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The Un-aired Scenes of Dawson's Creek - Season Premiere
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Posted by Aaron on October 20, 1998 at 11:13:31:
Mandy sent this in to me, as well as a few Dawson's Creek lists. There are really no spoilers in here, but if you notice by reading the following the season premiere was changed around a lot. Enjoy.

SEASON TWO PREMIERE UNAIRED SCENES AND NEWS: The cast and crew of Dawson's Creek redid the season premiere episode of the show. If you've seen the promo that has Joey saying something about "What if the reality doesn't live up to the dream?", that was one of the scenes in the first episode. At the time, Joey and Dawson weren't a couple yet-- they're both still having doubts about getting together. Also in some of the promos, you see Dawson picking Joey up and twirling her around. Now I said before that this is at the Icehouse and Joey tells Dawson that she's going to stay in Capeside. He picks her up because he's so happy to hear the news. This was also in the first episode but never aired. The Mitch and Gail storyline wasn't supposed to begin until the second episode. The bed scene between Mitch and Gail was in the original script as was another scene between the parents but the parents weren't supposed to have that much screen time yet. There was a scene of Dawson actually getting the speed boat to pick Joey up but that was also cut out and changed. While on the subject of the speed boat and Dawson and Joey-- Dawson helps Joey into the boat and she teases him about being able to drive it. She made it as a sexual reference referring to if he was able to handle himself around her. The school scene of Dawson and Joey was never in the original script-- the only couple who was supposed to have scenes at the school were Andie and Pacey. But I'll tell you more about that in a bit. Jen never found out about Dawson and Joey until a scene where she saw them at the park but I'll tell you about that in a minute as well. But here's a Mitch/Dawson scene that was supposed to be the opening scene after the credits-Mitch asks Dawson why he was sooo happy and Dawson replies that he's just having a good day as he's not sure what's going on with him and Joey yet but happy at the prospect of him and Joey. The Rialto wasn't supposed to be as big as it was in the episode. It was only supposed to be in passing and the first step in Dawson and Joey's date. Dawson had planned a whole big agenda that included the movies, the park, and a romantic picnic. The Rialto was shown but as Dawson and Joey were leaving and Jen following them. There was no confrontation between Jen and Dawson in the lobby but there was one at the park in the original episode. The scene of Dawson talking to Jen and bringing the casserole over was in the original script. Oh and there was a scene of Gail and Dawson when she tells him to take the casserole over to Jen and her Grams. Okay-- about the date itself-- There's a scene with Dawson and Pacey where Dawson is telling Pacey about his date with Joey and Pacey is still coming up with off the wall rhymes about Christy. (Sidenote here-- I've been told that Josh kept messing up with the rhymes in this scene) Joey and Dawson go to the park and they walk around a bit and they run into Pacey and there is a scene of Joey and Pacey together when Dawson runs off to talk to Jen. Joey basically runs her hand through his hair and says that she likes it. Pacey just tells Joey that "he told her so" about Dawson running off to Jen and harrasing Joey when she's not in the mood to put up with him (Pacey). Dawson comes back and he and Joey go to another area of the park and have a picnic. They also go on the swings and the kiss scene u see with the exception of the dialogue was the same but on one of the kisses-- Dawson pulls Joey onto his lap and starts swinging as she wraps her arms around his neck. He whispers ever so softly in her ear "Joey Potter, you are so beautiful" or a line with something to that effect. Jen sees them and that's where Jen picks a fight with them and where Dawson runs off with Jen to explain things to her leaving Joey to deal with Pacey. Okay, now onto Pacey and Andie. Andie does meet Dawson and Joey in separate scenes but doesn't know that they all know each other-- ie Pacey, Joey and Dawson being friends. Jack was in the original episode but just in passing. Pacey has another scene where he runs into Andie and believe it or not-- Abby. Abby berates Pacey's hair and calls him a freak when they run into each other on their way to class. The scene where Andie says that she's hard up for friends occurs right after she tells him that she'll set him up with Christy but alas it cut edited out as well. The scene that Pacey runs into Andie and later Abby is when Andie asks how things are going between him and Christy and Pacey tells Andie about the date. Now for the thing about Jen and Grams- there was a scene where Jen is wearing the same outfit that she wore when she was talking to Dawson outside in her yard and her and Grams are in the kitchen together and Jen has clips in her hair. Grams is talking about the death of her husband and how Jen seems so lonely lately. Jen runs her hand through her hair and in the process knocks the clips out of her hair and Grams notices that Jen cut her hair and says something like "Oh Jennifer, your hair" and Jen tells her that she needed a change and decided to cut her hair. Abby also runs into everyone else-- IE, Jen, Joey and Dawson as well in the episode. And about the theme song contraversy-the producers decided to stick with "I Don't Want To Wait" at the last minute but Edwin McCain did write a very pretty and heartwretching song called "Go Be Young".

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