The Seduction Part Eleven by: Anne


Summary: So, what's going to happen now that Jen knows what Dawson and Joey have been um, cough, doing?
Author's Notes: Sorry it took so long...I had a brain break- you know, when you can't think?! Please send some feedback so I know what you thought of the series. (which has undoubtedly reached a low point.)

What drives you on can drive you mad.
A million lies to sell yourself
is all you ever had.
Stupid girl.
Can't believe you fake it.
All you had you wasted.
You stupid girl.

Do you believe in fear?
Do you believe in pain?
do you believe in anything?
you just can't take?

'Stupid girl'- Garbage.

Jen was still feeling humiliated when she walked down the hallway at school the next morning. Never, the whole time she had been dating Dawson, did she imagine Joey Potter, the waitress, a rival for Dawson's affections, and winning.

She saw Dawson and Pacey at Pacey's locker, Pacey complaining about school no less, Dawson giving him the sympathetic ear. She took a step in their direction. Should she make it clear she knew straight away? Her blood was boiling with rage, she wanted to rip his head off and throw it in the creek! But she wasn't as angry with Dawson as she was with that little piece of trailer trash.

She scanned the hallways, then finally, her eyes fell on Joey, who was walking up the hallway; a faraway look on her angelic face. Jen stomped toward the bitch, but she disappeared into the library. Jen didn't hesitate to follow. Joey took a seat at one of the tables, and took out several schoolbooks. Jen was surprised she was still trying to get A's, you'd think after being de-virginized she'd make friends with Abby and go clubbing or something. She went over to the tables, and slammed her bag in front of Joey; startled Joey looked up sharply.

"Oh...what's wrong, Jen?" she said politely, looking slightly annoyed.

"You lying, conniving slut." Jen seethed.

"Excuse me?" Joey's voice was hushed, but Jen spoke louder. "I don't know what you did...probably sedated him then seduced him..." She laughed cruelly, "Who'd want to fuck you? It'd be all clumsy and boring, you being a *virgin* and all."

The tables around the library all quieted and listened to this interesting bitch fight, most of it directed by that girl from New York.

Joey bit her lip and looked down at her books, ignoring Jen. Normally, she would have beat the crap out of her, but better to seem the unaffected and cool one and regain at least some dignity.

Outraged at her calmness, Jen yanked the back of Joey's hair.

"Ow!" Joey gasped, not quite believing the lengths Jen was going to, to make a point. She smoothed her hair down soothingly.

"I'm going to get him back, Joey. He's only using you. He loves me." Jen declared.

"Jennifer! Josephine!" Miss Tringle said sharply, going over to the two girls. "This is no way to behave...get out of the library, now, before I give you *another* detention."

Joey, incredibly pissed off that she had been chased from the library, gathered her books and stormed out.

Jen followed. "You were only practice. He needed how was it?" Jen spat in Joey's ear.

Joey just ignored her, flushing furiously. She didn't want to exchange stories of her sex-life with Jen, thank-you very much. It was personal, and between her and Dawson only. Jen had no say in it at all. "Look." Joey finally blurted out. "Leave me alone. It's not my fault you were duped. Okay?" She quickly walked away, losing Jen in the crowd of school kids.

"Hey Dawson." Joey greeted him with a smile. His eyes glowed and he leant forward to kiss her, but she pushed him away. "Not now." She said quietly.

Pacey joined them at the cafeteria table, grinning at Joey. "You sly thing. It's all around school. You and Jen, bitch fight."

Dawson's mouth fell open. "What?" He gasped.

"No." Joey corrected Pacey. "*She* had a bitch fight with me." She shrugged. "She knows. How, I don't know, but...yeah. She was really angry." She took a sip of juice and eyed him. "I think it's because you failed to tell her about it all." She got up. "I gotta go. See ya in a few minutes." She walked off.

"Yeah, should have dumped her before." Pacey informed Dawson. "Easy. Just finally noticed Joey had.--"

"Uh, don't go there Pacey." Dawson warned him. "It's so not like that."

"I know. I'm happy for you." He patted Dawson's shoulder.

Suddenly, the chair next to Dawson's scraped back and Jen sat heavily down in it, glaring pointedly at Pacey. He chuckled, then frowned. He got up and tactfully left.

Dawson bit his lip. Uh-oh... He prayed Joey wouldn't come back too soon.

"So." Jen said, taking a sip of water. "The reason you wouldn't do it with me was because you were screwing your best friend, the convicts daughter." Jen didn't mean to sound so mean, so bitchy, so...mean. But she couldn't help it. In times like these, she let down her soft angel, understanding girl image and put on her old New York one.

He frowned. "She's not 'the convicts daughter.' She's Joey. And yes." He sighed. "I'm sorry I hurt you. But it was so incredibly confusing."

Jen snorted. "Really? I find that hard to believe."

"Well it was." He retorted, but kept his voice low, deciding to just lay it all out on the table. "She was my best friend, and yes, I was starting to think sexual thoughts about her. But it also got more then that, Jen. And for that, Im sorry...but my interest in you...and a relationship faded."

She nodded. "'re dumping me."

"Don't think of it like that." He said sternly. "We...grew apart, I guess."

Jen abruptly got up from the table. "Fine." She said.

It was over. He let out a deep breath when she walked away. It was done. She was out of his life.

"I heard from Pacey you dumped her." Joey said, climbing in his window. "Sorry I didn't come back today. I knew she'd be there."

"That's okay." He finished tidying up his video collection and sat down on the bed. "Wow. I cannot believe that after with her...I'm the one who ends up dumping her."

She sat next to him, taking his hand. "And I can't believe one forced kiss in detention changed our friendship."

He smiled. "I know. to do with Jen's over." He shook his head in disbelief.

Joey lay down on the bed, flipping on the TV "You know we never did really analyze what the hell happened with us."

He lay down beside her. "I know. Sooo...what do you feel?" He ran his hand down her stomach then up again.

She giggled; "Nice, I guess. But not any different. Maybe a little You know, I can express my emotions."

"I think I feel as though my eyes have been opened to a world of possibilities." He grinned. "Basically, my eyes opened to you." He caressed her cheek. "What we have isn't all about sex and sexual tensions. I think...I think Im in love with you."

She gazed into his eyes, "I think I am too." She answered.

They smiled at each other. Never had they imagined one kiss in detention could change their relationship, make them fall in love with each other. But just how long would it last?

"I still can't get over the by the creek incident, though." Joey smiled teasingly. "Not exactly an ideal place to lose one's virginity."

"It wasn't too bad...was it?" He wrinkled his nose.

"No." She reassured him.

He knew she was being honest. The way her body had reacted, her soft skin, getting warm, her eyes...her breathing... It was getting hot in there, thinking about it. Dawson grabbed her hand. "Lets go for a walk." He said.

He pulled her up and led her outside, where they clambered down the ladder and sped off into the darkness.

Jen watched from her bedroom, the curtains pulled apart. Yuck. Why did things have to end so horrible?



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