Second Thoughts, Chapter Three by: Ashley

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Author’s Note: Bum, Bum, Bum… While watching the series finale, I couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between them throughout. If she hadn’t chosen Pacey, you know they wouldn’t have lasted too much longer without sleeping together. I love the character of Pacey, but with all the history between Dawson and Joey, you can’t help but fall in love with them. Thanks to Kristine and Amy for helping me out with all my questions, and Brandi and Hannah for being my ‘editors’. And thanks to Ashley for helping me with my many writers blocks and constant questions.

Feedback: Feedback is very much wanted! PLEASE send me feedback, this is my first Dawson’s Creek fanfic. You can send me feedback at

Spoilers: The Series Finale, and a few references of some episodes from the earlier seasons.

Joey slowly awoke the next morning with a smile on her face. She could still hear the rain falling outside, but it had lightened greatly from last night. Last night… she thought back to last night.

As she adjusted to being awake, she realized Dawson’s arm was wrapped protectively around her as they lay in a spoon position in his bed. Groggily, she looked up at his bed stand, 5:15 am. Joey’s eyes shot open. Her flight was for 6 am, and if she didn’t hurry, she was going to miss it! She looked over at Dawson, wanting nothing more than to lay there in his arms. She carefully managed to crawl out of his bed, and pull on her clothes.

Oh god, Pacey! Joey was suddenly overcome with guilt. She had slept with Dawson while she was with Pacey… She looked back over at Dawson, and smiled despite her rush. She looked around his room quickly for a piece of paper and a pen as she thought of something to say. The sex was great, but I’m with Pacey, see ya around? No. She sighed in frustration as she looked back over at Dawson who was still sleeping peacefully. She knew it would break his heart when he woke up and she was gone, but she knew she couldn’t face him; she couldn’t deal with it right now. But she couldn’t just leave without leaving some sort of a letter or note.


I am so sorry, but I had to catch my flight. Words can’t describe how special last night was to me, but I can’t think about that right now. Please understand and don’t be angry. We're both in two different places with our lives right now; not that we’ve EVER had good timing.

I need some time to think about all of this.

Love always,

Feeling somewhat relieved that she managed to write some sort of a note, she quietly left his apartment, and headed to the airport.


Joey felt a sense of relief when she waked into her apartment building to find Pacey wasn’t home yet. She had felt guilty the whole plane ride home as she thought back to sleeping with Dawson. But she knew that sleeping with Dawson probably wasn’t the best move she had made. Definitely not the best idea. All it's going to do now is complicate things, Joey thought as she made her way into the bedroom and began to unpack. No, I’m going to pretend that it never happened. Dawson and I just aren’t meant to be together like that, as much I hate to admit, she told herself.

“You're so stupid!” Joey said aloud as she angrily threw one of her shirts onto the bed.

“Who’s stupid?” a voice asked from behind her. Joey quickly spun around.

“Pacey, jeez you scared me,” Joey said.

“Sorry, I just got home and noticed the bedroom light on and your coat draping on the chair, so I thought I’d come in and see how your trip was,” Pacey explained.

“It was okay,” she said simply.

“Just okay?" he asked, surprised she didn’t talk his ear off about her trip.

“Yeah.” Then it occurred to Pacey.

“I think I know what’s going on,” Pacey said as he walked over towards Joey. Joey’s eyes widened as another wave of shock passed through her.

“What?” she asked.

“Jo, is this about the fight we had before you left?” he asked as he rested his hands on her shoulders. It took Joey a second to realize what he was talking about, and that it was NOT about what had happened back in L.A. with Dawson. Pacey walked closer to her and put his hand on her arm. “Jo, I’m sorry I snapped. I’ve just been enormously swamped, and I’m sorry that I snapped at you.” Joey looked up at Pacey and felt terrible for cheating on him with Dawson.

“It’s okay. I’m just really tired,” she lied. Pacey smiled down at her.

“I figured you’d be. I’ll talk care of your stuff later,” he said. Joey smiled back at him.

“Thank you,” she said. Pacey lowered his face to hers for a kiss. Joey felt awkward as Pacey’s lips met hers, even if it was for just a quick kiss, it made Joey feel worse. She decided then and there that she couldn’t tell Pacey about what had happened between her and Dawson.

Joey gave Pacey a small smile. Boy am I in trouble…

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