Death... by: Crystal

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Disclaimer: I don't own the song "Somebody Kill Me" by Adam Sandler.   

Disribution: Put it anywhere as long as you send an e-mail to AVega@AOL.COM.   

Note: This takes place after my first fanfic, sometime in season two after Joey broke up with Dawson.   

You don't know how much I need you.
While you're near me I don't feel blue.
And when we kiss I know you need me too.
Can't believe I found a love so pure and true.
But it all was bullshit.
It was a goddamn joke.
And when I think of you, Linda.
I hope you f--king choke.
I hope you're glad with what you've done to me.
I lay in bed all day long feeling melancholy.
You left me here all alone, tears running constantly.
Oh somebody kill me please,
Somebody kill me plee-ase,
I'm on my knees,
Pretty, pretty please kill me.
I want to die.
Put a bullet in my head.
"Somebody Kill Me"- Adam Sandler


   Dawson Leery opened his eyes to the darkness of night. His room lit only by the bright moonlight that streamed through the closed window. It was movie night, but the TV lay silent, its glass face blank.

   In his confusion during his first waking moments he thought Where's Joey? Then, as he fully awoke painful memories slammed down on him, the weight of them burdening, slowly killing him.   

Joey was gone. She had flat out left him for Jack. As Dawson thought the name a dull hatred arose. Jack, the guy who had taken Joey from him so suddenly. All because of Jen. Dawson closed his eyes and remembered Jen kissing him, the smell of alcohol strong on her breath, then he remembered Joey staring at him in shock her eyes full of pain. In those few seconds their friendship had been dissolved. Joey had gone to Jack to retaliate for Dawson's "cheating" on her. She had kissed him. This was what hurt Dawson the most, the thought of Joey kissing Jack.   

All these memories welled up within Dawson, choking him with all the emotions they evoked. He had slept the whole afternoon to escape his thoughts, which threatened to consume him. Both his parents were gone for the weekend, his dad with Tamara, his mom probably with Bob. Suddenly the stillness of the room was broken as Dawson began to laugh insanely. How quickly his "perfect life" had crumbled. Joey was gone, his parents had quit trying to reconcile, instead going for an "open relationship." The fight with Pacey. Wasn't life grand!   

His eyes was suddenly caught by the E.T. poster on his wall, a symbol of the life in which he had rejected reality. *Well reality has certainly caught up to me* Dawson thought. He found himself hating the poster. Dawson got up and turned on the light. His posters glared hatefully out at him, gloating over the ruin of his life, leering. Anger flared up within him, and he tore the E.T. poster off the wall. Then, in a mad fit of rage, he set about destroying the belongings that he had once held so precious.     


Joey Potter was making out with Jack McPhee in a dark corner of the movie theater as music blared around them. Suddenly a hand tapped her on the shoulder.

   "Wha...Pacey!!!" Joey glared at Pacey Witter as he stood smiling mischievously at her.

   "Hey, Joey. Sorry to interrupt you little makeout session!" But Joey could tell from his smirking expression that he was not sorry. This infuriated her.   

"Hey, Pacey," Jack smiled, amused at the livid expression on Joey's face.   

"Pacey...bite me!!"   

"Joey! I have a girlfriend, so I'll have to turn down your invitation." His expression turned serious, "I was looking for Dawson. He didn't show for work and Nellie called me. If he's not there in..." he glanced at his watch, "half an hour Nellie threatens to fire him. Can you go look for him?" Joey's face became wary as all the good humor drained from it.

"Dawson? No, I haven't seen him. Why don't you go look for him yourself?"

Pacey looked at his watch again, "I have to start work in five minutes. Please, Jo, please." He put on a puppy face as he begged her.

"Fine! Jack, sorry to have to end this so soon but I'll never hear the end of it if Dawson got fired. Want to come with me?"

Jack smiled dimly, "No thanks. I'll just stay here and watch the end of the movie. See you tomorrow." He did not want to see Dawson Leery.

"See ya," Joey gave him a quick peck on the cheek and stood up. She turned around and saw that Pacey had already left.    


Dawson fell to his knees in the ruin of his room. His posters lay shreds, like confetti, around him and his movies lay smashed. Dawson looked down and his once revered E.T. video in ruins; the plastic in slivers. He touched it, a bright smear of blood appeared, marring the letters. Thoughts of movie nights with Joey came and he broke down, weeping.     


Joey walked down the street, her arms wrapped around herself to keep warm. As she passed Pacey's work she looked up. Pacey grinned at her from behind the counter and waved. She waved back. Why had she agreed to do this? She was nervous about seeing Dawson. Quickly she turned her thoughts to Jack to ward off any bad feelings. Joey wrapped her arms tighter around herself and walked on.     


Dawson got up off his knees and calmly walked to his father's room, his decision made. When he got to the closet he reached up and pulled out the gun. Black metal gleamed up at him. Should he do it? Dawson's mind was made up to end his misery but he had not yet decided in which way. He held the gun to his head and flicked off the safety, his finger on the trigger. Suddenly he remembered his father talking about a co-worker who had tried to commit suicide thay way, ending up comatose in the hospital, never to wake up yet to live on. Dawson shuddered and put the gun away.   

A pile of rope lay in the corner of his father's closet, left over from work done on the house. Why not? he thought. Dawson went downstairs and returned with a knife. He cut the rope and fashioned it into a noose, remembering from practice for one of his movies. Walking back to his room he tied the rope to a hook on his ceiling, then he got the chair.     


Joey came in sight of Dawson's house. No light shone from his window. Not even flickering from the TV. The house lay eerily silent as she began to walk more quickly.     


Dawson got up onto the chair and placed his head into the noose. He willed himself to kick the chair out from under him.     


Joey began climbing up the ladder.     


Dawson thought, I love you, Jo. As he kicked the chair he glanced up to see Joey staring in shock at him. He tried to stop but it was too late as the noose suddenly slammed on his windpipe cutting off his breath.     


Joey couldn't believe what she was seeing. Dawson was kicking his legs grotesquely, his hands trying to stop the noose from choking him. As his eyes rolled up in his head she screamed, "DAWSON!!!" Frantically she pounded on glass, which cut her as it gave way. She struggled to unlock the window and fought her way in. Joey got the chair and jumped on after picking up the knife and hit the rope above Dawson's head as hard as she could. The hook supporting the rope, already weak, tore out of the ceiling in a cloud of white dust. Dawson fell to the floor in an ungraceful heap, his hands falling away as he entered the world of unconsciousness.   

Joey fell next to him, sobbing. Dawson's darkened face stared up at her, his glazing eyes accusing. Joey came to her senses and ran to the phone. She called 911.     


After having called for help Joey kneeled next to Dawson. She checked for a pulse, it was weak and irregular but there was one. Joey gently shook him, her breath coming out in choking sobs as she said, "Dawson I love you. Come back."

She carefully placed her jacket under his head so he could breathe easier. Dawson's gasping breath filled the room as the screams of sirens began, getting weaker as the seconds passed.   

To be continued...   

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