In the Heat of the Moment Chapter Six by: Britney


The next morning Joey wakes up to an empty bed, but then she hears the shower shut off and breaths a sigh of relief. Dawson comes walking out in a towel. Realizing Joey's awake...

Dawson: Good Morning.
Joey: Good Morning.
Dawson: How are you feeling? When mom was pregnant with Lily she had pretty terrible morning sickness.
Joey: Im actually starting to feel better.
Dawson: Are you sure? I mean I could get you something.
Joey: [smiling] No, Dawson, I'm fine, really.
Dawson: Okay, well, I'm going to go get dressed. Do you want to go out for breakfast?
Joey: Yeah, can I take a shower first?
Dawson: Sure, I'll get dressed in here.
Joey: Okay, I'll be done in a little bit.
Dawson: Okay.

Dawson watches her go into the bathroom and sighs.

[Cut to the bathroom]

Joey walks out with a towel around her, and as soon as she steps out her cell phone rings.

Joey: Hello?
Audrey: Joey, thank god, where have you been?
Joey: Sorry, I slept at Dawson's last night.
Audrey: Really. And do you want to fill me in on what you guys did last night?
Joey: Audrey, we didn't sleep together. Well, in a way we did, but it was strictly platonic.
Audrey: Well, bunny, hate to tell you this, but nothing is "strictly platonic" between the two of you. But did you tell him?
Joey: Yeah, I did.
Audrey: And? What did he say?
Joey: He was really sweet about it, a little shocked when I first told him, but still really sweet. Now all I have to do is tell the gang, Eddie, Natasha, Bessie and Gail.
Audrey: Umm, Jo, well I already sort of-- you're going to think this is soooo funny but...
Joey: AUDREY, what did you do?
Audrey: I already told Jack, Jen, and Pacey.
Joey: You WHAT? Audrey!
Audrey: I know. I'm sorry, it's just they could see right through me and they knew I was lying, so I had to tell them.
Joey: It's okay, I actually think it's better this way, it feels like huge weights have been lifted off my shoulders. So thank you.
Audrey: Aw, No problem, Sister Christian.
Joey: Well, I've got to go. Dawson and I are going out to breakfast. We're still trying to figure out how to tell Eddie and Natasha, but I'm just not sure if I want to break up with him.
Audrey: Joey, think about what you're saying here. Remember what I said before, and just think. I'll let you go now, bye, Jo.
Joey: Bye.

She hangs up and thinks about what Audrey said as she dresses.

5 minutes later she comes out wearing a pair of Jeans and t-shirt with her hair tied back.

Joey: You know, soon I'm going to need to get maternity clothes.
Dawson: Yeah, but don't worry, not for a couple months still. Now, what took you so long?
Joey: Oh, Audrey called, she just want to know why I didn't come home last night.
Dawson: Have you told her?
Joey: Yeah I did, and apparently she told Jack, Jen, and Pacey.
Dawson: Well, that's four less people to tell.
Joey: Yea, you've got a point. So you ready to go?
Dawson: Yep, are you sure you're feeling okay?
Joey: Dawson, I'm fine, really, but I am hungry, so let's go.
Dawson: Okay, lets.

Cut to Joey and Audrey's Dorm. We see Pacey sleeping in Audrey's bed, then wake up.

Pacey: Who were you talking to?
Audrey: Joey, she slept at Dawson's last night.
Pacey: [surprised] Really?
Audrey: It's not what you think, at least I think, though I said the same thing.
Pacey: Oh, well, is she going to be back soon?
Audrey: No, she's going to breakfast with Dawson.
Pacey: So we have the whole place to ourselves?
Audrey: [understanding] Yeah....
Pacey: You wanna?
Audrey: Uh yeah, come on.

They get on the bed, facing the television, and Pacey turns right to ˜Friends˜.

Pacey: Oh, I love this episode.
Audrey: Me too, now shhhh.

They continue watching Friends, Cut to Dawson and Joey at Breakfast.

Joey: So when are you going to tell Gail.
Dawson: I want to wait until the pregnancy is visible... I don't know, I mean, we could go to Capeside and tell Mom and Bessie.
Joey: I think that's a good idea, but what are we going to do about Natasha and Eddie? I mean, are you going to break up with Natasha?
Dawson: Yeah, I think I will. What about you?
Joey: What about me?
Dawson: Well, are you going to break up with Eddie?
Joey: I don't know. I really care about him, but I don't think I could be with him when I'm pregnant with your child.
Dawson: I feel the same way about Natasha.
Joey: Okay, so we're in agreement. We should breakup with them, but still try to stay friends, right?
Dawson: Right.
Guy: Joey?
Joey: Eddie, what are you doing here?
Eddie: I should ask you the same question. Where have you been?
Joey: I've been with Dawson.
Eddie: Oh, well not to be rude, but how do you know each other?
Joey: Eddie..
Dawson: Jo, I'll handle this. Eddie, can you please leave? Me and Joey are trying to have a personal discussion.
Eddie: Well, excuse me, but I just want to know what my girlfriend is doing with a guy that I've only met once.
Joey: Eddie, I'm getting sick and tired of this jealously thing you've got going on. Would you just give it up? I don't need to explain myself to you, will you just leave, please?
Eddie: Fine, but you better call me later.
Dawson: She doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do.
Joey: Leave, Eddie.
Eddie: Fine, whatever, bye.

And he leaves.

Dawson: What a jerk.
Joey: Yeah I know, that's exactly why I'm going to break up with him.
Dawson: Joey, you don't have to do that.
Joey: Dawson, if he can't handle me hanging out with my best friend then he can't be with me.
Dawson: He didn't even know that I am your best friend.
Joey: Are you taking his side?
Dawson: No, Jo. Look, can we not fight, right now we have more important things to worry about.
Joey: You're right. You want to go back to the dorms to talk? I don't feel like being interrupted again.
Dawson: No problem, let me just pay the bill and we'll leave.
Joey: Okay.

He pays the bill and they leave.
[Dawson and Joey are walking towards her dorm room.]

Dawson: Do you think Audrey will be here?
Joey: [opening the door] No, she's probably at Pacey's... [look of shock crosses her face]

Audrey: [sniffing] Joey! You're... back. [trying not to cry]
Pacey: [sniffling and holding back tears] Hey, man.
Joey: Why are you crying? Are you watching ˜Friends˜?
Pacey: [getting a tissue] Rachel and Ross just broke up.
Audrey: [taking a tissue out of the box Pacey is holding] It's so sad, it's clear that these two belong together, but nooo.

She finishes and starts crying again, while pacey gets another tissue.

Dawson: Okay... um, Joey, you want to go to Jen's?
Joey: Yeah, that's a good idea.

They leave with Pacey and Audrey still crying.

[Cut to Jen's]

Dawson and Joey walk in and they hear sniffing and then crying.

Joey: Hey, guys.

She notices that Jack, Jen and Grams are crying and watching TV.

Jen: [wiping her nose] Hey, have you guys seen this episode? It's so sad.
Jack: I know, I can't believe Ross and Rachel broke up. Hand me another tissue.
Grams: Here.

Grams hands him a tissue but takes the box back, and they all start crying again.

Dawson: Well, me and Joey are going to go up to the attic.
Jen: [not taking her eyes off of the TV] Okay, we'll see you later.
Joey: Okay, bye.

[Nobody answers her, they just keep watching the TV]

Joey: Okay, im officially freaked. Let's go talk.
Dawson: Lead the way.

Dawson looks back at Jack, Jen and Grams and shakes his head and laughs a little. He and Joey head up to the attic.


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