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"I remember everything." - Pacey
~ The Anti-Prom

Note from Alex 10/18/14: This site is an amazing fifteen years old! Sadly, my email server didn't appreciate that milestone and deleted my mailbox a while ago (much like in 2001). I lost most of the stories that were yet to be posted :( If you want to see something please drop a line and let me know! Also, if you would like to be co-webmaster so this site gets updated more frequently than every nine years, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!

In honor of this site's sixth birthday, we decided to give it a facelift! Huge thanks to Dannie for the new redesign. I hope everyone likes it. Leave me a message in the new guestbook to let me know :) Also, please Link to us and we'll link you right back.

Of course, the website is still under construction. All of the fanfiction is available, but there are notes on the page as to what parts still need updating. The Contact section is only partially completed.

A brief history... this site shut down temporarily in early September of 2001 because it had not been upkept, the main email account and many of the servers had been deleted, and listbot went down. It was a long hiatus, but then everything got reformatted and fixed! Thanks to Becci for running the site from part of 1999 through 2001, and enjoy the 775 stories we have accumulated since August 1998!

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