The Seduction Part Ten by: Anne

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"The art of seduction is not to show them *you* want it, but to show them how much *they* want it."

* * * *

It had been a close call but the truth delayed successfully. Joey becameupset...he knew she wanted him all to herself, and she would, in time.

In time? What did that mean, exactly? He wasn't sure. He knew he was hotfor Joey...he woke up sweating after having erotic dreams about her, andoften become desperate when he was around her. Like that afternoon in modern living class, she had been sitting next to him, and her hair was up in one of those knots. She had been thoughtfully nibbling on one of her pencils, and her eyes were bright. That's what he loved about Joey... everything, about her was innocent, yet desirable and hot. It had taken all of his will-power not to get up and grab her in his arms, and to kiss her. But he doubted Jen would approve. Jen hadn't met his eyes at all that afternoon, and Dawson realized, with a start, she may already know...

So, she had thrown herself at him more than twice, tried giving him a guilt trip, and had been as affectionate as possible...nothing.  She suspected that little piece of trailer trash, Joey, was taking a lot of his attention. Hmm. Maybe the way she had done it was too tacky, or had scared him a bit.

Jen pinched her cheeks in front of her mirror. Maybe, just maybe, if sheshowed him that she would do most of the work, he would succumb to her charms.

Maybe he needed a little force put on him. A cat-got-the-canary smile appeared on her face. Tonight, WAS the NIGHT. After tonight, he… no, *she* would kiss Joey Potter goodbye.

Jen had called earlier on, asking if she could come over at around 9:00.

It was 8:00 now. Dawson decided that, TONIGHT was the night. He would break it to her. It was in a private place, and he would do it as discreetly as possible. He settled down on his bed, flicking on thetelevision. Ooh. On the screen, Buffy and Angel were finally, steaming it up. He hardly ever watched the show, only occasionally with Joey, andthey poked fun at it.

He sighed wistfully. What he'd give to do to Joey what Angel was doing to Buffy. Making out was good, it excited them both and was a good substitute for clothed foreplay...that day in the library had been pretty wild. He closed his eyes, dreaming about her.

"Dawson?" His eyes popped open, and he propped himself up on his elbow.

"Joey!" He gasped.

She stepped off the window sill gracefully manner, and teetered there for a moment, her eyes glowing, her lips full. She was wearing a navy T-shirt, and a pair of cargo shorts. The effect was natural, and beautiful.

"Joey?" Dawson repeated. "You haven't been here since...last time.What's…what do you want?"

Joey stepped forward. "I want you, Dawson." She said hoarsely.

"Oh, Joey." His voice cracked. He reached up for her, and they fell to the bed, kissing frantically.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too." He moaned. "Make love to me." She whispered huskily.

"Anything" was his husky reply as he slipped her T-shirt over her head and discarded it to the floor.

Jen decided that the more skin exposed, the better. She smiled smugly toherself as she imagined Dawson looking at her in this dress. She hadn't worn the old rag since her days in New York!

She didn't bother with protection, knowing Dawson should have some of his own. She replayed her plan. She'd enter via the ladder...she'd ask if they could watch a movie. She'd then start massaging his neck, or kissing him or something. She'd then…

She blushed happily just thinking about what his reaction might be if she gave him a blow job or something. She looked at her was 8:30. Maybe she should come early, to surprise him!

Joey let out a sort of gasp, which heightened into a high-pitched yet throaty moan as she threw her head back, clutching to Dawson as tight as she could as he pounded into her. She had thought the first timewas pretty had been a little awkward at first, but had endedgreat. Still, she had never experienced this sort of pleasure.

Dawson was enjoying himself immensely as well. The struggle to keep up with each other continued, but finally Dawson let her take over. The feel of her hips pounding up was enough for both of them. He put his arms on either side of her, steadying himself above her.

She gripped his back, her nails digging into him harder. Dawson welcomedthe familiar pain, and swept up her lips with his, and they shared a very hot, passionate kiss.

Jen made her way over to the ladder, and steadied it. She made one last check of herself, and started the climb. Halfway up, she lost her footing. Jen gasped and tried to grab the ladder to keep her up, but her hands slipped. She could barely yell out as she tumbled to the ground, landing on her butt.

"Ouch." She moaned, rubbing her behind. She slowly and painfully got up,now reluctant to climb that damn ladder.

Joey and Dawson held each other, both of their chests beating over time.

"Wow." Dawson breathed, gazing down at her.

"I know." She replied softly, feeling incredibly lucky. When she read books, a lot of them talked about how awful their teenage experiences had been. Yet, with Dawson it was almost as they knew exactly what to do to each other; even though they had never talked about what they liked. Since, before the tree incident, both were virgins.

"I wish I could stay like this forever." Joey murmured, setting upright. "But I promised Bessie I'd clean up."

Dawson sat up as well. "Okay." He sighed, kissing her tenderly. She reached down, and picked up her underwear, shorts and shirt, he did the same. After being dressed, he made the bed, covering the wet spot.

Joey encircled her arms around his neck, gazing into his eyes. "I love you." She whispered. "I honestly, really do."

Dawson laughed. "Really? Why is that?"

"Lets just say, I chose the guy with the romantic sense...but having thebigger joystick doesn't hurt, either." She teased him.

"You vulgar thing..." Dawson gasped in mock shock, tickling her sides.

"Stop it." Joey growled, ducking. "I hate being tickled."

"But I know you love wrestling." He answered, grabbing her in his arms and pulling her down onto him. "I'm giving you a head start." He chuckled.

Joey tried in vain to pin his arms down, but they kept creeping up around her waist. She thrust into him, but he pulled her over so he was on top. "I'm never giving up." She said huskily.

"Neither am I" He answered, and they stopped struggling to kiss.

Jen peeped through the window, noticing it closed. After getting up and working up the nerve, she finally made it up without any scrapes. Her eyes adjusted to the light, and she felt the color drain from her face. The truth spoke for itself, there on the bed where Joey and Dawson used to innocently watch movies; were now engaged in a sweet, lingering kiss.So all her tiny suspicions were correct. Feeling lost she turned and retreated down the ladder. It wasn't over just yet.

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