The Seduction Part Two by: Anne

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Author's note: Are you wondering why I called it 'The Seduction"? It's because something along those lines happen. So, who seduces who? You be the judge.

Jen sensed Dawson's quietness as they walked back to her house from the movies.

"What's wrong?" she asked him, stopping her idle chatter about school.

His head snapped up. "Nothing" he said quickly. "Nothing at all...I'm just...quiet."

Jen gestured towards her house. "Well-we're here." she said, wringing her hands.

"Okay. Bye" Dawson was about to walk off when Jen grabbed his hand.

"Hey! don't run- Grams isn't home. wanna come in?" Her eyes sparkled and Dawson sensed something this time. Wow.

She tugged at his arm. "Come on' she said in a sing-song teasey voice.

"We can go- talk."

"Talk? About what?" he suddenly blurted out.

She studied him strangly. "Dawson- are you okay?"

"I'm fine. it's's late, and I'm tired." he shrugged and faked a yawn.

"Oh." Jen removed her arm. "Well, okay-see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah." he walked away, leaving Jen confused.

Dawson ran his hand through his hair and let out a haggard breath, shocked he had just done that. he had just refused Jen's offer to make-out. Ordinarily he would have jumped at the idea to experiment more with the beautiful blonde...but something kept tugging at his head and hand. He just...didn't feel comfortable around her. Something didn't feel right.

He decided to climb up the ladder, Joey's ladder. He approached the bottom of the ladder and gasped as a brunette stepped up to him.

"Oh! Dawson!" she breathed.

"Uh...hi!" Dawson took a step back and smiled warmly.

"Hi...I haven't seen you since...yesterday."

They stood in silence for a minute before she spoke. "I'm hot." she declared.

Dawson's head snapped around and he gaped at her.

Joey flushed and hurried to re-phrase her words. "As in- hot, sweaty. The weather." she said quickly.

Dawson chuckled. "Of course...well- do you want to go upstairs? We can watch some video's."

He waited for Joey to smile and agree, but she looked down and took a deep breath.

"Uh...Dawson- about the other night. I feel completely responsible. I mean, it got out of hand. I know you have a girlfriend and we're just friends. That's all." She let the words tumble out and spill all over each other, making them slightly blurred, but clear enough for Dawson to hear.

He nodded. "I know. And I should second the sorry. I-kissed you. well, sort of. Whatever I did, I did it."

"But I led you on!" Joey protested.

"It's my fault."

"It's not your fault!" Dawson protested loudly back.

They realized what they were doing and chuckled lightly.

"Okay, we both did it." Joey finished.

"Yeah." Dawson agreed. "So- you still want to come up?"

She nodded. "Sure...I guess so. I mean, I have nothing else to do, so I might as well..." she stopped babbling on and climbed up the ladder, Dawson following suit.

Jen watched the little show silently, gnawing on her bottom lip until she realized it was bleeding. She had seen Joey moving her hips from side to side as she swaggered up the ladder, Dawson following. And his eyes were glued to her behind. She had seen the soft smiles, the intense looks. The hurry to get up the ladder. Something was going on and Jen wondered if her fears were coming true...

Joey and Dawson settled on the bed and Dawson flipped on the T.V. Joey watched his movements and wondered what she was doing here again, after repeating in her head she hoped they'd never see each other. But he was right. It was nothing. Dawson sat closer to her, and watched the screen intently.

Joey noticed with a groan it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a T.V. show they both loved to bag off, and that at that very moment Angel seemed to be inspecting something on Buffy's bare, bare back. Joey felt the room was getting hotter then it was before, and her breathing faster. When Dawson's leg moved against hers accidentally she felt herself grow dizzy and hot. A feeling she had felt not so long ago as Dawson dared to near himself closer to her. For some reason he just couldn't stop looking at her face...

He stopped sharply when Joey turned her head to look at him. He reverted his eyes to the T.V. screen and wondered what was going on. Because, for some reason he was re-playing scenes from that fateful night. Joey's eyes burning with desire or whatever it was as he nibbled on her bottom lip, and as the stroking of his hand up her shirt got faster... Experimenting? Was a good thing... right? it was harmless and satisfying.

Joey sat very still as Dawson's hand moved over her thigh, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin. His hand moved across her thigh and over her knee, then back again. Joey felt herself shudder and welcomed the warm, smooth hand and the silence that surrounded them.

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