In the Heat of the Moment Chapter Four by: Britney

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Dr. J: Well it seems that we were right, you are pregnant. 2 weeks to be exact.
Joey: Wow.
Dr. J Yeah, well here is some information on what you should expect in the next few months, and some diet information. Now I want to see you in about a month so I can do a sonogram, and see how healthy the baby is. Here you go, and on your way out just make an appointment that's good for you.
Joey: [snapping out of her daze] Thanks.

After making the appointment, Joey just walks around town, again in a daze.

She stops to look at her watch and realizes she's been walking for over two hours. She walks past Hell's Kitchen and sees Jen, Jack, Pacey, Audrey, and Dawson sitting at their usual table. Feeling nervous, but knowing itís time to at least let Dawson know, she walks in and taking a deep breath heads to the table.

Jen: Yea, well you know... [noticing Joey] Joey, where have you been?
Joey: [sitting between Audrey and Jack, across from Dawson] I just had some errands to run.
Jack: Well, weíre glad you're here.
Joey: [forcing a smile] Thanks.

While everyone else goes back to their conversations, Joey looks across the table at Dawson. Audrey notices this and kicks Joey under the table, indicating to tell him.

Joey: Umm, Dawson could I talk to you?
Dawson: Uh, yeah, sure.

They get up and wander to the back of the restaurant.

Dawson: So, what's up, Jo?
Joey: There is something I have to tell you, and it's very important.
Dawson: Are you okay?
Joey: Yea, Iím fine...well kinda.
Dawson: Well then tell me.
Joey: Well you see...
Girl: Dawsoooon, there you are.
[Joey stops speaking.] Dawson: Oh, hey, Natasha.
Natasha: Oh, I remember you. [coldly] Nice seeing you again.
Joey: [forcing a smile] You too.
Dawson: So, Jo, what'd you want to tell me?
Joey: Well...
Guy: Joey, there you are, where have you been all day? Oh, hi.

Oh great, this is just great, thinks Joey.

Joey: Oh, hi, Eddie. Eddie, this is Dawson and Natasha.
Eddie: Nice to meet you.
Dawson: You too. So what did you want to tell me ,Jo?
Joey: Never mind, itís not important.
Dawson: Okay, well, see you later. Nice meeting you again, Eddie.
Eddie: You, too.

Joey watches Dawson and Natasha walk back to the table.

Later... Audrey: NOT IMPORTANT?! Joey are you on drugs? ĎCause that could do something to the baby.
Joey: No, Iím not on drugs, Audrey, I just panicked. I mean I was about to tell him but Natasha came up and then Eddie. I couldn't tell him then.
Audrey: Of course you could, itís not hard. All you got to say is, "Hey guys, Iím pregnant, and itís Dawson's." See?
Joey: Audrey, it's not that easy, you've never had to tell a guy you were pregnant.
Audrey: No, but one of my friends was pregnant, and I helped her through it.
Joey: Audrey, I promise, tomorrow I will tell Dawson.
Audrey: And...
Joey: And Eddie and Natasha and anybody else, just give me time.
Audrey: Okay, good night, Jo.
Joey: Night.

The next morning, Joey wakes up feeling nauseous again. She gets up from her bed, but stops when she notices Audrey isn't in her bed. Then she sees a notes lying on her bed. She walks over and picks it up.


Went to class, I called Dawson on his cell, just to chat, and he said he will be working at the set all day. Remember you promised me you would tell him! You don't have to tell anybody else today, but you do have to tell him, go tell him. Screw Eddie and Natasha. Well g2g, bye, Joey.


After Reading the note, Joey thought about what Audrey had wrote. She couldn't believe she was saying this, but Audrey was right. After thinking about this for awhile, Joey went and took a shower. After finishing her shower she got dressed and headed out.

This was it, she was on her way to tell Dawson what she had been dreading for the last 2 days. She was both excited and nervous. She couldn't explain it. She found the set, which she had been before, and she walked through the gate. The closer she approached, the sicker she felt. She got there, and she waited till the green light went on so she could go in. Finally it came on, and she took a deep breath and walked in. As soon as she walked in she spotted him. He was over on the set tending to a crisis and calming Todd down. She smiled at this.

She saw him go and sit in one of the director chairs. Clearly he was tired, and she bet hat this new information he was going to get wasn't going to help, but she knew she had to tell.

Well, here goes nothing, she says to herself and walks over to Dawson.

Joey: Dawson?
Dawson: (looking surprised) Joey, what are you doing here?
Joey: Well, I came here to tell you something.
Dawson: What? Wait, does this have anything to do with what you wanted to tell me yesterday?
Joey: Yea, it does. Um, I don't think I should tell you here, could we go get coffee or something?
Dawson: Yea, sure, Iím finished for today.
Joey: Good, well, letís go.
Dawson: [standing up] Letís, lead the way.


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