Second Thoughts, Chapter Two by: Ashley

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Authorís Note: This is the part all you D/Jers have been waiting for! Yes, thatís right, the first Dawson/Joey reunion since Jenís death and since Joey had Ďdecidedí between the two of them. Thanks to Kristine and Amy for helping me out with all my questions, and Brandi and Hannah for being my Ďeditorsí. And thanks to Ashley for helping me with my many writers blocks and constant questions.

Feedback is very much wanted! PLEASE send me feedback, this is my first Dawsonís Creek fanfic. You can send me feedback at

Spoilers: The Series Finale, and a few references of some episodes from the earlier seasons.

Chapter Two

It has been a long twenty four hours, Joey thought as she walked into a nearby restaurant. She had arrived in L.A the previous day as planned, and she had spent the earlier part of that day at the Editors Convention. Her stomach growled as she smelled the aroma of foods drifting through the door to the restaurant. After deciding sheíd just grab something to go, she walked over to the ordering booth as she checked her cell phone for any new calls. Joey then ran into someone in front of her since she wasnít paying attention. As she bumped into the person, she dropped her phone.

"Oh god, Iím so sorry," she began as both she and the stranger bent down to pick up the phone.

"Are you--" the stranger began. The two of them looked up at each other. "Joey?!" the man asked in a shocked voice.

"Dawson!" Joey said, her voice matching the excitement and shock in his voice. Dawson quickly pulled her into his arms for a hug. "Hey, how are you?" Joey asked as he held her in his arms. He held her longer than he should have, but finally released her.

"Iím doing okay. You?" he asked.

"Iíve been busy, but Iíve actually been alright," she told him. He held her in arms length as his gaze swept over her.

"God Iíve missed you," he said before pulling her into another hug.

"I know, itís been a while, huh?" she asked as the two of them broke their second hug. Her eyes wandered up and down his body. She noted he was tanner than the last time she saw him and he looked a little tired. Probably from the long hours he puts into because of the show, she thought to herself. She also couldnít help but notice how his shirt clung to him, showing off his muscles.

"What brings you to L.A.?" Dawson finally asked, bringing Joey back from thoughts she shouldnít have had in the first place.

"Actually, itíss work related. There was an Editors Convention in town, and my boss made me go," she explained. Dawson nodded.

"Is Pacey here?" he asked as he began to scan the building. He noticed a few people were looking their way. He still wasnít used to all the attention, but ever since ĎThe Creekí began he became some what of a celebrity. He hadnít minded the attention he got from women, though. But no matter how many women had entered his life, he still found himself always to be in love with just one...

"No, heís actually in Capeside tending to some matters with the Ice House," she explained, not wanting to get into the fact that she and Pacey were arguing at the moment.

"Ah. I see," he said, nodding. By now, the two ex-lovers were getting more and more attention.

"Ah, DawsonÖĒ Joey trailed off as she, too, realized the attention that was upon them at that moment.

"Yeah, letís get outta here. You free?" he asked. Joey nodded.

"Yeah, um, Iím here Ďtil tomorrow," she explained.

"Come on, letís go," he said as he placed his hand on her back and headed out the door.


"So youíre good? Youíre doing okay?" Joey asked as she walked alongside Dawson.

"Yeah. I mean, the past months havenít exactly been easy because of Jen and all, but itís better," he explained.

"I know what you mean, Iím still kinda expecting to get a phone call from her, wanting to get together or shop, or something," Joey agreed. The two walked in silence for a few moments; thinking about their friend. "So, howís the show going?" Joey asked finally, breaking the silence. "Itís going good. Youíve been watching it, right?" he asked.

"Of course. Every Wednesday night at eight oíclock." Dawson smiled. All of a sudden, he heard the sound of a hungry growl from the side of him.

"Jeez, even I heard that. I guess itís safe to say youíre hungry, huh?" Dawson guessed. Joey smiled.

"Yeah, I havenít eaten anything all day," she confessed. A few seconds later, thunder began to rumble from the sky before rain suddenly began to pour down on them.

"Come on, my place is close by, and Iíll fix you something to eat," he told her.

"All right," Joey said. Before she could react, Dawson grabbed Joeyís hand and began to run for his apartment.


"Wow, itís really pouring out there," Dawson observed as he finished drying his hair with a towel. He walked over to the oven and took out the pizza he had put in for him and Joey while the two of them worked on drying off.

"Yeah, it is," she agreed as she dried her hair so that she wouldnít get Dawsonís couch wet. Dawson looked back over at Joey, who was still busy drying her hair, and smiled.

It has been an odd day, he thought to himself. But he had to admit, it was good having her there with him in L.A. "Sorry I donít have very much on hand. Iíve been really busy lately," he explained as he cut the pizza into even slices and placed a few in two paper plates.

"Itís all right. I like pizza," Joey assured him. He smiled once more as he walked back into his small living room with two plates. "Wow, this is a nice place," Joey said as he handed her a plate and sat down beside her on the couch.


"So what else is new?" Joey asked, trying to make conversation since she probably wasn't going to leave anytime soon, at least until the storm died down.

"Not a whole lot. Iím still one hundred percent involved in my work," he told her, as he had done the last time he had seen her eight months ago.

"But you must do something else besides work," Joey said.

"I rent movies."

"Thatís it? Nothing else?" she asked.

"Well, I sometimes go out with Todd out to a bar or something," he added. Joey smiled.

"A boyís night out?"

He smiled. "Something like that. So how are you and Pacey?" he asked. Joey paused and looked up at him. The two of them talked the day after Jen died, and both agreed that it would always be the two of them in some way, but she had chosen to be with Pacey. Joey knew that even if Dawson wouldnít admit it, he was still hurt that she hadnít chosen him.

"Weíre good," she told him, the uncertainty showing in her answer. She wasnít even sure anymore herself. It seemed that she and Pacey fought and argued more than acted like a couple. Joey wasnít even sure if they were right together anymore. She was so confused... All the years of knowing her paid off in moments like this. Dawson could sense there was something more behind her response.

"But," he prodded.

Joey sighed. "I donít know, I guess itís just that he hasnít been around a whole lot lately with the restaurant and all," she explained.

"Must be kinda lonely," Dawson observed.

"Yeah, it is," she agreed. "And it doesnít help that we got into a fight before I left," she added.

"Because you were here and not there with him," Dawson stated. He didnít have to guess; he already knew how his best friend had reacted at the news that Joey was flying out here in L.A. where Dawson would be.

The two fell silent. Joey looked at him. "Iíve really missed you Dawson," she said softly.

"Iíve missed you too, Jo," he agreed. They fell silent once more before Dawson stood up and took their empty plates into the kitchen and put them on the kitchen.

Joey could tell something was upsetting him, but she couldnít quite figure it out. It hurt her to think that he was sad like this, alone in L.A. without her to talk to. She loved both Pacey and Dawson, but some part of her had never been able to shake the feeling that she was meant to be with Dawson. Watching Dawson seem so unhappy was bringing that feeling to the surface once again.

"Are you okay?" she asked as she stood up.

"Yeah, itís just... Itís great to have you here. I really have missed you," he told her honestly. He looked out the window. "Looks like your stuck here for a while," he noticed. "What time did you say your flight left again?" he asked.

"Ah, tomorrow morning," she said.

"Wow, so soon? We havenít really got to visit; you know, catch up," Dawson said sounding a little disappointed as he joined Joey back in the living room. She grinned her lopsided grin at him, suddenly becoming a little uncomfortable. Her growing concern for Dawson was just adding to uncertainty about her feelings for Pacey, and she was starting to feel guilty about it. Just then, the apartment was lit up by lightning, and a few seconds later was followed by a violent clap of thunder. Upon instinct, Joey quickly jumped into Dawsonís arms and held him tight. She had always hated storms even when she was little. Although back then, she and Dawson would hide in his closet until the storm died down. He was never as afraid of the storms as much as she was though. Dawson laughed.

"Still afraid of storms I see," he said as he put his arms around her. The thought of teasing her crossed his mind, causing a small grin to appear on his face. Joey looked up at him and smiled.

"Yeah. Old habits.." she trailed off. They stood in the middle of his living room, looking up at each other for what seemed forever. Joey felt a sense of completion in his arms, something she couldn't remember the last time she felt with Pacey. Escaping her troubles, even for a moment, Joey took a chance; leaned forward in his arms and kissed him. As their lips met, she felt electricity flow through her once more. Whenever she kissed Dawson she felt more alive. Their bodies were pressed against each other, and she could feel all the heat and desire she thought she barely remembered returning quickly. Dawson finally broke off the kiss and looked at her, confused.

"Joey?" he asked, surprise and a bit of desperation filling his voice.

Joey shook her head. "Dawson, I don't wanna analyze this, I just want you to kiss me," she said. Soon, hands began to roam and passion ignited as the two headed to his bedroom.

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