True Love Part 11 by: Becci

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Pacey Witter ran up the last few steps and knocked on Joey's apartment door. She had sounded a bit strange earlier, but then again, she was about to marry Dawson. After a few moments, she opened the door. Pacey was shocked when he saw her. He'd last seen her when she graduated college, aged 23. It was now three years later, and she'd grown even more beautiful. Her hair was longer than it had been then, and her eyes seemed to sparkle with life and passion. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a tee shirt, and she looked stunning. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, as if she was embarrassed. "Hi, Pacey!" she said, before hugging him.

"Hello to you too," he said, smiling at her welcome.

She pulled away and stepped back, allowing him into the apartment.

Upon entering, he saw Dawson coming out of the bedroom, doing up the buttons of his shirt. Suddenly, Pacey realized what must have been going on before he got there.

Dawson saw Pacey walk in through the door as he came out of the bedroom.

He recognized the smile on Pacey's face. "Hi, man," he said. It was the first time they'd seen each other in ten years. Pacey walked toward him, stretching out a hand, intending for Dawson to shake it. Instead, Dawson hugged him, trying to be as manly as possible. They broke apart, and stood together in awkward silence. "Do you want to sit down?" Joey asked, sensing the discomfort in the air. The two men joined her on the sofa. "So, I was going through my post yesterday morning, and I found this invite to a wedding. I hope you can help me, they seem to have got mixed up. It says here that you two are getting married. So what's the scoop?" He saw Joey and Dawson exchange a look of pure happiness.

"Yup, we got our act together. About time too, eh?" Joey replied. "You can say that again," Pacey told them. "Anyway, I thought I'd come and stay in the city for a while. I was hoping that there'd be room in Joey's bed for me, but I guess I'll have to find a motel." Dawson could tell he was only joking, but it still hurt to think of Pacey and Joey doing the things he enjoyed doing with her.

After talking for a while, Dawson asked Pacey to be his best man. Pacey accepted immediately, and it was as though the three had never been separated. Only one thing was missing. "Are you in contact with Jen? It's just neither of us know where to send the invitation." Dawson asked.

"Yeah, she's in Las Vegas!" Pacey exclaimed. "She owns some casino. It's not made her rich, but she's comfortable. She married about a year ago, actually. So I guess I'm the only one left, eh?" Joey looked at Dawson to find his reaction to this news. Although the two of them were very much in love, she was certain he still had feelings for his first girlfriend. His face was expressionless. "OK guys, I gotta go and get some groceries. I'll leave you two alone for some bonding time."

With that, Joey bounced out of the apartment.

Dawson and Pacey looked at each other uncomfortably. The air was as thick as treacle between them, as they were too afraid to bring up the subject of Joey. Finally, Dawson spoke up. "I know know. To say I was surprised is an understatement, but I know why you did it."

They looked each other in the eye and exchanged knowing glances.

"She's beautiful, man. You're lucky." Dawson was happy that there wasn't gonna be any problems between the two. "So, is there anyone special in your life?" Pacey smiled. "Yeah. She's 12 years old, very warm and she had a beard." Dawson looked at him worriedly. Pacey broke into a laugh. "Got you! She's a dog. Her name's Beatrice. She's the only female that'll spend anytime with me." He smiled, but Dawson could tell that Pacey was hurt. The two carried on talking about 'man things' for an hour, until Joey came back with a couple of bags.

"Can I use your toilet?" Pacey asked whilst Dawson helped Joey unpack.

Joey rolled her eyes. "OK, I suppose my toilet cleaner could clean after you. Just make sure that you're not spanking your monkey in there!"

Pacey stood up straight and saluted at her. He then went into the bathroom, locking the door after him. As soon as the door locked, Dawson pulled Joey close to him and kissed her so hard it took her breath away.

"What was that for?" she asked, breathless. Dawson grinned. "'Cause I love you," he said, before kissing her again. "Whilst I was out, I restocked on a certain piece of equipment," she said when he finally let go of her. "Good. 'Cause I think that if you wear those jeans a lot, you might be needing them."

A few hours later, Joey sat down at her kitchen table. "OK, so far, I've organized the church, the hall for the reception, the catering, the band, my bridesmaids, and your best man. I've sent invitations, and gone looking at dresses. What else do we need?" Dawson shrugged. Pacey looked amazed. "You mean that he's done nothing?" Joey nodded her head. She was slightly put out that she was having to organize everything, as well as having her own career. Dawson felt he had to justify himself. "I've been filming in London! Besides, I got your ring last week."

"You did?" Joey asked, touched.

"Yes. I've also been rushing through filming so I can be here full time from this time next month." Joey smiled, but still felt a bit miffed. "Thank you. It's only six weeks until the wedding."

"I know," he said. "We'll get everything together. It'll be perfect. You just wait and see."


that's it! Do you want me to continue? I have got some plans for the story, but I'll only carry on if I get told to! E-mail me!

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