True Love Part 8 by: Becci

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Dawson Leery got down on his knees in front of Josephine Potter, looking intensely at her. After a nanosecond's pause that felt like an eternity to him, she first ran her index finger along his collar, then she brushed the back of her hand along his jawbone, then she pulled his face to hers and they kissed. The rest of the world passed them, but they didn't notice. For a full three minutes, all they could feel was the kiss. The deep kiss transformed into a series of brushes, then theypulled apart.

"Of course I forgive you, Dawson," Joey said sweetly. "I love you too. I couldn't live without you. I learned to once, but now I have you, I'm not letting you go." Suddenly, a train pulled into the platform. It was the one for Wokingham, and they had to buy tickets. They quickly located a ticket self-service machine, paid for two adult return tickets, and boarded the train just moments before it started to move. After 10 minutes, the train pulled up at Wokingham train station, and Joey and Dawson got off. They walked through the small building, and found themselves a few minutes walk from the town centre. When they arrived there, Dawson was happy. It was exactly the setting he had hoped to find. People were walking about, but there wasn't too many of them.

There were branches of a few nationwide stores, and a market place that was open twice a week, near the old town hall. It had barely been touched in the past 20 years. It was perfect.

"Well, now we've found your ideal location, what should we do with our remaining two weeks here?" asked Joey. "Well, now that's settled, I don't think you'll be seeing much other than the walls of our room back at the hotel," he replied with a grin. He bent down and kissed her.

When they pulled apart, Joey slipped her hand into his and they continued to walk down the street. Suddenly, a woman cried "Dawson? Dawson Leery? Oh my God!" A woman of about the same age as Dawson and Joey ran up to Dawson and kissed him on the cheek. "Lucy! What are you doing here?" he asked, hugging her close. Joey just stood beside him, confused and a little bit cross. "Oh, I grew up near here," said the woman, "and I was just looking to see what had been done to it since I moved. What about you?"

Dawson looked at Joey, and mis-read the growing anger in her eyes as curiosity.

"Well, my film got accepted, and I'm on film location. Can I introduce my lawyer, Ms. Potter? Ms. Potter, this is Lucy Jackson." "Hello, Ms. Jackson," Joey mustered. "Anyway, Dawson, we must meet up back in the US," said Lucy, ignoring Joey completely. "I've missed your ugly face. And I know that Carl and Janet would love to see you. I'm really sorry, but I've got to go. See you another time I hope." And with that, she walked off.

Dawson watched her, then turned round to Joey and gave her a smile. Joey replied with an evil glare. She was angry. "So, who's she? An old girlfriend? A current one? She seemed rather friendly," Joey inquired less than politely. "Chill, Joey," Dawson said. "Lucy's just an old friend. She was never a girlfriend. Carl was one of my friends during college. Lucy used to go out with him. Then, she fell in love with someone else."


"Janet," he replied casually, then started walking off. Joey was shocked for a second, then chased after him. "Are you saying that she's...?" she said. "Yup. 100%. You've got nothing to worry about. She's spoken for. And I thought I was too." He looked into Joey's eyes. The softness had returned to them once again.

"I'm sorry," she said, before kissing him again.

The next two weeks were full of kissing. The two made arrangements for the movie in between kisses, Joey drew up rough contracts for the cast and crew that Dawson hoped to find, the two went back to London, kissed a lot, went shopping a few times, and did I mention that they kissed a few times? On the morning of their flight back home, Joey woke up to find herself alone in the bed. She put on her dressing gown, and walked into the living area of the suite they had booked in London. There was no sign of Dawson, but a letter was on the table with his handwriting on it. Joey picked it up and read it.


Don't worry. I've just gone to do an errand that I almost forgot. I'll be back soon. All my love belongs to you, the object of my affection,


Joey smiled to herself. It was typical of Dawson to leave things to the last minute. He had that night when they were 15. She was crying and almost out of the window by the time he said her name and kissed her. As she stood there, Joey remembered the pleasure of those first kisses. And how she had slept in his bed that night, in the arms of the man she loved, secure in the knowledge he loved her.

Dawson arrived back at the hotel suite an hour after Joey arose, and they packed their bags, preparing for the journey back home. When everything was done, Joey asked Dawson what he had done that morning. He refused to answer. They arrived at the airport in plenty of time, and boarded the plane. As Dawson got on board, he felt a slight jolt of excitement at what he had planned that morning. As he sat in his seat and reached for the small lump in his coat pocket, he felt a swell of emotion rise over him. He patted the lump, and the took Joey's hand. They were going back to Boston, to tell Bessie, Bodie and his parents that they were gonna give it another go. Of course, there was that surprise he had planned for Joey...

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