In the Heat of the Moment Chapter Five by: Britney

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Authorís Note: This parts kinda fluffy, I needed it.

[Cut to the Coffee shop, Paleo sun. Dawson and Joey are just sitting down with their coffee.]

Dawson: [smiling] So what did you need to tell me?
Joey: Well, this kinda hard to say...
Dawson: Come on, Jo, it canít be that hard.
Joey: It is.

Dawson, noticing for the first time that Joeyís eyes are teary, walks over to where she is sitting and sits in the chair beside her.

Dawson: Joey, whats wrong?
Joey:[whispering] Iím pregnant.
Dawson: Excuse me? I don't think I heard you correctly.
Joey: You did, Iím pregnant.
Dawson: What? I mean I know how, but, wait who's the father?
Joey: You are.
Dawson: But how? I mean we used protection.
Joey: No, we didnít.
Dawson: What do you mean we didn't.
Joey: Well, you obviously didn't use a condom.
Dawson: Thatís because I thought you were using Birth control.
Joey: No, I stopped using it after me and Pacey broke up. Are you mad at me?
Dawson: No, god, Joey, of course Iím not mad at you. This is both of our problems, and I will be there with you the whole way.
Joey: Really? Oh, god, Dawson, you're the best.

Joey leans over and hugs Dawson.

Dawson: [jokingly] I know, I am, aren't I.
Joey: [smiling] You are. But there is something we need to do. I need to tell Eddie, and you need to tell Natasha.
Dawson: You've got it.
Joey: Iím kinda tired.
Dawson: Do you want to go back to my apartment? I mean, it's the closest, and tomorrow's Saturday so you don't have classes.
Joey: Yeah, I would like that Dawson.

They get up from the table and leave.

[Cut to Hell's Kitchen]

Audrey, Jen, Pacey, and Jack are sitting. Theyíre talking and then Eddie comes up.

Audrey: hahahahaha, that was good
Eddie: Hey, Audrey.
Audrey: Huh, what? Oh, it's just you.
Eddie: Well, nice to see you, too.
Audrey: Cut the crap, Eddie, what do you want?
Eddie: Do you know where Joey is? Since she's your roommate and all.
Audrey: I don't know, you're her boyfriend, you should know. Go find her yourself.
Eddie: Fine, whatever, bye. [leaves]
Jack: Okay, Audrey where is she?
Audrey: What are you talking about?
Jack: I can tell you were lying, come on tell us.
Audrey: Okay, fine, she's with Dawson.
Jen: What? Weren't they fighting?
Audrey: Yea, but she had to tell him something important.
Pacey: Well, what is it?
Audrey: I don't think she would want me to tell you
Jack: Audrey, if there is something wrong with Joey, we need to know.
Audrey: Fine, but promise me you won't tell her that I told you?
Everyone: We promise.
Audrey: Okay, well Joeyís...

[Cut to Dawson's Apartment]

Dawson: [getting Joey pajamas] ...Pregnant, I mean, weíre barely.
Joey: I know, thatís what I was thinking.
Dawson: [handing her boxers and a sweater] YeahÖ since youíre tired, you want to continue this discussion tomorrow?
Joey: Yea, thanks, Dawson.
Dawson: No problem.

Joey walks into the bathroom, and a few minutes later comes out and sees Dawson lying down on the bed and watching T.V.

Dawson: [noticing Joey] Wow, Joey, you look great.
Joey: [blushing] Dawson, itís just pajamas.
Dawson: I know, but you still look great. Well, Iím going to go.
Joey: Go where?
Dawson: Iím going to go sleep on the pull out couch.
Joey: No, Dawson, wait, do you think maybe you could sleep here tonight? Could you just hold me?
Dawson: Of course, Jo.

They pull back the covers and get into bed with Joeyís back to Dawson while he wraps his arms around her waist in a spoon position.

Dawson: Goodnight, Jo.
Joey: Goodnight, Dawson.

And they fall asleep.


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