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Fun Facts: Unaired Season Two!

If 3 or more of these apply to you, you better start looking for a good 12 step program because you are definitly addicted to DC! Feel free to email us (with are you addicted in the subject) any ways you can think of and we'll credit you!

Alex's Ways

You write a fanfic with or just create a new character specifically for you to play if you were on the show.

You search for identical clothes and get an identical hairstyle to one of the characters so that you look like them.

You design a wedding invitation with your name and the name of one of the actors or characters.

You start renaming landmarks in your town to fit the show (i.e., you call the movie theater the Rialto, a private hangout the ruins, a restaurant where you or one of your friends work the S.S. Icehouse, etc.).

You scan yourself in with pictures of the cast and show them to people, telling them that you are one of the new cast members.

You write down every parallel inbetween your life and the show and resolve problems by doing what the characters do.

You watch shows on the WB for hours in hopes that you'll get a glimpse of a commercial for the next show or next season.

You rename your favorite pet after your favorite character.

You visit Wilmington, North Carolina for no other reason than you hope to see the set or a member of the show.

After watching the first few shows, you started saying "Bite me" ten times more often than before.

You purposefully try and get into Saturday detention so that you can recreate scenes from the episode "Detention" (formally known as "The Breakfast Club.").

You use one of the characters' names as a pen name or a signature on your emails.

You tape and watch the episodes over and over until you memorize every word of dialog so that you can preform the whole season for friends and family.

You buy the new soundtrack to hear Katie Holmes sing "On My Own" over and over and try to imitate it exactly.

You stop whatever you're doing or leave wherever you are to get the special limited addition Dawson's Creek poster with a purchase at the WB store on Wedensday October 7th, even if the nearest store is 3 hours away.

You reserve time to call up one of your friends each week after the show to analyze it for at least an hour.

You suddenly find that you have started imitating gestures that some of the characters do a lot on the show (i.e., Dawson's look of obliviousness, Joey's half smile), whether you meant to or not.

You realize that you have written enough fanfiction to have written a novel.

You write a fanfic in the first person (taking the perspective from one of the characters points of view) just to make it easier to pretend that you are the character.

You get so involved in a fanfic or an episode that you start to think that you are a charcter on Dawson's Creek, even if it's just a brief lapse.


Becci's Ways

You think it's weird that Joey from 'Friends' is a guy. After all, Joey is a girl's name!

You check your e-mails daily to see if any fanfic has been added to your fave pages.

You scream when scenes have been cut out. (UK viewers know what I mean!)

You spend your sixteenth birthday camped out in front of the TV waiting for season two to start!

You stare in the mirror for a full half hour because your hair looks just like character's does.

You race home from work because Dawson's Creek is starting in a few minutes.

You think it's odd for people's surname to be Dawson.

You plan on calling your first son James. (Or Joshua. Or you first daughter Katie or Michelle)

You know the stars' birthdays off by heart.

You rent out 'The Breakfast Club', 'Pretty Woman' or any other film that's had an episode named after it. (by the way, why did they change it? We fanfic writers can find titles, why can't they?)

You've bought all the books listed on Amazon's site about Dawson's Creek.

You buy the Paula Cole album just to have non stop 'I Don't Want To Wait'.

You suggest having a 'movie night' with your friends.

More than 50% of the e-mail addresses in your address book are DC Related.

You want to go to Columbia, UCLA or similar because Katie, Kevin or whoever went there or is going to go there.

You live in fear that Katie will accept her deferred place at college. What will happen to Joey?

You notice obscure things, like Joey wearing an outfit that Andie had worn a few weeks earlier.

You read all these lists to see if you're obsessed.

You write one of these lists...oops! (Just in case you were wondering, yes. I've done all of the above. And the whole university thing is that much harder, cause I live in England. And the hair thing? Well, I think Monica Keena's hair is so cute. And my hair's the same as Katie's).


You hear one of the songs played on an episode, recognize it right away, and proceed to tell everyone in earshot the episode it came from, what was going on while it played, and a summary of the show. (<-- thanks Lisa!)

Your vocabulary magically enhances without the use of a dictionary (<-- thanks Juliana!).

You start quoting Dawson's Creek and all your friends think you're going wacko. That is my insight to what happens when you have seen one too many Dawson's Creek episodes (<-- thanks Twisted Fairy!).

You beg your parents to take you to the town of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada for a vacation (<-- thanks Donna!).

You have a DC Wall Of Fame in your room (<-- thanks Amanda!).

You never let your friends borrow tapes of the episodes (assuming you *have* taped them) for fear that their house will catch on fire and the tapes will burn (<-- thanks Amanda!).

You spend hours a day researching Dawson's Creek websites (<-- thanks Valee11!).

You can't go 48 hours without logging on to Dawson's desktop to see if he received any new e-mails.

Every CD you own has been featured on DC.

You go out looking for partners with the same name as your favorite character on the show...(i.e. Jen)

You dream of being a cast member more than you have sexual fantasies.

You apply for a JCrew credit card because you liked the clothes on the show.

You own every style number of Dep gel.

You watch "Apt Pupil", "Urban Legend", "Species", "Angus", and any other movie that the cast members of DC appeared in just for the sake of seeing them (<-- big thanks Ben Greer for those seven!).

You spend almost all your time thinking about DC or doing something related.

You talk about DC 25 hours a day.

You design a Dawson's Creek video game.

You change your name to the name of a cast or character, (i.e. Katie Holmes, Andie, etc.).

You've made your own religion in which the god is Kevin Williamson.

You swear to things on the life of Kevin Williamson, (i.e. I swear on the life of Kevin Williamson...).

Your friends attempt to maim you since they're so fed up with you talking about DC.

Wednesday night is holy and you can't plan anything then.

You're still talking about the previous episode 5 nights after it aired.

While your teachers are lecturing you about boring things, you draw pictures, think about, whisper about, etc. DC. (<-- big thanks Katy for those ten!)

You take a self-paced class on the night of the show, just so you can get home in time to watch.(<-- thanks Mercy Q.!)

You start matching the casts names with your last name to see how they sound for your unborn children.(<-- thanks Mercy Q.!)

You have written one or more letters to a cast member just in the hopes that they have in some way gotten in touch with something of yours. So, therefore you have a "special bond" with them unlike any other.(<-- thanks Lauren R.!)

You finish your final exam early and instead of checking over your answers in the extra time since they won't let you out of the class you draw up the set of one of the places in Capeside and use your pens and pencils as the characters to reenact a scene!!!(I actually did this during my french exam last year with the first scene from the premiere ep. My friends all thought I was NUTSO !!!! *G*) (<-- thanks Jodie!)

You start referring to Wednesdays as "Happy Day"... And you tell your friends if they call between 8pm and 9pm on Wednesday they will suffer the consequences. (<-- thanks Leerygirl!)

You were devastated to find out that MTV's "Fan-atic" had already run an episode featuring the DC crew and you weren't on it.

You print out transcripts to match your tapes. (<-- thanks Nicole!).

You start talking about something out of the ordinary, and your conversation ends with you talking about how badly you want Dawson and Joey to get back together. (<-- thanks Roxy0193!).

You are a Dawsonohalic if you and your friends give each other DC nicknames. (<-- thanks Abby!).

You think smashing your car to a police car is a great way to start a relationship. (<-- thanks Melissa!).

You are obsessed when you have a dry-erase board with a quote for the day on it and all the quotes come from Dawson's Creek.

You write every episode as a screenplay.

You own all the DC related merchandise that is available.

You have friends over at your house and you make them watch previous episodes.

You make your friends re-enact an episode.

You move out of your house and get your new house to be built looking like a character's house (<-- big thanks to SamIAm for those 6!).

You are voted most likely to marry one of the characters in your high school poll-- I thought it was funny when I was voted most likely to marry James Van der Beek which is true, [ =0) ] but it was funny! (<-- thanks Natasha!).

You pretend to be married to a character, and write their last name and your first on all of your school papers.

You feel that everyone should love Dawsons Creek as much as you, and when they don't, you get mad at them. (<-- thanks to Ashley for those 2!).

You have fantasies of actually "spitting in the face of the entire education system"

You actually try that study method the characters did in the episode "The All-Nighter".

You actually try to take a nap on the football field. (<-- thanks to Stefanie for those 3!).

You rearrange your room to match Dawson's exactly.

You decide to take film study in college because Dawson will.

You punch your best friend in the face because she met James Van Der Beek at a club and you didn't.

You chase your brother and mother around the house shouting quotes and telling them what your plans are regarding your marriage to Pacey. (All of these are true to an extent). (<-- thanks to Marilyn for those four!).

You keep all of the Magazines and Newsletters that any one of the stars is featured in (<-- thanks Stac!).

You start off reading this list thinking, "No way am I obsessed," and end the list thinking, "So what, I've only done 37 of these things, that doesn't mean I'm obsessed..."(<-- thanks Kate!).

You suddenly like Speilburg movies (<-- thanks Davon!).

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