The Seduction Part One by: Anne


Takes place after the Breakfast Club, in place of The Boyfriend

Author's Notes: True love is always fueled by lust. -Jen Lindley

Sex. That sinful, solitary word rang in Joey's ears as she rowed over to Dawson's. Sex. Sex.

It was a big word. A powerful word. With a powerful meaning.

As the young curious teenagers they were, she and Dawson had discussed the topic many times. But neither of them had ever talked about themselves doing it- whether it was with other people or together.The thought of dawson doing the deed with that blonde new-york slut bimbo was just too much for Joey...

No, they had never discussed it, but she herself had thought about it.

Fantasized. Or the thoughts had invaded her dreams, making her wake up sweating and wet.

Awful. Yet strangly...wonderful. The night before it had been even worse.

After that one, passionate, intense kiss in the library. Now she knew how his lips felt, what the sensation of his tongue going in her mouth felt like. What hearing his heart felt like, and being so, so close to him. It had been wonderful...even if satan herself, Monkey-boy and Dawson's blonde girlfriend had been watching with wide eyes, accusing looks and smirks.

They hadn't spoken since the incident in the library and Joey wondered if Dawson would ever want to speak to her again. She quietly climbed the ladder, hoping in vain Jen would not be there. She peeked through the window...Shit!

Jen was perched on the chair next to his bed. She was about to turn away when Dawson spotted her.

"Jo! Hey!'re early! Come in."

Joey sighed and climbed in the window.

"Hi" she muttered, and settled down on the bed next to him.

She saw out of the corner of her eye Jen glaring at her. She didn't blame her, but she felt slightly resentful and annoyed. This was movie night! Joey and Dawson's special night.

"Anyways" Jen said loudly, leaning over him. "Tomorrow is great. You're so sweet. Thanks"

Joey coughed and tried to smother a snort of disbelief when she caught a glimpse of Jen's pink lace bra.

If Joey could see it, then Dawson damn well could. Joey stared at Jen. Dawson did as well.

Jen stood up after kissing him on the cheek.

"Buh-bye..." she said. "Bye Joey" she said quietly, and slipped out of the room, looking a little uneasy.

Dawson sighed and picked up the remote. " you want to watch a movie?"

"What is it?' Joey asked, moving a small distance away from him.

"Well...actually...I forgot to get one. so our choices are narrowed down."

"We can always watch T.V. Party of Five is on." Joey suggested, glancing at him. Dawson snickered.

"Party of Five? Jo, you yourself once said that 'no matter how bad your life is, the Salingers have it worse'"

"So? I didn't mean that to be bad." she grabbed the remote off him.

"Don't try and get it back, i'm not in the mood to win yet another wrestling match Dawson" she faked a yawn, patting her mouth and changing the channel.

On screen, Sarah and Bailey were playing around with paint.

Dawson laughed. "Yeah right. Name one time you beat me, Jo." "Lots of times. So many I can't even re-call a time" she giggled, feeling warmer then before.

Thank god. The old Joey/Dawson friendship was back. She moved closer to him, pressing her back up against the wall.

"Well, last week."

"You did not!" he protested. "Yes I did. Remember? I ended up on top...and scientifically, that means I won."

"Liar. You may have ended up on top but you stopped before I could roll you over..." Joey rolled her eyes.

"You just can't handle the fact that a girl is stronger then you!" Dawson sat up and turned so he face Joey.

"come on! first it's, 'Pacey has bigger biceps' now it's 'I'm stronger then you' Joey..."

Joey smiled, teasingly. "We can have a seem to have a fetish for re-matches."

"I'll pass." He said quickly. Joey giggled.

"Need I say more?" Dawson folded his arms.

They sat still for a moment, watching the T.V as Sarah stood on tiptoe to put plates away, mildly hinting to the ogling Bailey. Suddenly, without warning Dawson lunged at Joey.

She shrieked, "No fair!" as he grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the bed.

She struggled and reached up with her hands to lightly hit his shoulders. He did not budge, aggravating Joey.

"I'll get you!" she seethed, glaring into Dawson's eyes. The light hitting turned harder and more aggressive. She struggled and kicked, While Dawson tried hard to keep her pinned down. He was lying directly on her, his hands clutching her forearms tightly. Joey thrust upwards with her pelvis, trying to get him off.

Although it looked as though she was furious that he was winning, she was...quite enjoying this little wrestle, which seemed to get hotter and more intense every second Joey struggled to get out of Dawson's grasp. She gazed into his eyes and for a split second she wanted him.

Then the second turned into more, and as she struggled and pushed she began to grow dizzy with desire.

Dawson laughed giddily, "There's no point trying, Joey..." he stopped and gasped when with a burst of energy Joey circled her legs around his waist and toppled them both over so she was sitting on him, pinning him down, her hands on his chest.

"Don't ever underestimate me!" she giggled breathlessly.

He groaned. "Unfair. I had you down for a while...but I'm not giving up!" He grabbed her arms and tried to move them over. She gritted her teeth and grinded harder into him, not wanting to lose. Losing was just so...un-satisfying.

The two grovelling teenagers forgot their ages as they moved around, Dawson desperately trying to get Joey off him, Joey trying to stay on top. It got to a point where neither wanted to lose, and wouldn't give up until the other person exclaimed breathlessly, "I give!".

With a small "ha!" of triumph Dawson managed to turn her over on her side, so now they were lying side by side, Dawson clutching her arms, Joey's fingers and nails digging into his back. Dawson never wanted to let go of her.

He felt himself rise as her nails dug deeper in his back, which under any other circumstances would have been slightly uncomfortable, while now it was very, very arousing. Their legs entangled together, trying to get grip.

Before either of them knew it, Joey groaned, clutching Dawson's T-shirt as a rush of heat enveloped her. Dawson wrapped one arm around her, the other arm holding her arm. He lowered his face towards hers and lightly nibbled at her bottom lip.

Joey moaned and parted her lips, playing with the buttons on his shirt. The wrestling had been toned down. Dawson released her arm and circled his arm around her, so that he was lying on her, his teeth and lips never leaving Joey's mouth. Joey tightened the grip of her legs around him, and felt her way under his T-shirt.

He moved his lips to her ear, and gently started nibbling on it. Joey sighed with pleasure and ran her hands over his bare back under his shirt, gently stroking the nail marks she had left.

Dawson's hands started to roam under her sweater, and without hesitation he touched her tenderly, noting she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Can I touch you?' he whispered in her ear. She nodded, hiking up her sweater a little more.

"Dawson...hey..." said a voice from the hall. Jen's voice. Any moment now she would open the door and see Dawson tenderly stroking Joey, and Joey running her hands all over him.

They acted quickly. Well, Dawson did. He pulled away, forcing Joey to lower her shirt and sit up.

Just as Jen entered, Joey noticed Dawson cross his legs as if to hide something...oh.

Jen smiled warmly at Dawson. "Hey...I have another idea...change of plans. I was thinking...the movies?"

"Great" Dawson answered.

"It would be more fun if Joey and Pacey joined us as well...sort of a detention survival celebration" Both Jen and Joey's mouths widened in surprise. Jen recovered, and shrugged.

"Fine." She kissed his cheek and walked out.

The room was silent. Very silent. Joey didn't want to look at Dawson, afraid he might have a look of guilt upon his face.

Finally she did. They locked eyes and the burning passion and desire was there again, swirling around inside her. He coughed and shook himself a little.

"Uh...what just happened..."

"Was...a mistake?" she finished, searching his eyes. She felt several emotions jump around inside her when he answered softly,


"It...wasn't?" she asked, feeling relieved and excited and anxious.

He took a deep breath. "I- I think it the heat of the moment..' he swallowed, the continued. "We- were just experimenting as tons of good friends do."

Joey's face fell, but she knew it was the truth. For him.

She stood up. "I- better go home. I- don't think I'll be going with you tomorrow."

"Why not?" he asked, standing up and touching her elbow.

She snatched her elbow away. "Because- of this. What we just did." he was quiet.

She took the opportunity to slip out the window, not sure if she should or would talk to him for a long time...


Author's Note: Seems unrealistic? I don't think so. Dawson and Joey, being the life-long friends they are have a lot of sexual tension engulfing them, especially after that steamy kiss in detention (there were fricking sparks!). In this series they let a small fragment out, surprising themselves when the prediction made by Dawson ("we were just experimenting as tons of friends do...") turns out to be fake and they discover they might actually have stronger feelings.


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