'll go.

Gm- Don't do this to yourself, Jennifer. You were doing so great.

Jn- But now there is no point is there. You know what, I'll be outside if you need me.

Gm-Jennifer! (Jenn exits the house, her grandma whispers) I'm sorry.

-Cut to Joey- ["Wishing I was there" fades with the next scene] She's outside of Dawson's house and climbing the stairs, next she's in Dawson's room.

D-Hey, Joey.

J- Hello, Dawson. Are you gonna tell me now what are we gonna do tonight ?

D- No, but here's something. Be ready by 7, someone'll pick you up.

J- Someone? This sounds weirder by the minute...but okay, anything special I should wear?

D- No, you look perfect right now. What do you wanna do in the meantime?

J- I was just thinking about spending some time together...

D- Sounds good to me, come here, I wanna ask you something. (He sits in the floor)

J- what?

D- do you remember the Friday Pacey and me went with Billy Boy to the... road trip?

J- (smiling) How could I forget.

D- Well, ever since that day you've been acting different towards Jenn, not that you've been extremely nice to her or anything but... I was just wondering what happened that day.

J-Well, we had some cookie dough.

D- Aren't you gonna elaborate in your answer?

J- That's pretty much it.

D- Meaning, "back off". Okay, okay (looks at her) I'd really like to hold your hand and make this an everlasting moment.

J- (Smiles) Movie, Dawson, as always. Anything else you wanna know? Just so that we're through with this today.

D- (smiles) Okay. So we're gonna play truth or dare? Okay by me. Mmh... how come you're acting so nice to Pacey?

J- (thinking) Next question.

D- You're not gonna tell me anything, are you?

J- Depends on what you ask.

D- Fine, this is easier. (looks at her very serious) Do you regret passing up Paris for me?

J- (turns to see Dawson) What? ["Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan starts to play]

D- You know...passing up the opportunity of going to France because of you ever regret it?

J- Is that what is tormenting you? No, Dawson, I don't regret anything. I made my decision and I know I'll never regret it. Do you know how much time I waited for you to do that?

D- (he looks at her and then they lie down together, like in that picture of the season 2 promo) I just was so terrified that you stayed in this Nowhere land because of some dreamer who might never get anywhere.

J- I'll always believe in you Dawson, no matter what.

D- (He's closer to her, almost kissing her) Would you mind asking me just one last question?

J- (looking at his eyes) Go ahead.

D- Why did you turn today and tell me you loved me? You've never said it before.

J- (looks down) I just remembered some advice someone gave me a little while ago, always say what you feel or maybe you'll never say it.(looking up again) I didn't wanted that happening to me.

D- (Taking her chin) Thank you.

J- for what.?

D- For believing in this dreamer. (Image & song fade)

-Cut to Pacey driving his dad's car ["Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins plays in the car stereo] (Car, not truck) and stops at a red light- then a car hits him from behind.

P- No way! You're kidding me. (Gets out of the car turning it off ["Zero" stops playing] Don't you see where you're going?

Girl- (getting out of the car as well) I'm sorry, why'd you stop?

P- Can't you see the red light?

G- Oh, go figure. (She looks at the cars and so does he, it really isn't that bad)Well, your car doesn't look so bad so stop complaining

P- Are you blind? My car isn't exactly in perfect conditions.

G-Neither is mine so don't go over board. Tell me your name.

P- What for?

G- I'm in a hurry here so we'll work it up later.

P- I'm Pacey Witter.

G-Okay, Pacey, I'll be going to Capeside High, so look for me there.

P- I go to Capeside as well, and be sure I'll look for you. Okay, we'll see each other soon then.

P- (Walking towards the car and suddenly turns) Wait! You didn't told me your name.

G-(smiling) Andie, don't forget it.

P- You can count on that.

-Cut to commercial- ["The other side" by Aerosmith plays in the back] we see Joey walking towards the Icehouse when she sees Bessie talking to someone (a guy), then he goes. Joey approaches Bessie.

J- Who was that?

Bs- Who?

J- You know...the young fellow who was talking to you.

Bs- Oh, that was Jack, he came for a job.

J- you're hiring someone to help me?

Bs- Actually, he'll be helping Bodie in the kitchen, and will give me more time to be with Alexander.

J- I should've known.

Bs- He starts tomorrow, he just moved to Capeside and I thought it would be nice of you to welcome him. Maybe Dawson and Pacey can help you.

J- I don't think so.

Bs- Well...get use to it. (Bessie enters the Icehouse and leaves Joey alone)

J- That's the story of my life.

-Cut to Dawson's House- ["The other side" is still playing] Dawson's packing some stuff in a bag.

D- Candles, plates, I think that's everything.

P- (who is seated in the kitchen) Should be, you've checked it 3 times in the last 10 min.

D- (looking at him) I just wanna make sure it's set.

P- Fine, fine, you told Joey I'd pick her up.

D- No, I didn't wanted her to say no. I only told her someone would pick her up at 7.

P- Why would she be scared?

D- You don't want me to answer that. But, please Pacey, drive carefully okay?

P- You know me. I'll drive my best. (Dawson just looks at him and sighs) Okay, okay, I'll drive better than that, I promise.

D- Thanks, Pacey. Let's go set this up so you can go pick her up.

P- You sure you don't need me to drive Joey home? Or are you planning something more? D- You're sick, Pacey. I'd never do that to Joey...yet.

P- Oh, here comes the interesting part.

D- Don't get your hopes up. I only meant that in a still distant future maybe Joey and me could do something more serious. If we survive through this, that is.

P- I can see it already. (smiles)

D- (frowns) let's go.

P- Okay. Fine with me.

(Dawson pushes Pacey to his car and notices Jenn seated in her porch)

D- you know what Pacey? Give me 5 minutes. I'll be right back.

P- (turns to see where Dawson is looking and sees Jenn) Sure. I'll be right here.

(Dawson walks over to Jenn's house)

D- Hey there.

Jn- (looking up at Dawson) Hi, Dawson. D- You wanna tell me why you ran away this morning?

Jn- No. Like I told you this morning, I miss you...I love you. And there is nothing I can do about it.

D- But, Jenn, I'm with Joey now. I wish we could still be friends. Your friendship is very important to me.

Jn- Not now, Dawson, just not yet.

D- Okay, I don't wanna push you, but when you find out, you know where to find me.

(Jenn nods as Dawson goes towards Pacey)

P- Everything okay?

D- I hope so, let's go. (Image fades)

-Cut to Joey- Waiting outside of her house for the mystery person who will pick her up, sees Pacey in his dad's car coming to her house…dressed with an uniform. ["Take me to the other side" still plays]

J- Pacey? What are you doing here? Dressed like that?

P- I'm here to pick you up, madam. J- You're kidding me. I think I'll take the bus, I'd like to be sixteen before I

die in a car accident.

P- Come on, we're late because it took me a while to start the car so we better go.

J- (frowning at Pacey who opened the backseat door for her) I'm traveling with a suicidal driver disguised as a person in a stolen car. I should be used to this when it comes to you.

P- I promised Dawson I'd be careful. Come on get in the car.

J- Remind me to kill him for putting me in this life-endangering situation.

(Getting into the car)

P- Whatever the Lady wishes.

(He goes in the car as well and drives off, we see them arrive at the park.)

J- Pacey, what are we doing here? [Song fades]

P- I just brought the Lady to the predetermined coordinates given to me. (Gets out of the car and opens the door for Joey, she steps out) Don't you remember this place?

J- Sure, we used to come here when we were kids. My mom used to take me to the swings and left me with Dawson when she went to work. P- Maybe you should try them again, it might turn better this time. (Looking at her) I think someone's waiting for you there (she turns and sees that he's leaving)

J- You're gonna leave me alone here?

P- I don't want to be the loser that tags along, I'm gonna go find a girl for myself.

J- And where does she teach this time?

P- I was thinking of moving up, maybe college.

J- (smiles) I hope you find her, and the younger the better. Nevertheless, try to evade that mother-psychopath-kind-of-woman syndrome that you have, for the sake of us all.

P- Roger, have fun. (He gets in the car and drives away)

J- (looking at the car) Bye, Pacey. (Turning at the park) Okay, where are you Dawson? (She starts walking into the park and sees someone seated in the swings so she walks in that direction, we saw Dawson from behind sitting in the swings looking at the sky, From Joey's point of view )

J- Dawson? Is that you?

D- (turns back but we can't see his face because of the shadows, then he comes closer to her and steps into the light, he has short hair now [the new look they gave him for the 2nd season] and Joey's stunned) Hi, Joey.

J- (Looking at him) What did you do to yourself?

D- I wanted to look different to you, so you don't see me as your friend but as your boyfriend, so I wanted to be a whole new me.

J- (passing her hand through his hair) For me?

D- Don't you like it?

J- Of course...I love it...looks great on you.

D- Well, and now for the evening...(he turns and Joey sees a table set near the swings behind some trees, it has candles and there's a CD player in the bench next to it) would you like to start dinner?

J- (looking surprised but walking towards the table) What movie did you get this From?

D- Please, originality is a prerequisite in movie making. (Takes the chair for her to sit)

J- (Sitting) Well, why here?

D- (He sits) Here is where we first met. Don't you remember? (He turns the CD on, "Building a mystery" starts to play) Your mom used to bring you to the park and one day you thought got lost because your mom went to buy some things and you got all scared and started to cry. I was in the swings and saw this little girl crying looking around, so I went and asked you what was wrong.

J- And you took me to the swings and made me forget my dilemma for about an hour until my mom got back. I remember Dawson, after that day we always used to join by the swings and spent hours in them.

D- I thought that in honor of our first date, we should visit the place we first met, you know...walk a little on memory lane.

J-So, what's for dinner?

D- I would've wanted to bring something more sophisticated but my budget could only afford a couple of burgers and French fries.

J- Sounds delicious (they start eating while the camera backs until we see Jenn sitting in a bench a little far from them, she stands up and walks away).

-Cut to Pacey parking the car near the pier, he steps out and walks a littleuntil he sees Jenn seated in a bench watching the boats, he goes over to her("Building a mystery" still plays)-

P- Jenn?

Jn- (obviously a little drunk) Hey, Pacey, what are you doing here? (smiling)Let me guess, you're watching over me in case I do something crazy...

P-What have you been drinking?

Jn- Just a little something to get over this whole depression thing.

P- Doesn't sound like "just a little" (sees the bottle next to her) What's happening to you Jenn? I thought your "party" days were over. (She looks at him) Dawson told me about your New York days...I thought you had got over this. Is it because of Dawson?

Jn- I must have a sing in my forehead or everyone here knows me so well.

P- Come on, Jenn, I thought you were over him.

Jn- Well, I'm not. I love him and I want him back. I just don't know what to do in order to get him back without hurting him or making him hate me.

P- Still, it's no excuse to get drunk, don't you think?

Jn- Since when does someone needs a excuse to get drunk?

P- Okay, I hope you're back to your old self in the morning, but take care of yourself Jenn.

Jn- Don't worry about me Pacey, I'll be fine.

-Pacey walks away looking worried, when he gets to the place he left his car he finds his brother Doug in front of it (song fades). -

P- Dougie, what are you doing here?

D- (turning to face his brother) Wel,l Pacey, I'm here to arrest you.

P- What?

D- Dad's orders. He's really angry at you so he reported the car as stolen.

P- And I guess you had nothing to do with it.

D- (smiling) Who knows, but I do think a night in jail might actually give you a glimpse at your real future.

P- Yeah, well, you're not gonna be around long enough to see that.

D- I wouldn't bet on it. (He grabs Pacey on one arm and pulls him into the patrol, last we see is Doug driving off and Pacey looking at the window of the back seat)

-Back to Dawson and Joey, ["Daydreaming" by Tatyana Ali plays in the back] they're still seated in the table looking at each other and talking, Jenn's watching them from a distance-

J- Well, this date is gonna be hard to get over. And harder to improve.

D- You know me, I love challenges.

(They're getting up and putting away the things Dawson brought in a bag when Jenn comes over, Joey and Dawson don't see her)

Jn- Well, well, (They turn) if it isn't the new couple in town having a great time.

D- Jenn? (Jenn is clumsy and talks weird so we know she's drunk)

Jn- None other, expecting anyone else, perhaps?

D- Well, no, actually (goes near her and sees that she's drunk) what are you doing?

Jn- Just having some fun with myself. Do you mind?

D- I do, I thought you were over that.

Jn- Funny, I thought I was over you and...reality check: I'm still hung up on you.

J- (looking at Jenn) But this is no way to solve it.

Jn- There's no way to solve it Joey, you got him not me, I thought that required a little drink. But you know what, I should go before I make a bigger idiot out of myself. (she turns and starts walking)

D- Jenn, wait! (Looks at Joey who has this resigned look on her face and then goes after Jenn) Jenn!! (Joey finishes picking up the dishes and other things)

-Jenn's running through the park when she falls, Dawson goes to her and helps her get up-(The music can be heard really softly)

D- Why are you doing this to yourself, Jenn?

Jn- Don't ask me that, Dawson, I'm tired of everyone telling me what should I do. From now on I'm gonna do whatever I want to do. Okay?

D- You look resolved.

Jn- I am, Dawson, and you know what does it include? I'm gonna do anything in my power to get you back, anything...(she turns and leaves. Dawson sees her going away and then turns and walks where he and Joey were) [Music fades]

-Cut to commercial-

-Joey is sitting in the swing waiting for him when Dawson arrives. ["I don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith plays in the back] -

J- Is she okay?

D- I don't know, I guess she'll be fine (he looks uncomfortable as he sits down in the swing next to Joey, she looks away to one side)

J- She told you didn't she?

D- (looks at Joey surprised) You knew?

J- She told me yesterday.

D- What are we going to do?

J- (looking at him) The real question is, what are you going to do? There's nothing I can do, it's your call.

D- (takes her hand) I'm making my choice...wanna have a regression with me?

J- (Smiles holding back tears) I'd love to.

- The music still plays as the images blend into each other [Joey and Dawson are running in the park chasing one another, then they're wrestling in the grass and finally they're back in the swings just having some fun. The last scene is of them dancing (waltzing) and then they look to each other and slowly...they kiss. Images fade into credits] -

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