Together Again Chapter Three by: Debra and Amy

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(Cut to Pacey in the video store, talking to himself.)

Pacey: "God this job is boring on a Saturday morning no one returns videos on a Saturday because they haven't watched them yet. They rent them Friday night to watch them on Saturday besides Dawson. Oh... speak of the Devil." As he was talking to himself, someone had walked in... Dawson Leery himself. With Joey tagging along.... oh this could be good Pacey thought to himself!

"Hello my friend, here is my video returned." Dawson said grinning.

"Did I not call that!" Pacey muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Dawson looked at Pacey as if seeing him for the first time all day, and looked as if Pacey was acting crazy.

"Forget about it Dawson...did you like it?"

"Pacey, don't you know me better it wasn't a Speilberg film. I never like anything BUT Speilberg films."

"I figured." Pretty soon, Pacey realized that while he and Dawson were talking, Joey had been wandering around the video store just avoiding him.

"Joey, get over here!" Dawson called. "Pacey, I would like you to be the first to know that me and Joey (holding Joey's hand) are officially back together (kisses her hand.)"

"Well, may I be the first to congratulate you! It took long enough for you guys to get together in the first place, but after that nasty breakup I am glad you both have come to your senses." And he really was happy for them, I mean, this was Dawson and Joey! He had known from the beginning those two were meant to be, it just bugged him that they had their whole life going, which he was stuck in nowhere land with NO girlfriend.

"Thank you! We are going out to breakfast, see you later... are we still on for movie night tonight?" Dawson questioned Pacey.

"Yeah...I am still trying to find a date, maybe I will get lucky today." Yeah right Pacey thuoght, nothing good ever happens to him.

"See ya tonight Pacey... come on Dawson, my stomach is starting to growl." Joey said suddenly, with a big wild grin on her face. Pacey watched as the boyfriend and girlfriend hand in hand left the store, wondering if he would ever find his soulmate.


Dawson and Joey are sitting in a coffee shop, both together on one really oversized chair. They are smushed together, but happy to finally be a couple again.

"It is great to have you back Jo....." Dawson murmered into Joey's ear. "I missed you."

"Well I missed you too Dawson!" Joey have him a quick kiss on the lips.

"So, what's on the menu today.....?" Dawson asked as he handed Joey a menu.

"Don't look at me I am not the waiter!!"

"Yeah Yeah Yeah.....Garcon! I think that means waiter, or boy, or something like that."

"What kind of a word is that!?!?" Even thought Dawson used a lot of big words, Joey had never heard that word come out of his mouth.

"It's French... Spielberg used it in his first movie."

"Yeah, yeah... it's always French words that seem to dstump me. Funny though, cause right I could be in France right now." Joey didn't even want to picture that seen. She was sooo glad that she hadn't made the biggest mistake of her life; leaving Dawson and going to France.

"Forget about going to France Jo, because right now you're not going anywhere!"

Dawson leaned in for a kiss. They both put their arms around each other. However, while their makeout session was going on, the waiter had come to take their order and it just happened to be... Chris Wolfe. As he watched Dawson and Joey in amusemant, Dawson looked up and saw Chris standing there, just watching them. He nudged Joey and they both turned to Chris quickly, mortified that one of Capeside's biggest jerks has just found out about their recent coupledom.

"Ehem.... if it isn't too much trouble on your part...can I take your order?" Chris said smiling.

"Um.....oh my god, um.....Hi Chris...when did you get this job?" Joey turned bright red as she tried to answer Chris's question without losing complete control of the situation.

"Hi, Chris," Dawson said, blushing as well.

"Hello, I didn't even recognize you two. When did you two get back together? Finally, it took ya only 16 years!!" Chris smirked as he noted thier embarrassment.

"Just last night." Joey stated, just a little bit too quickly.

"When did you get the job here?" Dawson asked again, trying to change the subject.

"Well I saw the help wanted sign in the window a few days ago talking about some help. So I decided what the hell, even if it is boring, it will still always be better than working at.... whats the name of your place again Joey? The FreezeBoat?

"Bite me Chris. So anyways what are you going to get Dawson? Dawson???" Joey glanced at her boyfriend, who looked like he was coming out of a daze.

"Yeah! Sorry, Jo... um I'll get some scrambled eggs and toast." Dawson quickly decided.

"And you Joey?"

"I guess I'll have some french toast. She glanced subtly over at Dawson, and exchanged some quick private smiles and glances, as they recalled the last time french toast was an issue.

"Coming right up..." Chris walked away, every few seconds just glancing back to see if they were watching him.

"Well, that was a pleasant surprise." Dawson said sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah, Dawson... just peachy keen. I am still kinda in a little daze from that overly amazing smooch that we just had. I like being back together. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I know that when we were friends you didn't really feel any chemistry and for years it really bugged me. Did you know that you are soooo oblivious to everything around you!?!?! Pacey even knew about my feelings for you. May I personally congratulate you on your efforts in finally figuring out that you actually have feelings for me after knowing me for 16 fun-filled years of being my best friend." it was true Joey thought, Dawson was really completely oblivious to anyone besides himself. He always believed that his life was some perfect little film... boy was he ever wrong.

"Yes, Joey, I know that even Pacey knew that you had feelings for me. In fact he told me on several different occasions that you loved me. I never believed him. Jo, I was scared that he was just Joshin' with me." Dawson said seriously, while glancing worridly at Joey.

"I know, he told me so many times that he told you and every time I hit him for it. You have to figure things out for yourself, as you always tell me. So for 16 years, I let you figure it out.....thank god you finally figured it out. Dawson, I have loved you and I mean truly loved you since the day that we started Junior High. That was the day that I knew that I truly loved you and always would." Joey had always known that she and Dawson shared some special bond since they became friends back in elementary school, but she never had quite figured out what that had meant until they had hit 7th grade.

"Joey, I am so sorry that I had you wait for such a long time. I love you to and I have known you for such a long time that any way of thinking of liking you has already crossed my mind. I now know that I really and truly love you more than any kiss could say." Joey looked over at Dawson, as if just checking that he truly meant what he said. Dawson looked so sad whenever he and Joey were arguing, and Joey could always tell when he was telling the truth. And he was this time.

"Oh really?" Joey said flirtatioussly. Both thier heads moved in and both murmured random replies. Joey dramatically put her hand at the back of Dawson's and started to fondle with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Dawson wraped his strong, muscular arms around her body and pushed her into him. As things started to heat up, Dawson began to analyze the situation and suddenly, they both pull away saying...

"WE ARE IN A PUBLIC PLACE!!!" Both look around very suspiciously and think.....What were we thinking? Joey looks at Chris......he is working away, untouched by the situation that just happened. Joey looks over at Dawson, who is smiling ever so slightly, before she finally relaxed and let out a laugh. Whenever she was with Dawson, she never knew what would happen next.

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