Dawson's Creek Finale 


Rating: PG

Story: An alternate ending to the series finale

Format: Professional  Screenplay

Author: Top Secret

Synopsis: Hidden deep in the WB vaults is a secret screenplay for an alternate ending to the Dawson Creek Series. An ending intended for die hard fans of the show. A script that never got used, due to Kevin Williamson's return for the last episode. Recently leaked since the ending of the series,  for the first time fans can see how the show was suppose to end. Yes, it is set 5 years in the future and someone does die, but as you will discover this alternate script has a direction all of it's own that will thrill long time hard core Dawson Creek fans for years to come. 




Dawson's Creek Finale 


"Now that the Rain is Gone"

Note: This episode takes place 5 years after episode 622. 

It is a sunny day in Capeside despite the gloom and dampness
in the souls of the people of this town who have gathered
together here at this small local Nazareth Cemetery. It seems
as if the whole town has come out to pay their last respects
to a women who's virtue and moral guidance has pathed the
paths of so many Capeside residents, past and present. The
whole gang Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Audrey and of course Jack all
stand close to Jen around the grave-site.

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust... 

Dawson leans over and puts his arm around Jen trying to
comfort her in someway, anyway he can. But she cries quietly
into her hands. 

...In a moment, in the twinkling of an
eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet
shall sound, and the dead shall be raised
incorruptible, and we shall be

Jack unable to easy the pain of his own tears, wipes his eyes
passing his tissue to Jen.

(Whispering to Jen)
You know she was proud of you, even after
she came back to Capeside. Jen, you know

Jen looks up at Jack wanting to believe him, then down at her
five year old daughter Amy who seems unaffected, untouched by
what is really happening in her world today, in her family. 

I know she loved Amy. I know she accepted
her. But part of me knows she never
approved of my decision not to marry C.J. 

The sound the Preacher's sermon hangs in the air, as if it
will never end. As if the impact of this day would be felt

For the Lord himself shall descend from
heaven with a shout, with the voice of
the archangel, and with the trump of God:
and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
....Then we which are alive and remain
shall be caught up together with them in
the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air:
and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
Wherefore comfort one another with these
words.... AMEN!

Gail Leery emerges from the crowd and steps to the front of
the grave-site.

Thank you Pastor Edwards, that was

Gail looks out at all who have gathered around this little
grave yard. She has been on TV in front of thousands, but
today, in this little tiny grave yard she is overwhelmed, she
feels only sadness. 

Now we will hear a few words from
Capeside's own LA Times columnist, Miss
Josephine Potter...
(looking down at Joey with a
smile and a whisper)
You'll do fine...

Joey steps up in front of the crowd, In front of her friends
and family. She fights back the tears and tries not to have
her silent sobs heard by the crowd. 

Mrs. Evelyn Ryan was a good....
'Grams' was a good person if there has
ever been a good person. She taught us to
love and not to hate. She taught us to
value those you love. She taught some us
religion when we could not find it in

Joey looks around the crowd at her friends, her family and
her lovers of the past. 

She opened up her morning light, And said
a little prayer for right,
She told us, "That if we are to stay
Then we need to see the love in
everyone's eyes..." 
She taught us not to wait for our lives
to be over, to know right now what our
lives would it be... and not to be



The place is full as people circulate around in the aftermath
of Gram's Funeral. It has been full all afternoon with old
memories recalled, laughs had, and tears shed. The time
passes by and yet 6 remain; Pacey, Joey, Dawson, Audrey, Jack
and Jen. Friends for life, they sit around Pacey's
restaurant, which has lightly been turned it to a shrine for
Dawson's Hit TV show "THE CREEK". They have drinks as they
take a walk down nostalgia lane.

It is so good to see you all.

I can't believe it really has been five
years since we have all really been in
Capeside together. 

Pacey takes a drink form his bottle looking around at his
best friends in the world. 

It has not! Not five years! I was just
here 4 months ago when the B&B was
getting its five star rating. 

Ah... yes... But Dawson was not, nor was
Audrey as I recall. 
Audrey looks up from the table at Pacey in protest!

Dude, it was not my fault! I was on tour
with the Rolling Stones! Now I love ya
all, but opening up for Mick and Company,
that makes a girl's blood bubble. 

Audrey, you can tell us, we know you had
an affair, is Mick really a good kisser?
I bet he really is that good in bed huh?

Audrey giggles and the others join in almost for a second
forgetting what has brought them together.

Pacey is right, you slackers! You all
have been here off and on, but never all
at the same time. Me and Pacey we've been
holding down the fort.

I am just sorry, it took something like
this to get us all here at one time. 

The room becomes silent. Everyone freezes at Dawson's words.
He regrets saying them, but it is too late they are out. They
have broken free and nothing can take them back. Finally Jen
breaks the silence and she raises her glass. 

I am not! We are all here, and I for one
think we should PARTY!

Jen swigs back a full-shot of hard liquor. As Audrey looks
over at her with an annoyed glare. 

Drinks are on Pacey! Oh the joys that are
ours, when your friend owns the bar!

Everyone looks around at each other unsure what to do. There
is a feeling of awkwardness in the air. Pacey glances at
Dawson for approval but Dawson just shrugs his shoulders as
Jen pours another drink. 

Whoooh.. Just slow down there partner...

Audrey reaches to take the glass from Jen's hand as Jen picks
up the bottle from the table and spins around taking another

I know you think this will help, but
trust me, everyone in this room knows i
have been there, and I can tell you
alcohol is not the answer to your

Audrey stands up and stops Jen from taking another drink by
forcefully holding her hand back. Jack then springs to his
feet, removing Audrey's hand from the bottle and Jen.

No offence, Audrey. I know you mean well,
but your not the only one who has been
there as you might recall. And sometimes
you just gotta let things run their

Jack and Audrey lock eye's and for a second, then there is an
acknowledgment of understanding between the two of them. 

And with that, I bid you all a fond good
night, me and my bottle are going skinny
dipping in the creek! Last one is a dirty

Jen runs out the of the restaurant towards the creek. Panic
engulfs the room. 

I got her. Don't worry, I'll watch her

Well that's good cause someone is gonna
have to hold back her hair when she
finally yaks.

Jack reacts on Audrey words, then runs after Jen. 


Jack stands at the front of class writing on the chalk board
in front of a full class of teenage students. He turns to
face the class. 

That's your home work for tonight. 

An assortment of boo's and complaining erupts from the class. 

Hey, you can whine all you want, but
remember that on Friday when you write
your test and you still have not read
Frost, Longfellow or Emerson. 

Jack jeers the class as the bell rings and they get up to
leave. As the class files out the doors, rushing off home,
one kid stays behind. His name is FREDDIE, He is small,
awkward and appears as if he is of low self esteem. Jack has
been helping Freddie with an issue Freddie has been dealing
with. Freddie, stands in between the rows of desks until the
class is empty.

Mr. McPhee, do you have a moment?

Yeah, Freddie, how is it going with that
thing we were talking about last week. 

Jack comes over and sits at one of the student desks and
Freddie sits down beside him. Freddie has Jack's full
attention as he begins to hang his head and a dull look of
sadness engulfs him.

Mr. McPhee, I just couldn't tell them. I
tried honest I did. But I couldn't tell
them. I just couldn't do that to them. 

Jack is trying to be as understanding and helpful as he can.

You know Freddie, they are going to find
out one way or another. All I am saying
is it be better that they hear this from
you. You owe them that much. 

How do I tell dad who has been priming my
whole life to grow up and be a mini
version of Hughe Heffner or my mom, who
has looked forward to me falling in love
and marrying..... Ummm... how do I just
tell them too bad... I'm Gay, get use to

Jack fights the feelings of his own emotions as he struggles
with his own memories of the events he had with his own
father all those years ago. Looking at Freddie with

Maybe it is best to tell them your
confused and you don't have all the
answers yet. You don't, you can't be
expected to. 

But I am not. I know what I am. 

Jack is taken back by his students answer and looks a little
confused himself.

What like you have always known? There
has never been am struggle, am i, or
ain't I?

React on Jack, who is coping with the fact that this is
nothing like his own struggle at this age, with his

No sir, not that I really recall. 

Just then there is a small knock at the door and Jen is
standing in the doorway.

I am sorry, I can come back.

Freddie gets ups.

Oh no, I gotta run there is some stuff at
home I have to deal with. Thank you Mr.
McPhee you have been a huge help. 

Freddie exits the classroom. Jen slowly and smoothly glides
in to the room. Jack smiles towards Jen, he has never had
anyone in his life like Jen Lindley no one has ever accept
him like she has, all these years. 

Three O'clock in the afternoon....
hmmm... I am surprised to see you up so
early after the night you had last night. 

Jen looks sheepishly down at Jack sitting at the desk. 

Did I make that bad of a fool of myself

Looking up at her in away only true a friend could.

Yes! But you were with friends. Nuff'said

Jen sits down at the desk beside Jack. Looking across desk
top at him. 

And after that?

Then you were with me. Audrey was right,
somebody had to hold you hair while you
yaked. I agree not the most glorious jobs
in Capeside. But one I would not pass by
for all the midterms in the world for. 

Jen reaching across and hugging Jack. 

Your the best friend in the world, you
know that?


Dawson plays outside with his little sister Lilly. He is
pushing here back and forth on a tire swing facing the creek
when his cellphone rings. 

(speaking into phone)


Todd (Carr) speaks to Dawson on the phone while a cast and
crew scurry around the set of "THE CREEK" rehearsing lines,
setting the set in place. 

(on phone to Dawson)
Hey, Mate! Where the hell are you! Bloody
hell, leaving me here to direct out the
final episodes of the season while your
out taking a vacation? 


(speaking into phone to Todd)
I'd hardly call this a vacation.

(on phone)
All I know is you left me holding the bag
again. Bloody hell you did. You're gonna
own me huge, mate. I want production
credit on your next big block buster. 

(speaking into phone)
Listen, you're lucky I even give you work. 

Dawson smiles into the phone with a chuckle.

(speaking into phone)
After that whole MTV award catastrophe.

(on phone)
How was I to know she was gonna get

(speaking into phone)
Todd, you slapped Madonna on the ass on
live TV as you presented her, her life
time achievement award! And said, "Not
bad for an old chick now, is it?" 

(on phone)
I reckon I did, you are a good friend for
giving me work, Leery. But I can't keep
your can out of the fire forever, the
studio wants to know if you have the
season ending yet. 

(on phone)
Working on it.

Dawson looks up and see's Joey crossing the Creek in her
little row boat just like old times. Damn, he missed those
old times. Life had seemed so simple, it was just "Dawson and
Joey". However this time Joey had Alexander "Little Bodie jr"
with her (son of Bessie and Bodie). 

(on phone)
And Natasha is having a freak fit. She
has not heard from you since you got
there. You know how she is. She was half
worried to death, you forgot her birthday
is in 3 days.

Dawson looks up at Joey as she docks the boat and walks up
the pier with Alexander 

(on phone)

Listen Todd, I gotta go, tell Natasha she is worried about
the wrong thing, as usual. 

Dawson, hangs up and just looks into Joey's eyes, as she
arrives in front on him. The love he once felt for her washes
over him like waves on the shore. But he puts it away, away
in the back of his mind like he has for the last five long
years. Away where it will be safe. 


Pacey cleans the bar off as Audrey nurses her drink. 

Another club soda, pretty girl? It is on
the house. 

Audrey looks up from her glass, enjoying her time in
Capeside, her time with her friends, her time with Pacey.

Pacey Witter, why if I didn't know better
I'd think you were flirting with me. 

Pacey pours her more soda. 

See that is where you'd be right. I flirt
with every pretty thing that comes in my

Looking up at Pacey with desire for him after all these

I bet you do Witter. I bet you do.

They don't call me the Capeside the heart
breaker for nothing. Ain't been a woman
who could tame me yet. Besides, truth is
I really need the tips.

Pacey winks, at his own joke hoping the laugh will catch on.
Audrey reaches over and places her hand on Pacey's. Pacey
looks at her surprised not quite expecting that.

Pacey, I just want you to know I am proud
of you. Of all of this, of everything you
have done here. Who would of known when
we were working that restaurant together
in Boston one day you'd do something like
this? I still can't believe all of this
is yours, and you make it work everyday. 

Well mine, the banks, and a few family
members who will never see their doe
again. But yeah. When Mr. Leery died, and
Gail finally went back in to journalism,
closing her place, I could hardly let the
good folks of Capeside starve to death.
Besides, the wall street dream was long
over for me. 

Audrey still touching his hand.

Your doing a good thing here. 

Audrey's beeper goes off. Looking down at the beeper and back
up at Pacey. 

Pace, I gotta run, it's Emma, I forgot i
was suppose to fax them the set list for
next weeks Buffalo show. 

Audrey runs out the door so fast, she barely notices she
almost runs into another girl entering the door way. Andie
McPhee walks in the restaurant looking all around, taking it
in for the first time. Looking across the room she sees him,
Pacey her one and true love. No mater how long she stayed in
Paris she could not forget him. She walks up to the bar all
quiet and nervous. She has not spoken to Pacey in over seven
years since graduation. 


Pacey turns around instantly at the sound of her voice. 


Andy slowly removes her glasses, still very cautious. 

Pace, it is me.

McPhee!!! It is you!

Pacey jumps up over the bar with one swift leap running up to
her and grabbing her up in a big friendly bear hug, spinning
her around. 

McPhee, have I missed you or what! I
can't believe your home. Now we all truly
are home together. 

Oh Pace, I feel so bad I could not get a
flight out for the funeral. You know how
hard it is to get a flight these days
with all the security. 

Jen is just gonna be so happy you're

Drawing in close to Pacey she softly speaks in his ear. 

Pace, are you glad I'm here?

Then without warning or thought on the part of either one of
them, they kiss. It is a long kiss, a passionate kiss, filled
with memories and old times. Filled with broken promises and
too much time gone by. As they are locked in mid kiss Audrey
walks back into the restaurant. 

I forgot my pur.....

She freezes in mid sentence. Glaring at Pacey kissing this
other girl. She grabs her purse and runs out, not even


Joey and Dawson sit on the swings together talking just like
old times while the kids play off in the background. 

You think Jen is gonna be ok?

Jen, is the strongest woman I know. 

I am just glad we can all be here for
her. Being back in Capeside, it feels
some how kinda magical, ya know?

Dawson jumps off his swing and begins to push Joey's swing
for her. 

Yeah, I know what you mean. It just
something about this place. I miss it so

Dawson? What's a matter? What are you not
telling me? Dawson Leery, I can always
tell when you holding back on me. 

Dawson's sighs.

It is just I know we all agreed to take a
full week, and just be with Jen, be here
together. But the studio is all over me
about the ending to this seasons,"The
Creek" and my up coming next movie.

Joey stops the swing to look at Dawson.

And? Your point? I mean that is hardly

And, it's Natasha birthday on Monday.
I've only got the weekend then I have to
be back in LA.

Joey drifts off into a dream like state as she watches the
kids playing. Dawson's little sister Lilly is up in Dawson's
window calling down to Alexander

Come up here Alex, up the ladder, I want
to show you something. 

Dawson looks over to see them Alexander climbing the ladder
to his room. He smiles. 

Do you think they are going to be just
like us?

God, I hope so, for their sakes, I pray
so. Every Leery needs a Potter. 


Natasha barges on the set during filming in the middle of a
scene, interrupting the actors. Screaming at the top of her

Todd, Todd Carr you tell me right now,
when is he coming back!

Bloody hell! Cut! Cut! 

Todd stands up and begins to yell back at Natasha

Who the hell do you think you are, you
can just prance in her in the middle of
the shoot and bring everything to a halt.
I have half a mind to call security and
have you....

Natasha does not give Todd a chance to even get his words
out, she is right up in his face. 

If you had half a mind at all you'd know
I can do whatever I want here as long as
my boy friend is still the Executive
Producer! Now you tell me why all of a
sudden Dawson has shut off his phone and
you tell me now!

Throwing his hands up in the air.

How the hell am I to know? All I know is
he said to tell you he'd be back for your

Natasha storms of screen. 

(off screen)
Not if I find him first! 


The scene fades in with Joey screaming in a pillow as Bessie
looks on in amazement. 

Feeling better there little sis?

Joey looks up at here with the glare she gets just before she
goes off into a rant. 

Feel better? How can I ever feel better?
My life... oh how I hate it. Can you
believe I am right back where I started
all those years ago. Becuase I can't! I
might as well go climb up into his window
for all he'd notice!

Bessie sits down and pours Joey a nice hot cup of smoothing

Joey it can't be that bad.

Joey gets up pacing around the living room.

Not that bad? Not that bad, when we were
in L.A. she is all over him. I can't even
get to talk to him alone. She has her
meat hooks all in his money tree. Then i
finally get him back here to Capeside and
all he can do is talk about her. Natasha
and her stupid birthday! I can't take it
anymore, I don't wanna be Dawson Leery's
other girl yet again!

Bessie, gets up and walks towards Joey.

Then don't be...

Bessie puts her hand on Joey's shoulder.

Go to him. Tell how you really feel. 


It is movie night at Dawson's. The camera fades in on Dawson
and Joey up close laying on Dawson's bed towards the TV.
Dawson clicks off the TV with remote. The camera stays in
close up mode. 

Well there you have it! Speilberg's A.I.
I think he would of made Stanley Kubirc
proud, don't you?

It was clearly an over done attempt to
win to the admiration of his dead mentor.
Which is kinda a pathetic reason to make
a movie, not to add, it is also kinda

Ah... but most people miss the fact that
this is a movie with in a movie, the
whole alien part at the end is really a
clever little continuation in of it's
self of Space Odyssey. I mean the
resemblance in the feeling he creates is

(off screen)
If you ask me it is just a senseless
piece of crap, I'd rather watch Jaws. 


The camera pulls back from the close up of Dawson and Joey,
to the viewers surprise as we see the whole gang, Audrey,
Jen, Jack, Pacey and Andie all crammed on the bed an around
the bed watching the TV with them. 

So what do we got for food around here
any ways You expect me to believe movie
night at Dawson's has no munchies?

Audrey gets up off Dawson's bed and hits Joey over the head
with a pillow. We'll get it. 

Joey glances at her with annoyed attitude. 

We will?

We will

Audrey pulls Joey off the bed. And they exit the room. 


Joey pours some potato chips into the a big bowel while
Audrey searches the fridge for soda. 

What was that all about?

Don't give me that! Now tell me again who
the little "wicked witch of the west" is
up there hanging all of Pacey like that?

Joey looking opens a box of Ritz crackers biting into one. 

Only Pacey's one true love. His First
love, his first real relationship. And
one of my very best friends, even if we
have not seen each other in years. 

What am I chopped liver?

All I am saying is give her a chance. You
and Pacey have been over along time, you
can't play dibs. 

Audrey picks up a bowel of chips and storms out of the


As Audrey walks back in the room she stops, and stares as she
looks and see's Pacey is now holding Andie's hand and they
are whispering and giggling in the corner of the room. 

Ya know what, I am gonna call it a night. 

Pacey looking up surprised.

You the original party girl?

Dawson and Jack feeling the tension in the room, try to look
the other way fiddling with Dawson's dvd player, mumbling
various things about lasers and surround sound. While, Andie
seems completely unsure how to react. Jen, remains quite,
sitting on the bed. 

You no what Pace? We all gotta grown up

Audrey exits the room trying her best not to be overly stormy
but not doing well at suppressing it. 

Ya know what, I think I am gonna go see
if she needs a ride. Your be alright?
Won't ya Andie?

Jack looking up from the dvd player. 

I got her. 

Pacey gives Andie a good night hug then exits the scene. 

You know what, I hate to do this, but the
baby-sitter and all, Dawson will you be
upset if me and Jack bail?

Well that's takes Andie out of the
picture with us too.

Dawson smiles. 

I am have just enjoyed being back
together with you all as a gang. It has
felt good, like old times, ya know?

Jen smiles back. 

Translated ... Dawson does not mind
getting some "old times" with one Miss
Josephine Potter. 

I'll never tell.


Pacey is driving Audrey back to the Capeside hotel she is
staying at. 

So ya gonna tell me?

Audrey is not looking at Pacey, not making eye contact with
him. She looks straight ahead at the road.

Tell you what? 

Come on, don't give me that crap you know
what I mean.

Audrey still not making eye contact. She is almost but not
quite pouting. 

There is nothing to tell. 

Oh so that scene back there, that was
nothing right?

Audrey says nothing. 

Well how about back there at my
restaurant, that whole hand thing? Was
that nothing too?

Finally Audrey turns to look at Pacey, even if it is still
not in the eye. She is upset, angry, and hurt, but amazingly
as always masks it as well as can be expected. 

What do you want me to say Pacey? Well
what? That after Mick, and a thousand one
nights with all my groupies, that you're
still the one? That you're still the one
I wake up missing. That I only ever
dumped you in Boston because I could not
face that you did not love me like i
loved you? 

Would that make it better huh? Would that
build up you big strong Witter self
esteem? Is that what you want from me? Is
it? Cause I don't think you really want
to know the truth. You just want to
believe what makes Pacey Witter feel

Pacey sighs and clinches the steering wheel harder. 

I did love you. I know you never saw it
at the end, but I did love you.
And gawd help me, I still love you now. 

But your not the one. As much as I love
you, as much as I loved Joey neither of
you were the one. And that's what you saw
in Boston, not that I did not love you. I
loved you so much, but that deep inside i
knew that no matter how deeply I loved
you or Joey, you could never really be
the one. I had already found her, and let
her walk out of my life. I was doomed to
never find her again. And it was not fair
to you, to try and substitute you for

Audrey looks back straight ahead at the road.

Well I guess the only thing left to
decide is now that you found her again,
is what do you plan to do about it?


Joey enters the room expecting everyone to still be present
but instead finds Dawson alone watching the opening credits
of JAWS. 

Was it something I said?

Dawson looking up at Joey with that famous Dawson Leery

No, you were perfect as always. Chalk it
up to normal Capeside drama. 

Wow, that did not take long to kick back

Joey lays down on the bed beside Dawson watching the movie.
Finally they are alone at movie night just like old times.
They are silent, not because it is awkward just because
nothing needs to be said. Sounds from JAWS escape the TV as
the are drowned in the glow of the TV. 

Joey, spend the night. 

Joey rolling over resting her head on his chest. 

Dawson we are not innocent little kid's
anymore. I just can't stay in your bed
all night like I use to and expect
nothing to happen. 

Dawson smiles and looks down at her. 

And would that be so bad?

Joey blushes. Oh how she wishes she could. She wants to so
bad. But it is his love she is really longing for not just
his sex. 

Well I guess it would be while you still
have a girlfriend. 

Your right, and you know me so well. 

Dawson breathes in smelling her perfume and the smell of her
hair. He resists the urge to kiss her. As much as it feels
like old times it is not. And he is taken. 

I'll walk you home. 

Joey runs her fingers through his hair, longing for more. 

I'd like that. 


Jen is looking through boxes of Grams stuff. She packs up
what she can, sorting other stuff. Jack carries more boxes to

Jack, thanks for staying and helping.
This is too hard to do alone. 

Jack putting his hand on Jen's shoulder. 

Me and you, were gonna get through this
thing. We always do. 

What did I ever do to deserve a friend
like you?

They hug and Jen goes back to work sorting papers and
clothing. Jack lays down on Grams bed. And as he does he
see's her bible. He picks it up and pages through it out of
boredom. When he finds a letter inside addressed to Jen. 

Jen, this is something you better see.

Jen puts down her boxes and looks over to Jack. 

What is it?

Jack getting up and walking over to Jen.

It is a letter from Grams to you. 

Jen takes it in her hand, scared, trembling like a little
girl still longing for you her parents approval, her
grandmother's love. She begins to read it allowed to Jack. 

(voice over as they read the
My dearest Jen. Even as I write this I am
not sure my strength will last long
enough to see fit to get it to you. We
spoke tonight on the phone. And I had to
tell you the cancer is back. You were so
upset, and to hear you upset hurt me more
then the cancer ever has or ever will. Oh
my darling Jennifer, I love you so much,
nothing you ever did or could do has ever
changed that. You make me so proud. Where
I failed with your mother, I succeeded
with you. You will never know how much
redemption all these years with you have
meant to me. You my dear, are my proudest
accomplishment. And I will die a happy
women knowing despite mistakes made, you
are well on the right path in life.
I know we have never saw eye to eye on
God, but I want you to know that I am
expecting to see you and Amy in Heaven
one day. Now before my pain medicine
kicks in, I have but one thing left to
say. I know you always felt I looked down
on you for not marrying Amy's Father. But
you had already said your good-byes to
him and did not know you were with child
when we left for New York. Besides of
which, you and I both know there could
only ever be one man for you, even if he
does not know it yet. Yours... always
and forever Grams. 

Jen puts down the letter on a box and begins to cry. 

My Grams, My Grams, My Grams she still
loved me... 

Jack grabs a hold of her as she cries, holding her so tight
in his arms. He is kissing her forehead. 

There, there Jen... of course she did...
of course she did. 

Jen lifts her head from Jacks body. 

Jack, will you spend the night, will you
just hold me tonight. I.. I .. I just
can't sleep alone.

Jack picks Jen up in his arms and places her under the
blankets on the bed. Then he goes around to the other side
and lays down beside him as Jen reaches over and hugs him. 

I know I am not you Prince charming.. but
thank you. 


Jen starts to giggle. 

What's so funny?

I just thought of something. Isn't
supposed to be Dawson and Joey's trade
mark, to spend the night together and not
have sex?

Well I must admit. It is nice to see how
the other half lives. 


Dawson and Joey arrive in Joey's front yard and Dawson walks
her to the porch and stops to look at her in the moonlight.
He wants so much to take her, to take her in his arms and
climb back up the childhood ladder that connected Joey Potter
to his world. To take her and make love to her, like he did
in Boston. But he can't. Sometimes in life it is to late for
that. So he stands a few seconds looking at her wondering why
they never worked. Joey blushes as he looks into her face. 

Are you gonna stand there all night or do
you wanna come in for coffee. 

Dawson breaks off his stare and tries to refocus. But Joey is
truly more beautiful tonight then she ever has been. The
moonlight hits her face and he knows she is not the scared
little girl from across the creek anymore. 

Joey, like you said were not innocent
little kids anymore.

Dawson... I just..

Dawson touched her face in a reassuring way. 

Joey, don't say anything. It has always
been about words with us hasn't it. Has
any two kids on the globe spoken so much
about everything as you and I did? I mean
all our lives, you and me, we have over
analyzed everything to death.
Wit, words, and vocabulary have been our
weapons of choice. We were never really
people of action. Perhaps that's why it
never worked between us. 

Joey puts her hands in her pockets and blushes. 

I wanted it to work. I wanted there to be
action. I wanted to make love to you so
many times. 

Now Dawson blushes. 

You mean when we were growing up?

No silly, you already knew that. I mean
tonight, all night. On your bed. I didn't
want to sleep over because when I sleep
over at your house all we ever do is

Joey, takes her hands out of her pockets and takes a hold of
Dawson's hands. She lightly tugs him towards her door. When
he does not move as fast as she wants. She stops and kisses
him passionately, deeply, with all her soul.

In case your not getting the message, i
want to spend the night with you. I just
don't want to sleep. 

Dawson looks perplexed, confused, even broken. Yet he does
not move. 


Dawson tries to find the right words to say. But what words
can be said between two people who have said virtually
everything two people can say?

Dawson? You're not turning me down? 
Dawson I have saw how you have been
looking at me all night....

Dawson takes back his hands from Joey and Joey begins to get
teary eyed.

Gawd Joey, you have no idea how much i
want to with you tonight. But it is like
you said I have a girlfriend. 

Joey, wants this so bad she searches for the right thing to
say, to turn this around. She moves back in close to Dawson.
Humor might be her only route of escape. She puts on her best
coy smile. 

Well girlfriends can change. Don't worry
I have a plan, you slip out for coffee in
the morning and call her to break up, and
I'll pretend you never had her. 

Dawson, tries not to see her as he looks down. He does not
want to make eye contact. He does not want to see how
beautiful she is in the moonlight. 

Joey, I am sorry, I can't. Not this time. 

Joey body goes limp as the pain, the hurt, the rejection
sinks in. 

Oh... Oh, I am sorry. Oh wow, how

A tear escapes her eyes and she tries to hold back from

Well, um I'll catch you around then.

Joey turns to run in the house, where she can let her tears
explode. But she freezes at the sound of his voice. The sound
of the voice of the man she loves. The man she has always

Joey, you know it's not like that. It's
just not the right time right now.....

Spinning around in hurt, even famous Potter anger. Joey's
anger mixes with tears and soft sobs can be heard between her

When is it the right time for us Dawson!
When will it ever be the right time?
I mean if it is not Jen, then it is Pacey
right? And Now it's Natasha, just like it
was back in Boston when you slept with
me, or did you want to forget that? I am
tired, so tired with it being always
about someone else with us. So I am
selfish, I don't want to wait anymore. I
don't want to be the stupid girl from
across the creek pining for Dawson Leery
while he chases off after another girl
anymore. Maybe, it's wrong of me, maybe i
am just vain, but tell me this Dawson,
tell me this Dawson Leery, When is it
finally gonna be about Dawson and Joey? 

Dawson is over whelmed by her words, He knows they are true.
Yet he struggles to make it right. With guilt all over his
face, he has to tell her that which he dreads. 

Joe... Joey... Natasha asked me to marry
her before I came out here and I said
yes. Joe, I am so sorry, I had no idea
you felt like this... I .. I don't

Joey wipes her eyes with her hands. And yells back at him.

Why the hell do you think I moved out to

Call me naive but I assumed because
that's where the L.A. Times is located?

Dawson Leery, I love you! I always have.
And if you can't see that. If your so
wrapped up in your stupid analytical,
world of yours, still trying to make
every little piece of your life fit
perfect, so much so that you can't see
that. Then all I got the say to you is I
am glad you got your TV show, enjoy your
fantasy world. You'd rather live in "THE
CREEK" then be with the real me. 

Dawson moves in close again. And reaches out to hold her. To
comfort her. 

Joey, I ..I .. never

Now Joey in fully crying. 

Don't touch me... just leave me alone.
You have no idea what you do to me. 

It's not like I knew. How long was i
suppose to wait for you to decide if it
was me or Pacey? Or if you even knew

Joey backs up in to her door. 


Dawson pleads.

No, not like this.

I said go! 

Dawson takes a step forward and Joey screams. 

Go! Don't you get it, go! Leave me alone,
leave me alone forever. Just go!

The lights go on inside and Dawson knows Bessie has been
woke. He turn to leave. This times the tears are in his own


Jack, Jen, Andie, Pacey and Audrey all are present planning
how they will clean out the remainder of Gram's house. They
are sitting around the kitchen table which is covered in
boxes, as they try to drink their morning coffee. 

I just want to thank you all. There is so
much work still to do here. It really
means alot to me that your all here. 

well, we are gonna need an attack plan. I
say Pacey and Andie finish up the
closets, while Jen, Audrey and me work on
the upstairs. 

Question? Why do Pacey and Andie get to
be all alone?

Pacey roles his eyes. Andie eyes go wide with embarrassment. 

Why? Is that a problem? Is there someone
you'd like to be alone with?

Jack tries to rebound as he sips his coffee. 

I don't know. You tell me lover boy. Your
the one who spent the night here. Are you
afraid to be alone upstairs with poor
little sex starved Jen Lindley?

Jack spits out his coffee in shock. 

Stop it, you'll have the gay community of
Capeside in an up roar.

Jack is the gay community of Capeside. 

That's her point. Ok you go with Pacey
and Andie if you want we got work to do

Jack gets up and walks towards the stairs. 

Don't ya just love a man on a mission?

Jen follows and they both exit the scene. Audrey gets up and
looks at Pacey and Andie. 

Well folks it looks like we are one big
happy team! Like the man said, we better
get to work huh?


Dawson is asleep on his bed as the light shines through his
window in his face. He tries to roll over escaping it, but
there is a restless nature about his sleep. He is woke up by
his phone ringing on the night stand by his head. Half asleep
he reaches for it knocking over his lamp and the bowel of
potato chips from last night. Finally his hand gets a hold of
the receiver and he is able to answer. He pulls the receiver
under the blankets with himself, on his continued quest to
escape the bright morning light. 

(Into the phone)
Todd if this is you, I just want you to
know you're fired. 


Todd drinks his morning coffee on an empty set for "The

(Speaking to Dawson on the
Hey mate, you can't fire me, who'd run
your personal life?


Dawson speaks on the phone to Todd. 

(Into the phone)
If your the one in charge of my personal
life right now, then you're doubly fired. 


(On the phone to Dawson)
Well Dawson Leery, aren't you the chipper
on this fine morning. 

(Into the phone)
The point. Get to the point Todd.

(On the phone to Dawson)
Natasha. She is on her way to Capeside. 

Dawson leaps up from under his blankets as they fall by the
side of his bed. Now standing up in the middle of the room
his yells into the phone in a panic. 

(Into the phone)
What! How can this be? She has no idea i
am here only one person does. That's you

(On the phone)
Come, after all we have been thorough you
think I'd rat you out?

Dawson paces around his room in his boxers shorts and T

(Into the phone)
Todd, talk to me buddy, tell me this one
of your sick pranks. Tell me I am on
speaker phone at the set right now and
everyone is getting a good laugh at my
expense Todd just tell me anything!

(On the phone)
Dawson, you just need to relax, deep
breathe, it is all gonna be alright. 

Dawson sinks back down on to the bed partly in disbelief and
partly trying to get a hold of himself. 

(Into the phone)
That's easy for you to say. 

(On the phone)
I mean you take off and don't tell her
where your going, a girl like her, she is
gonna come looking for ya. And that's
what I am telling you. She does not know
your in Capeside yet, but come on Leery,
if you were looking for yourself, where
would you look?

(Into the phone)
Stall her, however you need to. Just do
it. I have somethings to take care of
here but I promise I'll be back by her

(on the phone)
Bloody hell, I'll do what I can. But when
she comes knocking on your door, don't
say I did not warn you.


Pacey, Audrey and Andie work on cleaning out Gram's closet in
the hallway. Andie pulls out this huge box of junk and dust
come flying off in her face. 

What we never knew about Grams! The woman
was a virtual pack rat! Where did she get
all this stuff?

The better question is where are we gonna
put all of this stuff? 

Audrey dusk off a box and coughs through the dust. 

If I believed in the ever after I'd bet
Gram's was out there laughing some place
that she finally got us to do house

Audrey grabs a huge piles of old winter coats from the
closets and pushes them into Pacey's arms. 

There you go Pacey! Be a doll would ya?
And go box them up. There is a ton of
boxes and boxing tape in the kitchen.

Pacey assuming Audrey is up to something tries his best to
see over this big huge bundle of clothes in his arms to make
eye contact with Andie. 

You know Pace, kitchen, boxes, tape? They
ain't gonna box themselves, now scoot. We
got girl talk. 

Andie makes eye contact with Pacey with a smile and a nod and
Pacey stumbles out of the room with his big arm full of dusty
coats and assortments.
Andie braces herself for whatever comes next and continues
dusting off boxes and sorting out junk. 

So I guess it's girl time finally huh?

If that's what were calling it these
days, sure. 

You don't like me much do you?

I don't know why should i?

I know you and Pacey use to date. Do you
know he wrote me about you?

Audrey is taken back in shock a little, and is thrown off her
place for a beat. 

He wrote? About me?

Andie puts down her objects she is sorting and wipes her
hands with a rag. 

I know you were special to him. You were
just what he needed and when he wrote
about you he was so happy. He had
direction. It was like he was finally
full of life again after the whole "Joey"
thing. I was happy for him, happy for you

Audrey stunned, looks at Andie for the first time in a new

And that didn't drive you crazy? Pacey
had a new girl? Cause I don't have to
tell you Pacey is not an easy one to get

I never stopped loving him. He has been
so much to me, he was there when no one
else was or could. Pacey saved me. It
hurt like hell to lose him. Mistakes were
made, I just wanted him to be happy he
deserves it. 

Audrey takes a step forward. She breathes in deep and tries
to project herself forcefully even though she is beginning to
like Andie now. 

That's what I am saying. He deserves to
be happy! He has been everyone else's
hero all his life. I want him to be happy
now. Look I wasn't around in the good
old Capeside Creek Gang days, so I don't
know you from squat. But Joey says your a
good egg. So all I am saying is if you
break his heart this time, I will hunt
you down no matter how many french
riveras you run and hide on! Are we clear
on that? 

Andie looks at Audrey still not quite sure how to read her. 

Like I said, I only want him to be happy.
We are on the same side. 


Jen and Jack fold clothes together and stack them in big
cardboard boxes. 

So when are we gonna talk about it?

Jen hands me a blanket to fold and the both fold it together
end to end. 

Talk about what?

They fold it again in half. 

You know what I am talking about. 

Jen puts the nicely folded up blanket in the box and reaches
for another and passes it to Jack to help fold again. 

We talk about alot of things Jack how am
I suppose to know what you mean?

They begin to fold the blanket again. 

Ok, then if you insist that I spell it
out then I will. 


About the letter, from Grams.

Jen puts the blanket down in the box. 

What about the letter? We talked about
it, I am fine. Though it is sweet of you
to be concerned. 

No, I mean about what she said about you
not marrying Amy's father because of
another man. 

Jen turns her back slightly and sits on the bed. 

I don't wanna talk about it. 

Jack walks over beside her. 

We need to.
Jen, I'm the guy right?

Jack sits down on the bed slightly behind Jen. Jen cringes. 

I said I don't wanna talk about, didn't
you here me?

Jack touches her back. Rubbing it in a soothing way. 

Ya, know it is ok? I think about it all
the time, what it would of been like if i
was not gay. 

Jen turns slightly to face him, her eyes are red, and her
face slightly puffy. 

What good is there in thinking about it?

I don't know. But what I do know is it
would of been you. There would of been
know one else for me. Your everything. 

They hug. It is an intense hug full with mixed emotions, and
unsure feelings. Jack gets and overwhelming instinct to kiss
Jen. And it is almost as if Jen so how is able to sense it.
She gets up and tosses Jack another blanket. 

You know Jack that is a pretty cheap way
to get out of working. 

They both laugh as they fold the blanket. 


Dawson slips movies in the return slot of the video store
door along the board walk. He is unshaven, and in deep
thought as he walks down the boardwalk. As he walks he see's
Joey sitting along the dock quietly reading her book. 


I guess that's the problem with the magic
of Capeside. You can't really hide here
can you?

Joey does not look up from her book nor acknowledge him.

You know what I liked about us? About
this place? No matter how mad or hurt we
got, we always seemed to find our way to
these docks. Sure, that was no instant
fix. But at least we were able to talk. 

Joey still does not budge from her book. Dawson sits down on
the dock beside her. 

Joey, we have known each other since we
were both.....

Joey cuts him off. 

Dawson, we are not kids anymore. I am not
sure if you noticed, but we kinda grew
up, hence the whole leaving Capeside
You just can't come find me on the docks
say some magical words and make this
alright again. It won't work anymore!

Dawson knows the truth of her words, but he does not want to
admit it. Holding on to the edge of the dock for security as
he speaks. 

I know. I know I can't Joey. The truth is
I don't know what I am doing anymore. I
don't know why I am here in Capeside. I
mean besides for Jen. Why do you and i
keep coming back to this place? 

Joey trying not to over respond, she tries to keep her spot
in her book while trying to hold back all the things that
must finally come out. 

Maybe we were looking for something we
lost, something we once had, but has long
since pasted away. 

Maybe, or maybe there is something about
the two of us that never gives up on our

Joey closes her book and stands up.

Then let me be the first to walk away.

Joey begins to walk down the dock without anger or hurry.
Dawson stands up follows her. 

Just like that? Your gonna just throw
away our friendship like that?

Joey is still walking, talking to Dawson behind her as she
walks, not looking back. 

Why not? You through it away everytime a
Jen, or an Eve, or a Natasha came along.
You'd just forget about me. Cause after
all good old Joey Potter, second string,
back up plan, would always be here for
you when your boyhood wet dream fantasy
calendar girl was gone right?

Dawson stops in his tracks from the sting of her remarks. And
yells after her. 

Joey, that's not fair, you know it is not
like that! Like you said we are not kids

Joey turns around to face Dawson, taking two steps towards

Why can't you let it go?

Because I can't let you go. There is no
me when your gone. 

Joey, does not make any eye contact with him.

You let me go, along time ago when that
yellow taxI cab from New York pulled up
just down the creek from here and little
Jen Lindely stepped out. And you have
been letting me go ever since. And you
know what? I just can't be that girl you
let go anymore. Dawson, this has got to
change. We can't be those kids forever.
We can't be "Dawson and Joey" anymore.
The truth is we have done it way to long.
Fish or cut bait.

Dawson stands there on the dock as the wind blows his hair.

But Joey, I can't loose you. 

And just how is it that I fit in to your
little scheme of things? Your over all
big picture? Should I forever be the back
burner, the third wheel. Should I just be
the dutiful best friend to pat you on the
back and say well done when you and
Natasha tie the knot or squeeze out your
first kid?

Dawson beginning to feel the weight of his frustrations,
closes his eye and rubs his face. 

And what would you have me do just dump
the girl I have been dating on and off
for the last five years. Just forget i
promised to marry her less then 4 days

Joey moves in closer to him, now speaking is soft volumes as
the sunsets behind them. 

Do you love her?

Dawson looks up to Joey and manges to push out the words.

Yes, I do. 

Joey reverting back to that little she has always been, the
one she keep hidden with her at all times. 

Do you love her more then you love me? 

Dawson is silent, he says nothing. Now looking off into the
sunset, and the wind blows hard against him off the water. It
feels like rain. 

Cause if you say you love her like I know
you love me, then I can let this go, i
can try to understand, maybe even

Dawson rubs the back of his neck staring off into the creek.
Still no words. 

But if you can't. If you don't and you
still do this, do this to me, to us, then
I can't believe in you anymore. So tell
me do you love her like you love me? Does
it feel the same, does she understand
you, hang on your words like I do, does
she make the world make sense to you when
you lose your dreams and you can't find
your way?

Dawson looks off and sees the last of the sun dip down blow
the horizon. 


Joey is still speaking softly but more firm.

Really? Cause in that case, why did you
not tell her where you were going this
week and who was going to be here?

Dawson looks over surprised. 

What you think Todd only knows how to
ring your number? You don't have the only
phone in Capeside ya know. 

I don't know, you know how she can get.
It was easier just to tell her I was
going on a location scout. 

Joey shakes her head. 

Perfect relationship huh? And your gonna
marry her?

I don't know that anything is perfect

Joey moves in almost close enough to touch him.

We were, we could be. 

Joey touches his arm. Rasing her voice, almost pleading. 

Dawson can't you see, she just wants you
because your a big Hollywood success?
Don't you remember how she treated you
before, all the times she cheated on you? 

It is different now. 

Right, now that your a powerful respected
man in Hollywood and her career is
skyrocking due to you. 

Dawson give a sarcastic chuckle. 

Cause, we all know that could be the only
reason she could be interested in me,

Now Joey stares off into the dark creek as she feels the
first of the small sprinkles of rain fall down on her bare

Todd wanted me to tell you she will be
here in the morning. 

Dawson turns wide eyed. 

She is on the "red eye" to Boston tonight
and will take the bus down from there. 
But don't worry, I got your back, I am
leaving first thing in the morning. I
know how jealous she gets, she won't even
know I was here. 

The rain starts to fall a little stronger. 

Then, I'll see you back in L.A., we'll

Joey wipes her now wet hair from her face. If the ran was not
on her face, he would see her tears. 

No. No you won't. I talked to Jen, I am
going be staying with her in New York for
a while, till I find work. There is lots
of places for someone of my talents
there. I am not going back to L.A.

Dawson turns to grab her, as if you makes sure this is the
real Joey Potter. She presses her forehead against his. 

Dawson, this is the real thing. It's what
should of happened along time ago. This
is goodbye. This is forever.

Now you can see the tears in both there faces despite the ran
on there faces. They hug there wet bodies together for one
brief moment in time. A moment neither wants to end but comes
quickly all the same. Then Joey backs away, openly crying as
she turns her back and walks away. This time Dawson does not
follow. He turns and walks the other way.
And the sound of crashing thunder and pouring rain hide his
deep sobs. As he walks off into the night. His childhood
finally put to rest, dead and finished. Yet his true manhood
not quite complete. 


Pacey is closing up the restaurant for the night cleaning off
the tables and wiping down the bar, as Andie sweeps the

Pacey, what are we doing?

Pacey looks up from the bar. 

What you mean closing the restaurant It
is closing time.

Andie puts down the broom and sits at the other side of the

No Pace, I mean you and me? What are we
doing. The kisses, the hand holding the
giggling, like old times. Is this just
nostalgia cause, Pace, I don't want to
get hurt again. Not by you. I won't be
able to bounce back. 

Pacey reaches across the bar and takes Andie's hand. 

I won't hurt you. I promise. Letting you
go, not forgiving you, that was the
stupidest thing I have ever done. And not
a day has went by when I have not
regretted it. When I have not longed to
be with you again. 

Andie glows with girlish charm. 

Now that you have me, now what?

Pacey, calmly walks around the bar, and to the front door and
secures the lock. Then he turns Andie around and holds her in
his arms and they kiss as the thunder smashes and the rain
tumbles down outside. 

Now Miss McPhee, I am gonna do to you
what I have wanted to do since you walked
in to this place the other day. 

Andie giggles as he kisses her again and they embrace falling
to the floor together pulling at each others clothes as the
camera pans the window and the rain outside. 


Dawson sits at his laptop looking at a blank screen which
only has a tittle above the page, The Creek Second Season
Finale; "When Worlds Collide" Dawson's mom enters the room
and watches her son stare at the blank screen. 

Still nothing hun? How long are you gonna
sit there looking at that thing?

Gail puts a fresh mug of hot steaming coffee down for Dawson
beside the untouched sandwich she brought up two hours ago. 

Production starts Monday. I have to have
this done tonight, and I just can't seem
to get anywhere. It is like I have just
lost the direction for the whole show. 

Gail smiles that smile which means mother knows best. 

Perhaps you haven lost the focus of the
show as much as you have lost your own
focus, dear. The show is you, your life,
who you were and who you needed to

Dawson looks up at his mom with such respect for her wisdom.
Yet still unable to come to terms with her resolution. 

And how is that gonna help me get this
script done?

Dawson, write from your heart. Not your
life, but you heart. Don't write what
actually happened in your own creek,
write what you wished had happened.
Write how you would of wanted it to
happen if you had complete control of all
the variables. Write how your heart tells
you it should of happened. 

Dawson turns his attention back to the screen with a serious
look and his mother quietly exits the room. 


Jack lays on the Bed in his Pj's as Jen enters the room in

Everything ok with Amy?

Jen lays down on the bed beside him. 

Oh yeah, just the thunder woke her up.
But all is fine now. I got her settled
back in. 

Jack looks over at Jen as he turns on his side. 

Were getting to be a funny couple aren't

Jen grins but tries not to let on she knows what he means. 

Why? What do yo mean?

Me and you, sleeping in the same bed,
strictly as friends. 

Yeah I guess, We really are stealing
Dawson and Joey's gig aren't we?

Jack Laughs. 

It's not like they hold the trade mark.

Jen rolls over to face him. 

Well the way I figure it, they did it for
years before it got weird, and they were
both straight, since your gay, we should
not have a problem for a while yet. 

Jack props his arm up on the pillow taking on a somewhat
serious ton. 

Do you remember the boy from my class i
was helping?

Oh the other day, yeah. 

Well he is gay. Or so he thinks he is.
But his experience is so different then
mine at his age. I mean really different. 

Jen looks at Jack sympatrically. 

So, who says being gay has to be the
exactly the same for everyone?


Well that is just it. Nothing was the
same it was totally different. I mean the
feelings, the securities, the whole nine
yards. Do you remember how hard it was
for me? How confused and lost I felt. How
I had no idea at all what was going on,
and how I should be acting?

Jen now props herself up on her pillow as well.

Yeah, well that is the be expected. Your
whole world was turning upside down. 

Right! But Freddie, aside from telling
his parents, he is a rock. He has no
doubts, no questions. He seems to just
know. I was never like that at all. 

Jen looking at Jack rather confused. 

Jack where are you going with this?

Jack now sitting up in bed as well. 

Remember the skiing trip in High school.
We got drunk and we almost did it right
there in the cabin?

Yeah but we were drunk.

A slight blush comes over Jack. 

Yeah, we were. But I wanted to. I really
wanted to, and if you had not stopped me
I would of. I mean all the equipment was
working. You get my drift?

Jen looking troubled tries to define in her mind were all
this is going. 

Jack, one night doesn't mean....

Jack cuts her off trying to get out his thoughts, his

I was a messed up kid. My family was
falling apart. My dad was the worst
example of a male role model there could
ever be. My mother was literally insane,
and hardly helped forge any conception of
what a heterosexual relationship could be
like. Mean while My sister, you know i
love Andie, but she was going schizo
every other day, and my Brother, my
beloved older brother Tim was dead and
never coming back. What if I just
snapped? I just couldn't deal with it
all. I know I was really confused, and
overwhelmed, really messed up, what if
instead of going mental like Andie, i
just rebelled in my own way? The way that
would best hurt my over domineering Dad. 

Jen getting a little upset, but not to noticeable yet. 

Ok, say you were just confused, upset,
even on the verge of you own mental
breakdown, using what ever you could to
strike out at your dad. Then how do you
explain the college boy friends?

I don't know. I guess at that time I had
committed to a direction in life. And you
have to admit alot of people experiment
in college. The part that really haunts
me is ever since coming back to Capeside
and teaching. It has been nothing. Not a
boyfriend, not a single date. 

Yeah but it is not like Capeside is over
flowing with gay bars down on the dock

Jen tries to laugh to lighten the mood. Jack pushes on, this
has been in his head to long, he needs to get it out, to
share, to hear the words out loud. 

Still no computer dating? No looking? No
out of town adventures? It has been over
3 years now. And don't get me wrong, i
don't know. I am just telling you what
has been going through my head. All this
time Jen and there has only been one
person I constantly think about, call,
find myself staring off into space about. 

Jack leans over and touches Jen's face. Jen so wants it to be
true, for it to be real. Jack is the only man she has had in
her life since Amy's father. If only this could work. Then it
happens while she is locked in her thoughts, he kisses her,
not the kind of kiss shared between friends. And then she
finds herself sliding down on to the bed with him. And before
she knows it alarms go off in her head and she finds herself
pushing him up, away. 

Jack stop. I can't. Not with you. 

Jack pulls away, confused, hurt. 

But I thought you felt....

Jen jumps in with passion and slice of her own hurt. 

Do you know why I never let you that
night in the cabin, on the skiing trip?
It sure and hell wasn't cause I didn't
wanna jump your bones. 

Jack just looks at her dumb founded. 

It was because, what if we were wrong,
What if we had made love and in the
morning you were still gay, and you had
to face me and tell me you made a
mistake? Jack I love you. I have loved
you for so long. And to be that close
with you, to make love to you, and then
have you reject me, I just don't think i
could survive that. 

Jen gets up from the bed holding and hugging a pillow as she
stares out the window into the rain. 

Jen, you know I would never hurt you. 

I can't be your little experiment. I am
sorry Jack I just can't. As much as i
love you, I can't let you break my heart.

Jack leans forward, wanting to touch her, to hold her, to
make things right for her, to love her. But at the same time
knowing she will not let him. 


I am gonna go sleep on the couch,
tomorrow I think you should sleep at your
own place. 

Jen exits the room. And Jack falls back on the bed and covers
his head with his pillow. 


Dawson sleeps face down into his laptop at his desk, slightly
snoring, as the bright sun shine into his room becking a new
day. Voices and feet banging their way up the stairs can be
heard off screen. 

(Off screen)
I am telling you Mrs. Leery, I know what
I am doing and we gotta move quick. 

(Off screen)
Pacey, I just hope your right. 

Pacey comes running in Dawson's room and Gail stands offish
at the door way. Pacey yells out to Dawson. 

Dawson get up! Get up buddy, this is no
time for sleep.

Pacey shakes Dawson's shoulder and Dawson sqints into the sun
and see's his best buddy looking down into his face. 

Pace? Pacey? What are you doing here?
What time is it?

Pacey looks over at Gail in the door way. 

Mrs. Leery, were gonna need Coffee,

Gail exits the room.

Dawson, I am here to do what I should of
done all those years ago. To be your
friend, to be your real friend. To make
our friendship matter. 

Dawson rubs his eyes, looking at Pacey like he has gone mad.
Pacey, paces around the room, like a well rehearsed preacher
giving a flawless sermon. 

All this years, it has been about who
will get the girl, Dawson or Pacey. And
ya know I wanted her, I thought I did,
even up to as recently as last week. Then
Andie came into my restaurant. Ah...
Andie... Then I realized there has really
only been one girl for me. One girl who
redeemed me, who I redeemed. 

Dawson looks down at his watch and his eyes, bulge 

Pace, it is 6:15 am and your rambling. In
my room I might add. 

Don't you get it man? Joey and me, we
never worked. I mean we sure as hell
tried. But it was always doomed. I never
felt worthy or capable with her. Able to
live up to her standards. Every day with
her destroyed my soul, who I was inside.
But I could not let it go. And I tore up
our friendship over it again and again
for years now. And for that my friend, i
am truly sorry. 

Dawson looks at the cold coffee on his desk from last night
and wonders if he should risk it. 

We both did some pretty dumb things Pace. 

That was until Andie came back into my
life. When she walked in my place I knew
right then and there. She was the one. We
work, we always did. She brought out the
best in me, the top Pacey if you will.
And I in return did the same for her. She
is all I ever want. 

Pacey lowers himself to Dawson's eye level and his voice gets
very serious.

And now, I am ready to be the friend I
really should of been all those years. 

Dawson stands and looks around his room, stretches and yawns. 

Pacey where is this all going?

It is simple man, it's all about you. 

Pacey spreads out his arms in a ways the says look at this

Your not the kid anymore. Your not the
kid you once were.
But look at your room man, you still have
a room at your mother's, you have your
"Hook" posters? Peter Pan is dead and you
need to finally grown up!

Dawson looks at Pacey somewhat annoyed. 

Hook is a classic Speilberg movie!

Pacey, gets excited, like a preacher who is about to drive
home his point. 

That's just it, isn't Dawson? You don't
need him anymore. In fact as I recall the
last effort you worked on with Speilberg,
he almost destroyed your movie. You have
surpassed your master! You are your own
man. All your dreams have come true!

Pacey reaches out and pats Dawson on the shoulders. 

You have got it all. Your the master of
your domain, Your a big time Hollywood
director and TV producer. A virtually
house hold name. All of America knows and
loves your creations. You have movies,
fame, success. Hell, Todd Carr works for
you getting your coffees now! And your
engaged to a hot Hollywood actress. You
got it all, don't you Leery? 

Dawson now dumbfounded having never thought about it, never
consider his success always feeling lacking. 

Yeah, I guess I do. 

Your a real success Leery, you got it
all. Everything! Well, everything except
the one thing you always really wanted.
The one thing that has always been there
even before you were touched by the magic
of the silver screen or knew who Stephen
Speilberg was. The real dream that has
pushed you all these years. The one thing
you'd trade it all away for in a second,
if you were a wise man. It always comes
back to this, Dawson and Joey. 

Dawson's face goes pale at the truth of Pacey's words. His
heart pounds in his chest. He has been such a fool. He got so
caught up in the dream he forgot the reason for the dream. 

Pacey, it's too late. She left this
morning. It is over. She made that clear. 

Pacey looks down at his watch. 

What do you think I have been trying to
tell you? Her bus pulls out from the bus
station in 15 minutes. You gotta move!

Without another word, Dawson leaps for his closet grabbing at
anything he get find, not even stopping to take time to put
it on, he runs out pushing the clothes on as he goes. 


Joey sits on the cold plastic chairs of the station awaiting
her bus. She looks down at her watch 6:38am. Then she looks
back at her book. She just wants to numb the pain. To block
out what it means to leave the dreams of her youth behind
once and for all. But her mind will not shut off, it will not
allow the book to captivate her mind, her heart, to take her
way. She gets up wondering around looking at a newspaper rack
and as she does something catches her eye on the outside of
the big glass doors separating her from the outside where the
buses pull in and out. It is Dawson, Dawson Leery. He is
running towards her, towards the entrance. At first her heart
skips a beat, then it pounds like mad in her chest. Her first
instinct is to hide to shield herself, but then in faith she
wonders if he really does love her the way she needs. She
puts her hand on he glass door, preparing to open it, to open
it to her future, to her lover. 

As she opens the door, we are flooded with the sounds of
street noises. Nothing can be heard. Then something tragic
happens. Something she was not prepared for. Natasha steps
down off of a bus. And Dawson stops in his tracks. Joey's
heart breaks, he came for Natasha not her. And a tear spills
form her eye. She can not hear what is being said from this
distance. They are still far. The street sounds flood the
sound and we see only what Joey sees. There lips move, they
talk. Then all of a sudden Natasha reaches out and slaps
Dawson's face storming back on the bus. 

Joey smiles thorough her tears realizing what has just
happened and she begins to walk towards Dawson. As she does
Dawson sees her and they both begin to run, embrace, kiss.
We see the words of "I love you" lipped between them as the
street sound continues to drown out the dialogue. 


Dawson's mother walks into to Dawson's room and sees Dawson's
script completed, ready to go in an E-mail to Todd. In all
the excitement he clearly forgot to send it. She scrolls down
to the last words on the page, "They kiss and it is a start
of something new". Gail smiles and hits the send button to


Caption: One month later. 

As the camera pans up the Leery yard facing the Creek the
whole yard in decorated with wedding decorations and chairs,
off to the side is a big white reception tent. 

We focus in on Dawson and Joey, in front of the crowd of on
lookers. Joey is stunning in her pure white long wedding
gown. Dawson is fairy tale dashing in his tux & tails.

I now pronounce you man and wife. You may
kiss the bride!

Dawson lifts up Joey's veil almost trembling with excitement.
They Kiss. Now truly all his dreams have become real. The
guest erupt in cheers. The gang encircles them with group
hugs, kisses and congratulations. 


Dawson and Joey dance to their wedding song, played by a live
band. They hold each other tight, moving slowly. They are
both glowing in happiness as others join in. 

Jen sits alone at a table sipping her wine. Happy for Dawson
and Joey, yet lost in her own soul, as has been the story of
her life. Jack approaches her table and she looks up at him
slightly troubled. 

You know it is killing me that we have
not talked since that night. 

Jen, wants to say something but she does not know what to
say. She loves him so much. 


Well you can't just ignore me all night?

Well then what do you suggest we do?

Jack takes her hand and pulls her up from her seat. 

We could dance, it would not be unheard

Jack leaders her to the dance floor and they dance, close,
tight, there is sexual tension, desire, even lust. Jack
caresses her face. 

Jen, you don't have to be afraid. I am
sure now, it's you. It always has been. 

Jen presses herself tighter against him.

Jack, it has always been you to too. I
love you so ....

Jen's words are cut off and Jen kisses her deeply like a man
kisses his woman. The Music changes, the beat becomes up
tempo as the band plays Otis Redding's "I can see clearly the
Rain is Gone." Neither Jack nor Jen notice the tempo change
and the continue to dance locked in a kiss that has waited
much to long, as other break away in to a fast dance. 

The camera plans way to the side, as the music continues and
we see Pacey taking Andie by the hand and going down on one
knee and taking out a small ring box. Tears of joy stream
down her face. 

The Camera pans the other direction and we see Audrey moving
to the music and drinking a beer by the bar where Todd
gulping down the "Spirits". Her Pages goes off and she takes
it out and it says, "MICK". She smiles a devilish smile and
begins to leave to meet him. Then she stops dead in her
tracks, shuts the pager off, putting it down on the bar and
smiles at Todd. 

So Todd what do ya say me and you have
some fun tonight?

They dance out in the middle of the floor Todd doing some
extremely out dated John Travolta moves.
As they dance by Jack and Jen, still slow dancing and lip
locked, Audrey eyes widen with both shock and joy. 

Bloody Hell, will you guys get a room!

Jen looks up blushing. 

I think that's the plan eventually. 

Jack takes her by the hand, full of lust, dragging her
towards the house. 

This has waited too long already. It
can't wait any longer. Dawson will have
to forgive us.

And the both slide off towards the house as the music plays

The camera pans one last time and the singer of the band
belts out the song.

I can see clearly now that the rain is
gone... It's is gonna be a bright, bright
sun shinny day....

The Camera comes into focus on a young Lilly Leery dancing
with a young Alexander Potter. As they dance to the good
feelings in the music. A young Amy Lindley walks up to the

Mind if I cut in....

The Camera reacts on a love struck Alexander and perplexed
little Lilly Lerry. Things truly have come full circle in


The end. 

Note from Vinnie: Okay, so you got me! This is not a real script. But as a once
serious young screen writer, I can tell you that this truly
how the show should of ended. With realized dreams and
fulfilled promises. After 6 years, everyone deserved their
bright, bright sun shinny day! 

I wrote this script for no other reason then my love of this
show. What it used to mean. The possibility of dreams reached,
love realized, and future passions. I kinda felt the show
lost that some place along the road and I wanted to give the
fans of this show one last spin in the magic. Please share
this with a fan, post on a fan fic site, a news group, yahoo
list, wherever. I am not even looking for credit. I just
want to get the word out and let people enjoy. As I hope you
enjoyed. Who knows maybe this will reach Kevin Williamson

And always remember... You can see clearly when the rain is

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