Together Again Chapter Two by: Debra and Amy

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The sun was shining brightly into Dawson's room. He sighed gratefully, knowing that the whole weekend lay in front of him.

"Now what to do?" Dawson wondered to himself. Pacey was working all day at the video store, and Jen was going into the city for the weekend. And Joey...he smiled as all the memories and remembrances of last night came crawling back to him. All he could picture was holding Joey in his arms, and their amazing kisses. What would happen to them now? Should he make the next move and call her up.... probably. But he didn't want to push her, he knew if he cornered her too hard he would lose her forever. That's how they broke up last time. But things wouldn't be like that IF they did get back together... he knew he had to see her, and settle things once and for all.


Joey sat up in bed, awakened by her dreams. During the night she had had tons of dreams, all about Dawson. One was them just kissing like they did last night, another was them on their wedding day. She had several more like that, before the last dream. It was about how she and Dawson had lost touch over the years, and how they weren't even friends anymore. The thought of that made up her mind more than anything, when she saw how terrible life would be without him.

"Oh geez, it is only 6:00. Damn it Dawson, I can't stop thinking about you. Your beautiful green blue eyes, those lusious lips and that vibrant blond hair." Just the thought of last nights events made Joey feel all quivery and shaky, as if she couldn't beleive it was true.

Oh how getting back together would just be sooo easy, Joey thought. What is the problem, why can't you just let your life take its own course? Stop trying to control everything. If Dawson is what you want then go get him. Half the fight is knowing what you want. Why what? Question is should I call or not. Maybe he doesn't want to get back together; maybe I am pushing him? I don't know anymore! I have to see for myself before I let myself get worked up over anything though. Joey picked up the phone to call Dawson.

"Busy! Who is he calling at 6:00 in the morning.......probably Jen to wish her farewell when she stays in NY." She knew it, she just knew Dawson wan't serious about their relationship, she knew he really loved Jen. But Dawson isn't like that! she thought. Maybe she should try again and give him another chance.

"Damn it Joey who could you possibly want to call at 6:00 in the morning!! I need to talk to you!!" Dawson had just tried calling Joey and had gotton a busy signal.

I need to see her. Dawson thought to himself.

At the same time, Joey was thinking the same thing. No matter what a jerk Dawson was, (which she hoped he wasn't), she needed to talk to him.


they both are in the middle of the lake, Joey in her rowboat and Dawson in his speedboat. As they come closer, they see one another and Dawson quickly rides over to her.

"Joey!! I was just going to go and see you, your line was busy!" Gosh, Joey looks amazing this morning. Even in her pajamas she looked like a goddess to him.

"Same here." Dawson, Joey pleaded silently, I hope this was all just a misunderstanding, cause I want you so bad. Suddenly, Dawson became very nervous, and had a terrified look on his face.

"I think we need to talk. I have but only one question. Am I pushing you and do you really want to do this again? Sorry, that was two questions. But seriously just tell me if you still love me and you want to be with me. I need to know before we start from the beginning again." God that was hard to say Dawson thought. And boy, was his heart racing. He needed to be with Joey, it was the only way of living. He just hoped it wan't too late for them.

Joey beamed silently inside. So that's what had been bugging him! "Let me put it this way......I don't ever want you to think that you are pushing me too far. In fact you are the sweetest guy on earth and I know that you would never want to hurt me ever."

Dawson grinned as he tied his boat to hers, and stepped inside the rowwboat. He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, and she immediatly responded. They sat in the middle of the creek making out, just enjoying each other's warmth on the cold Saturday moring. Pretty soon though, Dawson's watch beeped, which meant they had been outside in the middle of the lake for an hour! Jeez, Dawson thought, so this is what they mean by a wake up kiss! A few minutes later he stood up and held Joey's hand.

"Joey, would you like to accompany me for a very romantic breakfast for two at the cafe by the dock?"

"I would love to." Joey leaned up and kissed Dawson on the cheek.


Hope you liked it! We put a lot of effort into this chapter, because we are big Joey/Dawson fanatics.... so just a warning: IF you don't like them being together DON'T READ ON! Cause this is definitly a Joey/Dawson romance! The next chapter will have more to do with other characters also.... the next section is very funny.

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