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6/10/04 - Took some time out of my frantic redesigning to add the newest part of "Made to Love You" by Kelli. Check it out!

6/5/04 - Hey, guys, just thought you should know... I do have new stories to put up, and even more exciting, I have recently managed to salvage some old ones that had been thought lost... BUT, the site is currently under construction and there's a wonderful redesign coming, so it may be a little while before the fanfic is updated. I'm trying to get everything up as fast as I can, so hopefully it will be done by next week? We'll see.

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A brief history... this site shut down temporarily in early September of 2001 because it had not been upkept, the main email account and many of the servers had been deleted, and listbot went down. It was a long hiatus, but everything has finally been reformatted and fixed! Thanks to Becci for running the site from part of 1999 through 2001, and enjoy the over 700 stories we have accumulated since August 1998!

This site has been completely rehabilitated. That being said, it is also now reopen for submissions! Please send your (coded) stories here.

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Thank yous and credits to the sites that supplied this one with most of its photos can be found at the bottom of the Banners section.

Quote of the Week:
"Happy birthday, dear Pacey..." - Joey
"No. Go away, Jo." - Pacey
"You better make a wish before I set this couch on fire." - Joey
~ The Te of Pacey

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