In the Heat of the Moment Chapter One by: Britney

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The day before:

Audrey: (banging on the door) Joooooeeeyyy, come on I have to take a shower, hurry up!
Joey: Hold on. (Sounding annoyed)

[Then Audrey hears coughing and the toilet flush and the sound of water running. Joey steps out of the bathroom.]

Audrey: Are you okay? You were in there since 7:00am, and now it's (she checks her watch) quarter 'til nine, and you look pale.
Joey: I'm fine, Audrey, really I am.
Audrey: Joey, you know you can tell me anything, right?
Joey: Yeah.
Audrey: So if you had anything important to tell me you would right?
Joey: Of course I would, Audrey.
Audrey: Okay, then can I ask you a question?
Joey: Sure.
Audrey: Are you making yourself throw up? Are you-- bullimic?
Joey: What?! Audrey, no, that's not it at all, why would you think that?
Audrey: Well, because you've been throwing up every morning this whole week.
Joey: Soooo?
Audrey: Well, does it have something to do with Dawson? I mean it's only been two weeks since you guys slept together.
Joey: Audrey, you're going to be late for class.

[She tries to get up from her seat on the bed, but Audrey pulls here back down.]

Audrey: Joey, no I can miss class again, you're more important.
Joey: Again? Audrey you're going to fail.
Audrey: Stop trying to change the subject, bunny. Now please answer my original question.
Joey: Why would I be throwing up because of Dawson? Don't you remember that I have a boyfriend?

[Audrey looks at her cluelessly.]

Joey: Eddie?
Audrey: Ohhh, ewwww, why him? He's a jackass.
Joey: Audrey, you have to get to know him.
Audrey: I'd rather not, princess Joey. I'd rather go to class.
Joey: Wow, you really don't like him if you're willing to go to class.
Audrey: Shut up, anyway, I'll see you later, but you sure you're okay?
Joey: Audrey, I'm fine, don't worry about me.
Audrey: Okay, well, I'm off. Bye, bunny.
Joey: Bye.

Joey stared after Audrey. The sad look on her face then turned to a look of nausea as she put her hand over her mouth and ran towards the bathroom door, closing it behind her. The sound of coughing came, muffled, from behind the door.

After a nauseating morning of throwing up, Joey finally felt better, but not enough to go to class. Maybe she was being paranoid, but she was scared something was wrong... maybe the flu was going around, but, knowing her luck, she feared it was something more... something that she couldn't take back. Snapping herself out of her thoughts, she found herself in front of the Henry's drugstore. How did I get here? she thought. Maybe it was her impulse trying to tell her something, but it didn't really need to. She knew why she was here, and she was scared that this was real. She wished she could be with Dawson at that moment, she wished it was a dream and all of this wasn't really happening, but she knew that it was reality and she had to deal with it.

Joey stepped into the store. She looked for the aisle that she never stepped foot in before and had always wished she wouldn't have to until she was out of college, had a terrific job, and was married. But she was there now. Finally, Joey arrived and found what she was looking for. She heard someone from behind her.

Girl: I'd use that one. (Says the girl as she picks up the box that she was referring to)
Joey: Are you sure?
Girl: Trust me, I know. That's the one I used when I thought I was pregnant. It gives the best results.
Joey: Thanks, my name's Joey. (smiling)
Girl: My name is Emily.
Joey: I don't mean to snoop but were you pregnant?
Emily: Yep, I was and now I have a little boy named Adam. He's my life.
Joey: Wow, how old are you?
Emily: I just turned 20. How about you?
Joey: I'm 19.
Emily: Hey, you want to go get some coffee and talk some more? You know, get to know each other... I mean if you are pregnant, I think I could give you some tips.
Joey: That would be nice, thanks.

[Cut to present day, a coffee shop, Paleo sun.]

Joey: I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you and Adam's father together?
Emily: Yea, we are. He's the best... we were high school sweethearts, and he was my first and only love. I found out I was pregnant around Christmas of my freshman year of college, and he supported me through the whole pregnancy. He used to do things like getting food to fix my cravings late at night when I wanted ice cream. And then when Adam was born, he bought us all an apartment and we've been living there every since.
Joey: Wow, he sounds wonderful.
Emily: Yeah he is... but now that I've told you about Kyle, why don't you tell me about the father of your baby?
Joey: Um, well, that's a VERY long story.
Emily: Does it look like I'm going anywhere?
Joey: Not so much. (author's note: I'm sorry I had to add that, it's the DC motto). Okay, well, here goes nothing... Well, me and Dawson have known each other since we were 4....


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