Together Again by: Debra and Amy


(Movie Night- intently watching the movie)

"Remind me again how you got me to watch this incredibly sappy chick flick?" Dawson asked Joey in utter disgust.

"Dawson, I have agreed to watch a Speilberg movie of your preference every single other movie night, I think you can deal with this one." Joey replied with just as much distaste.

"But did it have to be EVER AFTER??"

"Shut up before I punch you!"

"Like you could ever, ever beat the great DAWSON LEERY!!" Dawson shouted while standing on his bed.

"Dawson, I could beat you up in a second and you know it!" Dawson looks sooo silly like that Joey thought quietly to herself. They always had this kind of fight, and usually Joey gave into him before things got physical. Tonight though, she wanted a challenge!

"Oh yeah?" Dawson shot back.

"YEAH! Just watch me!" Joey pounced on top of Dawson, catching him completely by surprise. They wrestled on his bed for a couple of minutes, and finally Dawson got Joey in a position so he was lying directly on top of her... suddenly everything became silent. This can't happen again Joey thought. It just can't! I broke up with Dawson for a reason...

Meanwhile, Dawson was gazing at Joey.... and the only thought that could enter into his mind was: SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! No, Dawson he said to himself.... You promised you would give her the space she wanted. Don't do this to yourself.

Suddenly, it all didn't matter anymore. All doubts and worries faded and slipped silently away from both their minds; and all they could think about was how badly they each wanted one another. Outside, a crack of lightning struck, and they were silent for a moment. Then suddenly, it was like they were the only two people on the planet, the whole world revolved around their kiss. After some seconds of majorly kissing Joey pulled away... bewildered and scared. Dawson watched Joey step away from him, as in shock of what had just happened.

"Dawson... I have to go." She had to get out of there, her mind told her. She had to be anywhere but near the guy she loved, Dawson Leery.

"Jo, I'm sorry, I didn't- I mean-- I" Dawson desperately grasped at words, trying to find the right way to tell Joey how he felt. He just couldn't let her get away again, he couldn't!

"I know...I understand. But I have to go now." Joey climbed out of Dawson's window and down the ladder, never looking back once. As she ran, Dawson heard her sobs go quietly through the night air.

Well that's the first chapter! Will Dawson and Joey be ok? And how will Pacey and Jen react to their new coupledom ? Hope everyone likes it, it is our first fan fiction story so we want to know everyone's feedback. Thanks for reading this first chapter... it gets better as it goes along... hope you enjoyed it!


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