Now and Then by: Courtney


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Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?
I miss you
-Brian McKnight, I Miss You

Joey awoke in a cold sweat. She had a nightmare. She walked into her modernly furnished kitchen and poured herself some Grange juice. She walked into the living room and turned on her large screen TV. E.T. flashed on the screen, and she sighed sadl, longing for the past. Joey was 25 now. She lived in Boston and had a nice life. She became a professor of psychology at Boston University after graduating from there on a full scholarship. She had also received one in California, but she could leave to go so far for that. She majored in Psychology and received her masters degree.

She was still single and had never dated. She never got over her first love.


"CUT! Good grief! What was that lame excuse for acting?" Dawson yelled at an actress portraying Heather. He was shooting a romantic drama in Boston, and it was going terribly. His actors were irritable and he was exhausted. He had attended Stanford and majored in Film. He had also received a scholarship. His permanent home was in Capeside. He never moved. He bought himself a nice house after making a bundle on his first movie. He was settled for life, but made movies for a hobby. He had many attractive women following him and he had about 50 phone numbers stashed in his "need to call but never will call" box. But he had never gotten over his first love.


"Well Todd that would be one way to describe claustrophobia," Joey said, trying not to crack a smile.

Todd has somehow crawled under his desk and started screaming. Todd was 19 and still a kid at heart. He was the class clown. Joey was a lenient teacher, making her a fast favorite. But all her students noticed a look of sadness in her eyes as she talked.

The bell rang loudly as Joey said "Have a great weekend class!" As the class emptied, she straightened her skirt and white blouse as she loaded up her books and prepared to head home to grade papers. She didn't have a date, although many men asked her out. She was beautiful.

Tall and slender with long brown hair and large brown eyes. But she couldn't bring herself to date. It had been 7 years since she had seen Dawson. They broke up when she left for Boston and he left for Stanford. They didn't want to break up but they figured it was for the best. She hadn't seen him since then, but her thoughts were constantly of him. Her true love.


Dawson entered his large, but sadly empty house and plopped down on his white couch. He sighed, another Friday. Empty days without love or happiness. Dawson was handsome, with bleached blond hair and a tall build. He missed her. More than he ever let his best friend Pacey know. He loved Joey, forever.


*RING!* The phone awoke Joey at about 5:00 that evening. She had dozed off grading papers.

Joey: Hello? Miss Potter speaking.

Bessie: MISS POTTER? Well now Joey.....

Joey: Bess! Hi! I thought you were a student! How are you?

Bessie: I'm great! Tomorrow is Alex's 10th birthday and he would like to see his rarely seen aunt Joey to attend. Can you come? The party is at 2 tomorrow afternoon.

Joey: Sure Bessie! I'd love to come! I'll be there! Whoops, I'm getting a beep on call waiting. I've gotta go. Love you Bessie! Bye!

Bessie: Bye Joey!

After Joey assured Todd(the beep), that no, desks are not claustrophobic terrors, she called the largest toy store in Boston and ordered a large basketball goal and basketball to be sent to Bessie's address for Alex. She sniiled and retired to a nice, long, bubble bath.



Dawson: Hello?

Bessie: Dawson! Hey!

Dawson: Hey Bessie! How are you!

Bessie: I'm great! Tomorrow is Alex's 10th birthday and he would like to invite you. Can you come? The party is at 2 tomorrow afternoon.

Dawson: Sure, I don't have plans. I'll see you there Bessie.

Bessie: Great! Bye Dawson!

Dawson: Bye!

Bessie chuckled as she hung up the phone. Her plan was a good one. She grinned and said under her breath, "Another point for Bessie the matchmaker! Or rather, re-kindler!


Next day at 2 PM

Joey pulled up in her red Mercedes and stepped out lightly, her white sundress blowing in the crisp breeze.

It was a beautiful day and Alex came running to meet her screaming "THANK YOU AUNT JOEY! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Joey laughed, assuming the basketball goal had arrived. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the backyard.

Her suspicions were confirmed, a new basketball goal stood in the backyard. Alex was so excited he was hyper.

Bessie came out of the house and hugged Joey "You look amazing! " Bessie said grinning.

"You do, too! You haven't aged at all Bessie!' Joey said grinning also.

"Bodie and I are going inside, why don't you play with Alex? He is forever grateful to you Joey!" Bessie said, pulling Bodie inside with her.

"C'mon Alex! Bet I can beat you! Whatcha say? One on One?" Joey asked grinning.

Alex's eyes lit up as he yelled "Sure!"


Dawson pulled his black Mercedes in to the the Potter drive while looking curiously at the red Mercedes. He wondered who could be in it. He stopped the car and stepped out in casual beige pants and a white shirt. He was tan, probably from shooting the movie in the Bahamas. His blond hair still the same, and his face the same just with a more mature look. He pulled a square box out after him and he aproached the backyard.

He heard a woman yell "Hey! Is that legal? I think you cheated!" then laugh. He rounded the corner and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was tall and slim with her hair done up in a fancy french knot, she had on a simple white sundress and she looked elegant. She had her back turned to Dawson so he couldn't see her face or who she was. She had just grabbed the ball from Alex and turned to face Dawson's direction, she didn't know he was there yet. Their eyes met at the exact same moment and they both gasped. Joey dropped the basketball to a waiting Alex who grabbed it and yelled "I got the ball!"

Joey whispered, "Dawson?"

Dawson said, "Joey?"

They stood staring at each other as Alex took a shot at the net and yelled "I WON! Hey, Aunt Joey I won!"


As Joey and Dawson stared at one another in shock, Bessie stood at the window, unseen by them. She grinned and muttered "Come on, you guys love each other."

Bodie snuck up behind her and said "Now Bessie. What if they don't love each other anymore?" Bessie replied solmly "They do. Trust me."


Dawson approached Joey and hugged her and said "Wow Joey you look great! What's it been? 7 years?"

Joey smiled and said "Yes, it has."

Alex bounded up to Dawson and said "Dawson! What'd you bring me?"

"Here you go birthday boy! Enjoy!" Dawson grinned and handed him his present.

Bessie came out and yelled "Come on guys! Time for cake!"

They walked inside and sat at the table. Alex unwrapped his presents from his parents and screamed as he unwrapped Dawson's present. It was an autographed Michael Jordan jersey. He yelled "THANK YOU DAWSON!"

Dawson smiled and said "You're very welcome. And I happen to know that the Bulls will be in Boston next weekend so here's three courtside tickets to them!"

Alex screamed again and Bessie smiled commenting "Dawson. You have a friend for life."


After the cake was gone and Alex had left to play with friends, Bessie, Bodie, Joey and Dawson settled down in the living room to talk. The tension was obvious between Dawson and Joey.

Bessie, trying to get things going said "Now, why don't you guys tell what you've been up to lately?"

Joey started talking first saying "The classes at Boston are going great. The students really listen to me now. It's amazing."

"Still live in the condo?" Bessie asked.

"Yeah," Joey replied.

Dawson asked "Are you still going to college or what?" He had no idea what had gone on since she was 18.

Joey grinned and said "No way! I'm a professor of psychology now. I got my masters and have been teaching since."

Dawson looked impressed and said "Wow. I have nothing as stable. I'm still living here, but in a different house. Made one blockbuster and the one I'm filming in Boston I'm beginning to think will never finish filming."

Joey suddenly looked at her dainty gold watch and looked distressed "Oh no. It's already 9:00! I have class tomorrow at 5:00 AM! I've got to go!" She rose from the couch and kissed Bessie good-bye and waved at Bodie and Dawson. She rushed out the door and ran to her car.

Meanwhile inside, Dawson jumped up and said "I had no idea it was that late! I have to drive back to Boston too. I'm renting a townhouse there while filming the movie "It's Only Love" Sorry to run! Bye!" He ran to his car in obvious rush. Dark clouds had rolled in and it was lightly raining in the dark night.


Joey noticed it was raining harder than it was when she left the house. It was raining harder by the second.

She decided to pull over at the next motel she saw. She stopped at the nearest gas station and gassed up. While putting the cap back on the gas tank she began to think about Dawson. She got in her car and pulled away from the gas station while thinking:

"Dawson looked great. I wonder if he still loves me like I love him? Snap out of it Joey! He's probably got a girlfriend or possibly engaged. I'm gonna go crazy!"


Dawson also noticed how hard it was raining and decided to stop at the motel he just passed.

It was called "The Duck Inn". It was very small, with outdoor rooms and only about 10 of them. He hoped there was a vacancy. He was not thinking about that though. he thoughts were of Joey.

"Joey is SO beautiful But I don't think she has changed much on the inside. I wonder if she loves me? But she probably has a boyfriend Why get my hopes up? Because I love her."


Joey pulled into the motel parking lot. It was raining in sheets now. And it was still about 4 hours to Boston. No way she could make it. And it was already 11:00. She stepped out of her car and got drenched instantly as she rushed inside.


"Congratulations sir. You got the last vacancy. A lot of folks checked in in the last hour. When the rain started getting hard." The man at the desk commented.

"Great!" said Dawson.

The man said "Can you please fill out these stay forms?"

Suddenly the door bell banged loudly as a beautiful, but drenched, woman walked in. She walked up to the desk and requested "Can I have a room please?" Joey had not yet seen Dawson standing only 5 feet away from her.

The man smiled and said "I'm sorry little lady but this gentleman right here got the last room I had."

Joey frowned. She said "Great. I have to drive to Boston at 1:00 at night, barely able to see. Just perfect!"

Dawson turned from filling out the forms and saw a wet Joey standing beside him looking depressed.

"Joey! I didn't know it was you." Dawson smiled.

Joey finally saw Dawson and smiled halfheartedly. "Well, it may be the last time. No way I can make it alive to Boston!"

The man behind the desk said, "Well, you can stay with me." He grinned.

Joey frowned and said "I'd rather not! Dawson, I guess I'd better go. Maybe there is a hotel nearby."

The man piped up again and said "Nope. Not one for another 100 miles!"

Joey frowned at him and walked out to the foyer before the parking lot. She was about to walk out when a strong hand clasped her arm. It was Dawson. He asked "Look, why don't you stay with me? I mean, it's not like you don't know me. I couldn't possibly let you drive to Boston in this weather."

Joey looked at him and was about to say no, but she said "Okay, I will. Thank you so much Dawson," she finished.

Dawson smiled and said "Great. I feel better now. Let's go find room 7!'

The man hollered after them "Only fill up the hot tub once! We're almost out of hot water!


They entered the room and Dawson said "I'm going to get my suitcase." Joey replied "Why do you have a suitcase? On your way somewhere?" Dawson explained "I always carry a suitcase. I may be on my way to the grocery store and have to detour to Boston. Filming is complicated."

Joey understood then a look of panic crossed her face. "Uh-oh. I don't have any clothes with me. And I'm drenched."

Dawson said "Let me go get my suitcase and I may can find something for you to wear in it. Be right back." He darted to his car in the downpour. Joey surveyed the room. All that was in it was a desk, a hard chair and a king size bed. And a bathroom with a hot tub. The one fill up hot tub. No shower.

Dawson came waddling in the door. He popped open his suitcase and looked in it. Joey re-entered the bedroom and Dawson asked "Okay, what will it be? I have a long dress shirt or a pair of socks?" He smiled.

Joey grinned and said "I'll take the shirt."

"Now the bathroom delimma. We can fill up the hot tub once. And by the time the second person gets in it will be stone cold." Joey looked distressed.

Dawson realized that if they didn't get warm soon, they could catch pneumonia.

He said matter-of-factly "We'll have to take one together. If we don't get warm we'll catch cold. Here, put on one of my undershirts. I'll wear my boxers. Okay?"

Joey looked uncomfortable but agreed.

Dawson walked in and ran the water while Joey put on the undershirt. It came down to mid-thigh she walked into the bathroom and saw Dawson was already in the bathtub. It was a big hot tub so she climbed in the other end. He smiled at her and once again noticed how beautiful she was.

He said "So, how's life?"

"Fine. My class is great and I love teaching and it pays well. I enjoy my job!' She said smiling. "You?"

"Ah, it was fine at first. I'm thinking of quitting movies though. It's getting stressful," he replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry. " Joey frowned.

"So. Any romantic prospects?" Dawson asked slyly.

"My, that was blunt! " Joey grinned. "And the answer is no. Never dated since..... you know."

Dawson looked solemn and said "Yeah. Me neither."

Joey shivered and commented "I think this water is getting cold." She climbed out and grabbed the nearest towel. Dawson did the same. "I'll go get the shirt," Dawson walked to get Joey's "nightgown". Joey dressed in the bathroom and Dawson put on dry boxers and a shirt in the bedroom.

Dawson's dress shirt was long on Joey. It came to her knees and she called out "Can I come out yet?"

Dawson grinned and replied "Yeah."

She walked out and Dawson noticed she had pulled her hair down to dry. It was dry now and was a little longer than since he had last seen her.

She climbed in on her side of the bed and Dawson climbed into the large bed on his side.

Dawson turned out the light and Joey joked "What? No E.T. tonight?" Dawson grinned into the darkness and said "No, I forgot my video." Joey smiled and said "I'll be right heeeeerrrrrreeeee," quoting the last line of the movie.

Dawson's grin widened as he said "Good night, Jo."

Joey replied "Good night Dawson."

And they slept side by side.

Almost like old times.



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