My Girl by: Courtney

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Part Three in the Series

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This is a Dawson/Joey story.

Special thanks to Matahari91 and all of the great fan fiction readers that e-mailed me!

My Girl

I wanted so badly
Somebody other than me
Staring back at me
But you were gone
-Counting Crows, Time and Time Again

Dawson waited outside the classroom door, debating on whether he should knock. Suddenly he gathered up all of his courage and knocked. Joey walked over and opened the door, figuring it was another teacher.

Joey saw Dawson and looked surprised "Dawson!" she said smiling. "Hey, Joey!" He replied, smiling also. "Uh, we need to talk."

Joey agreed and replied "Can you wait 10 minutes? I have to finish this class."

"Sure." Dawson replied. "Where should I wait at?"

Joey grabbed an extra desk and announced to the class "We have a special visitor today! Dawson Leery will be joining us for the remainder of our class."

The class shot looks around the room. Not only was this "Dawson Leery" the filmmaker, but "Dawson Leery" Joey's boyfriend! Dawson looked nervous as he sat down.

Joey went back to the front of the classroom and said "Now where were we? Oh yes. Todd." She turned, focusing on Todd "Where is your homework assignment?"

Todd shifted in his seat "Well uh, My cat ate it?"

A few spare giggles erupted in the class.

Joey smiled and replied "Well, I guess you'd better write it over then. Please have it AND a 500 word essay about clinical depression on my desk by 9:00 AM tomorrow. Okay? Oh, and by the way, dog is much more effective than cat."

Todd grumbled an "okay."

*RING* The bell rang and students began gathering their books. After the last student had left the room, Joey turned to Dawson and said "Okay, what do you need?"

Dawson grinned and said, "Why don't we talk about this over lunch?" Joey grinned back and said, "Agreed!"


Pacey stood at the airport tapping his foot and looking at his watch.

He thought "Where is Dawson? He was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago!"

Pacey became impatient and decided to walk over to the coffee shop across the street. He left his luggage at a pay-by-the-hour locker and crossed the street. As he walked in, he saw a gorgeous woman. She was tall, with a nice figure. She was wearing a knee length purple silk dress and looked stunning.

He walked over and tapped her on the shoulder commenting "Excuse me miss, I've seemed to misplaced the keys to my Jaguar. Have you seen them?"

She whipped around laughing. "Pacey?" She gasped through her laughter.

Pacey frowned and said "JOEY?!"

Dawson came walking up at that moment and said "Pacey! I forgot about you! I'm so sorry!"

Pacey sputtered "Are you guys here together?"

Dawson answered "Yeah. I see you greeted Joey already."

Pacey looked sideways at Joey and said "You SURE you're Joey?"

Joey smiled and said "Last time I checked! By the way Pacey," Joey continued grinning. "I didn't know you owned a Jaguar!"

Pacey blushed and said "Whoops! Well, I didn't expect on you being YOU."

They had now approached an empty booth and sat down. Their meals arrived and all was quiet as they ate.

Pacey smiled as he watched Dawson and Joey. The way they looked at each other, the way their arms brushed each other and just the love he could feel around them. No matter how much Dawson or Joey denied it, Pacey knew they were in love. And destined for each other. Dawson spoke up "So Pace, did you think of anyone for the part of Angel? I need a brunette female, between the ages of 20 and 30 for this part and I can't find a soul!"

Pacey sported a look of thought and suddenly he had a great idea. The girl that played Angel would have to play opposite Dawson. Romantically. Dawson also played small characters in his movies and this was one of them.

He played Chris, a lovestruck avarage guy who falls in love with his next door neighbor, Angel. It all ties in with the main story plot. Chris and Angel share a bunch of romantic kisses, Pacey thought "Maybe a kiss would help wake the sleeping romance? Give it a try!"

Aloud, Pacey said "How about our friend Joey here? Perfect size, age, weight and hair color!"

Dawson clicked "Great idea Pacey! How about it, Joey? It pays well and only will take about 2 weeks to shoot."

Joey hesitated "Well, I DO have 2 weeks of unplanned vacation coming up next week. Why not? I need adventure in my life!"

Dawson looked relieved "Great. End that search! I'll run and get you a copy now. It's in my car. Be right back."

Dawson walked out the door and Pacey turned to Joey and commented "You wouldn't believe how many girls would love that part. Anything to kiss the great Dawson Leery!" Pacey grinned mischeviously. He picked his glass up and said "I'll be right back. Need a re-fill!"

Joey paled "Kiss Dawson?" She thought. "I'm not afraid of kissing him, just what might happen."


As Joey lay in her bed at about 1:00 AM, she read and re-read the love scene.

It was a pretty good story. Angel loved Chris and Chris loved Angel, but they danced around it.

Angel: (opens door) Chris! Hi! What's the matter?

Chris:(Looking sad) Melissa dumped me.

Angel:(shutting door behind Chris) Sit down,is there anything I can get you?

Chris: (looks Angel in the eyes) We need to talk, Angel.

Angel: (SIts beside Chris on couch) Okay, about what?

Chris: I love you, Angel!

Angel: (a look of shock then happiness comes over her face) I love you too, Chris!

(Chris and Angel pull together and kiss deeply, Angel whispers in Chris's ear)

Angel: (whisper) I've always loved you.

Chris: I've always loved you, too.

Joey sighed. There was about 5 more kisses in the movie script too. What on earth would happen when she kissed Dawson?


Dawson paced in his living room. It was about 1:00 AM. It had just hit him that he'd have to kiss Joey. He was in a panic. What on earth would happen?

"Woah, man, you're wearing out the carpet!" Pacey yawned, emerging from the guest room.

"Sorry. Did I wake you?" Dawson asked, taking a break from pacing. Pacey grinned "Yeah, and I had to come and see if my dear friend has realized he is going to kiss the famous Joey Potter. You know, formerly know as Dawson's second half? Never see one without the other?"

Dawson looked at him and said "You're gonna get the story out of me one way or another, aren't you?"

Pacey plopped down on the couch and said "What are friends for?" Dawson sat also and said "Okay, You probably already know that I still love Joey. Always have, always will. Does she love me? What do I do?"

Pacey smiled "Man, you always over-analize things. Of COURSE Joey loves you! She has probably.,.had other guys ask her out but is she going steady? NOOOOOOO. Is she dating? NOOOOO."

Dawson said "But what about the kiss..... "

Pacey replied "You've kissed her what? 100 times before? Just see what happens! May sparks fly!"

Dawson smiled and said "Thank you, Pace, you've always been a great friend."

"Hey that's what I'm here for!" Pacey grinned "Say, do you think you could hook me up with the actress playing Heather? You know, good deed for good deed?"

Dawson smiled wider and shook his head, "Same old, Pacey" he thought. To Pacey, he said "Sure. I'll get you her number."


Next week, 1st rehearsal.

Joey arrived on the set and Dawson was in the parking lot to meet her.

He said "Okay, first to the clothes trailer and then to makeup and hair. Clothes trailer, that way" He finished, pointing to a brown trailer marked CLOTHES.

"Great," Joey smiled. "Thank you Dawson. I'd better get going. She walked over to the clothes trailer and Dawson stared after her. "What is this? Oh now I remember! The same person I see EVERY time she walks away. FOrlorn, yet longing, sad, yet in a trance, hurt, but......"

Pacey was interrupted by Dawson commenting, "Thank you Mr. Witter. You go to Clothing too!"

Pacey walked to the trailer and said "Jeeves! Hold the limo for me!" Dawson grinned.


"I have to wear THAT thing? What on earth IS it?" Joey exclaimed.

Marie, the clothing assistant said "It's marked ANGEL-SCENE 5 so it's yours. Change into it now please."

Joey did as she was told and as soon as she was done, she slipped on the night slippers that went with her outfit.

Pacey entered the trailer and grinned, "Joey?"

Joey shot his an icy glare "Not one word. Not ONE single word."

Pacey surveyed her outfit. It was a tight top that showed her stomach and it was paired with baggy pants. It was okay except for the colors. The pants were hot pink, and the top was shocking orange. They clashed terribly.

Marie suddenly rushed into the room, bringing a pair of white jeans and a purple spaghetti strap top with her.

She said "I'm so sorry, Miss Potter, we accidently marked the wrong bag for you! Put this on instead. Sorry again!"

Joey looked relieved as she took the normal clothes. She walked into a changing room and changed. The jeans were tight and the shirt was short and also stomach revealing, but the outfit was quite flattering on her. She slipped on the sandals that went with it and stepped out of the changing room.

Pacey smiled and said "Much better. Although I do miss Joey the clown."

Joey swatted at him and said "Did you ever grow up or did your brain warp?"

She walked from the trailer to makeup.

Some things never change. Had things between her and Dawson changed that much?


Dawson got ready for Scene 5. Joey walked onto the set. Her hair brushed straight and wearing light stage makeup. She looked beautiful. Even a few lighting guys stared at her.

Dawson said, "Ready for your big break?"

Joey grinned nervously, "Lines memorized. I'm ready."

Dawson stood at the "apartment" door and waited for his cue. He knocked and Joey answered the door.

"Chris! Hi! What's the matter?"

Joey was good, Dawson thought. They exchanged lines until they sat on the couch. Dawson said "We need to talk."

Joey looked confused, "Okay, about what?"

Dawson said, "I love you Angel!

Joey looked ultimately happy as she said "I love you, too!"

Dawson tried to remember "Angel. This is Angel and I'm Chris."

Dawson looked into Joey's eyes and Joey gazed back, Dawson leaned towards her and met her lips half-way. Dawson enjoyed every second of the intense kiss.

They kissed lightly at first, then deeper their tounges brushed each other and met. They were so involved in the kiss, Dawson finally realized this was for the movie.

He broke away, not wanting to and whispered "I love you, Angel."

Joey looked into his eyes and replied "I love you too, Chris."

"CUT! AND PRINT! Guys that was awesome!" The assitant director yelled.

He asked Joey, "Are you sure you've never done any acting before?"

Joey smiled and answered, "No, well I would always help Dawson by playing assorted characters but nothing more than that."

Mike, the assistant director looked at Joey and said "Maybe we can go out sometime. How does tonight sound?"

Dawson held his breath. Mike would be considered a major hunk by most of the women he knew and no one could say no to him. This was HIS Joey though!

Dawson thought. "Wait. I have no control over her. But I can't just stand here! But I will because I have to."


Joey was thinking, "Mike's cute and all, but I love Dawson. Always will, and that kiss proved it. No matter if he dosen't love me back." She answered Mike, "No, I'm sorry. I have plans."

Mike smiled sweetly and said "Tomorrow?"

Joey looked him in the eye and said, "Actually, I'm not dating right now. I'm otherwise attached."

Dawson's heart soared. Then sank. "Attached? What if she doesn't mean me?" he thought "I've gotta get out of here. I'll go back to my condo for a few hours. Call a break." Pacey grinned off camera..He had seen every second of Dawson and Joey's kiss.

And sparks were flying.

Dawson yelled "Guys, 2 hour break! Be back here at 2:00 PM SHARP!" He said to Joey, "C'ya later, Jo." Joey smiled at him and said "C'ya, Dawson."

Dawson walked out the stage door and into the sunlight. He had a lot of thinking to do.


*CLICK* a lightbulb above Pacey's head went off. HE thought to himself "He He He, I am so good at this thinking stuff! I know just what to do!"

To be continued.....

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