The Mirror has Two Faces by: Courtney

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I long for the warmth of
Days gone by
When you were mine
But now those days are memories in time
-Boy II Men, 4 Seasons Of Loneliness

Joey awoke slowly and calmly, until she noticed an arm draped over her side.

It scared her until she realized where she was. Back in the hotel with Dawson Leery. She wondered why his arm was wrapped around her. Her heart fluttered with hope. Hope that he may still love her.


*Joey looked into Dawsons eyes adoringly and said "Yes! I will marry you! I love you so much Dawson!" and they stared into each others eyes with joy never felt before and their lips met in a passionate kiss*

"Dawson, hey Dawson! Wake up!" Joey whispered.

"What? Huh?" Dawson said groggily, realizing that it was all a dream. "I've gotta go. I was supposed to teach my class 2 hours ago! And it's already 11:00!" Joey said in a worried voice.

"Yikes!" Dawson lept out of the bed with haste. "I was supposed to be on the set at 8:00! Here. Your dress is dry. Go change into that and I'll go check out. Hurry!"

Joey ran into the bathroom to change and Dawson hurried to the office.


Joey had changed into her dry sundress and Dawson came walking back in and said "We're checked out and ready to go."

"Here's your shirt. Thanks for letting me borrow it." Joey said smiling.

"You're welcome." Dawson smiled back and they stood for a few seconds just staring into each others eyes.

Joey came back first saying "Well. I guess I'll see you around Dawson."

Dawson replied trying to keep the sadness out of his voice "Yeah. C'ya, Jo"

"C'ya, Dawson" Joey replied, also with strain. She thought she was going to cry all of the sudden. Joey walked out the door, but stopped and looked back and saw Dawson staring at her. She waved and tried to smile and she then walked to her car and drove out of the parking lot.

Dawson stood in a trance, then realized the time and grabbed his suitcase and rushed to his car.

But what neither of them knew, was that a certain person had seen their every move.

And everyone was going to find out.

They smiled coyly and quickly scribbled on a note pad. And embossed on the top of the notepad was "The Mirror: America's favorite tabloid."


Joey finally turned into her condo driveway at around 11:50 AM and literally ran inside. She was late and in BIG trouble. She threw on the first clean clothes she found and grabbed her briefcase and ran back out to her car and drove to school. When she entered her classroom, she found a note saying:

Miss Potter,
If you get here before your normal class time at 9:00, please tell the students that I need them in a special meeting in the auditorium. Your class will resume at 1:00 PM.

John T. Whipplestaff
Student Affairs

"Whew." Joey let out a breath as she collapsed in her chair. Saved! One by one, students began filing into the room Her class was small, only 25 students. Once they were all there, Todd stood up and said "Uh. Professor Potter? Why weren't you here at 9:00AM? Whipplestaff told us he was glad you got his message about telling us to report to him. What was that about?"

Joey sighed and said "I guess I do owe you guys an explanation. I visited my sister and had to stay at a motel last night when it started raining."

"Oh. Okay." Todd sat down.

"Now, who did their homework?" Joey asked smiling. But her thoughts were of Dawson.


"Dawson. You're late. We had to delay shooting!" The producer yelled, red- faced Dawson sighed. It was going to be a long day. Especially with Joey on his mind.


The Next Day

"Dawson! Good grief, have you seen the news?" Pacey Witter screeched over the phone.

Dawson had called to ask him if he wanted to be an extra on the set but before he could ask, Pacey started screaming in his ear.

"Just turn it on any channel! Or pick up any tabloid or newspaper!" Pacey continued in one breath.

"Woah, woah Pacey! Calm down. Let me look at my paper. I have it right here. Hold on a second." Dawson reached over and grabbed the paper. As soon as he saw the headlines he whispered "Oh my gosh."

"See!?" Pacey asked in satisfaction.


"Miss Potter, may I speak to you one second before class starts?" One of her students, a pretty girl named Sue asked her. She had come in about 5 minutes before the others would arrive.

"Sure, Sue. What can I help you with?" Joey asked smiling.

"Well it's not any of my business what you do on off time but if the board of directors see this I just thought I should warn you. Look at this. And look at every other major paper, tabloid and channel on TV!" Sue ran out of breath as she plopped down a tabloid called "The Mirror"

Joey looked down curiously and read the headlines and gasped. "Oh my gosh," she whispered. The headlines read:

Movie Man And Teacher Make Out
Our sources have confirmed that New England's most eligible bachelor, multi-millionaire Director Dawson Leery has been seen at a small, out of the way hotel named "The Duck Inn" with a tall brunette whose name has been released as Josephine Potter. The two were seen early Sunday morning emerging from a hotel room together. Has Dawson Leery finally been caught and reeled in? And just who is this Josephine Potter?

Read The Mirror for the true scoop!


Dawson paced back and forth. Pacey was coming for the extra job later that day.

Dawson thought "What am I gonna do about this story?" His first impluse was to find Joey but he didn't know her phone number. He called Bessie and asked her. Luckily, Bessie hadn't caught wind of the story yet so she didn't ask questions, but there was a hint of I-told-you-so in her voice.

Dawson thanked her and dialed Joey's number. No answer. He remembered that she taught at Boston University so he grabbed his car keys and hopped in his car. He arrived at about 8:59 and, after asking directions to her classroom, set off in search of the room. He finally found the room and was about to walk in when he heard Joey's voice say "Dawson". He stopped and stood beside the door, listening unseen.


The class had just arrived, looking curiously at Joey. As soon as they took their seats, Joey asked them "Okay, how many of you heard this story about Dawson and I?"

Every single hand was raised. Joey commented "Well, at least you read the paper. Now. Who would like to know the real truth? Not 'The Mirror' story?"

Every voice chimed "Me."

Joey smiled and said "My nephew turned 10 yesterday and I went to his party. Dawson was there too. And I started to drive back to Boston. It started raining really hard so I pulled over at 'The Duck Inn'. Dawson had just gotten the last vacancy so he offered to let me bunk. I accepted. We woke up the next morning a little too late and drove home. End of story." Joey grinned. "No mystery or suspense or anything. Sorry!"

Todd piped up, "So you just happen to know an incredibly famous director? Or what?"

Joey answered "No, we used to be best friends until I left for college."

Sue grinned, "Just friends?"

"Well," Joey answered smiling. "Maybe we were a little more than that. Especially from 10th grade until college."

Another girl named Samantha asked "Why'd you break up?"

A look of sadness entered Joey's eyes as she responded "College. He went to Stanford, I came here."

Todd said, "Why don't you get back together? I mean, it's not like you're dating. Because you told me you don't date when I asked you out."

Joey grinned at Todd, "Maybe I just don't date students." She answered slyly.


Dawson had heard every word so far. He smiled at Todd's comment. Suddenly, a girl's voice asked "Do you still love him?" Dawson's heart flip flopped, waiting for an answer. He heard Joey answer "Well, maybe." Dawson could hear a smile on her voice. But right now, "Maybe," was better than nothing.


To be continued.....

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