Test of Time by: Felicity

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Pacey Walking down his dorm's hall. He gets to Joey and Kayla's door and knocks. The other side of door is shown with Joey dragging herself out of bed. Joey opens the door.


Pacey:I see you are just as cheery in the morning as always.

Joey:Don't start this morning, Pacey,please.

Pacey:Why, have a long night?

Joey:Actually I did.

Pacey:Did the frat boy keep you out too late?

Joey:Actually Mark-(Joey uses her fingers to say "the frat boy") walked me back to my dorm and dropped me off while you all were still at the party. I heard your kicking and screaming last night when you came in. Pacey, what is your problem?

Pacey:I just didn't want to see you get hurt.

Joey:Pacey, I know you haven't been around me in two years but I think you should know I can take care of myself.

Pacey:I know but this is a new experience for you. I mean frat boys and parties and not as much parental supervision.

Joey:Pacey, I don't know what happened to you while you were gone but I think you fried your brain. If you remember anything about my life in Capeside I was able to handle guys. Remember Warren?

Pacey:What about the beach party were you got so drunk, that you called me your hero?

Joey:That just shows you what a little liquor can do to me. It makes me insane. But, Pacey, I wasn't drunk last night and I knew how to handle myself. If you don't remember I am the one whose mother is dead and whose father has been in jail for most of her adolescent life.

Pacey:Well, okay I'm sorry. It is just I worry about you and . . . . . Never mind.

Pacey starts to turn around and walk away.

Joey:Pacey, what?

Pacey turns to face her for just a second before walking out. Joey slams the door closed.


Pacey slowly walks back to his room with his head down. Shawn is sitting at his desk writing email.

Pacey:I'm so stupid.

Shawn:What was that?

Pacey:I accuse her of staying out all night with that guy but really she was in her room to hear my fit.

Shawn:I know Kayla told me this morning.

Pacey:Well thanks for telling me.

Shawn:You were the one who didn't come back all night, I haven't seen you till now. By the way where were you?

Pacey:Let's just say I had a lot of thinking to do.

Shawn:Did you make any decisions?

Pacey:Yeah, a couple and what just happened with her helped a lot.

Shawn:Okay. Spill it.

Pacey:Shawn, I know this might sound crazy but I think I love her. I mean I think I have loved her since we were little kids in Capeside. It was just that so many things kept getting in our way. The biggest was our old friend Dawson. Then there was my problems with my parents and it kinda clouded up my view on who I really cared about.

Shawn:That sounds like you really know what you want. So, what are you going to do about it?


Shawn:Pacey, you really care for this girl. Why, not?

Pacey:That's just it, I care for her. We both are here in a new world where there are so many new choices. I don't want either of us to fall back on each other because we are safe. I want to be because we care for each other.

Shawn:Sounds like you have it all figured out.

Pacey:Yeah, you know for the first time, I think I finally have something figured out that has to do with my past in Capeside.


Joey is sitting up in her bed reading, when Kayla walks in.

Kayla:Well, I am glad to see you are finally up.

Joey:I had a visitor this morning.


Joey:Yeah, Pacey dropped by. He had the nerve to accuse me of staying with Mark. I think I turned the tables on him when I told him I heard him kicking the door.

Kayla:Joey, he was really worried about you.

Joey:I know he was afraid I couldn't take care of myself. I know that I should be mad but it really feels nice to have someone worry about me for a change. I have always had to worry about everyone else and Dawson being at the end of a long list of them. He always seemed to be in one depression or the other and I was always the one that had to comfort him. Which would be okay but he could never seem to return the favor.

Kayla:So what was Pacey like in Capeside?

JoeyHe was your typical class clown but it was to cover up the pain he was feeling inside. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me telling you this since you already know why he lived with his grandparents. His father was not supportive of him and often told him that he would never make anything of himself. His brother was just the younger version of his father, almost a robot. His mom was okay but she always seemed to be at some sisters' house out of town. It really all came to an end though, at the end of our Sophomore year. His dad decided that Pacey was no longer good enough to be his son and so he shipped him to his grandparents. The Pacey I see now shows me that none of us may have liked that he was leaving but it was for the best. Because if he stayed in Capeside he would probably be pumping gas at the corner gas station because of his father. But look at were he has come, to Harvard. Pacey was always very special to me. I may have latched on to Dawson on the outside but inside of me I think my heart only had room for Pacey.

Joey rolls her face into her pillow.

Joey:I can't believe I told you all of that. I'm so embarrassed. I have never gone on like that in my life.

Kayla:Well, maybe it is time you did more first. You have gotten away from that boyfriend/best friend/downer and now you have a second chance with the smart/senstive/clown of a handsome man down the hall.

Joey:No, I don't.

Kayla:Why, Joey? You said you cared for him and that he was in your heart.

Joey:Yeah, two years ago. I am not sure about now. I can't risk ruining what we have just so I can wrap myself up in my protection blanket. I think before I make any decision I need to explore my options. So I won't fall into that same mistake I made with Dawson. I don't want to waste any more of my life.

Kayla:It is just you two are perfect for each other.

Joey:We'll see. If it is meant to be then it will happen and if not then I will be happy having my friend Pacey with me again.

Kayla:Will you just let me know what you decide?

Joey:Sure. Listen let's get off of me. What about you and Shawn last night? I thought I might have seen something there.

KaylaWell, we had a lot of time to spend with each other. We talked a lot and danced.

Joey:So, did anything else happen. I want all of the juicy details.

Kayla:We kissed. He really is a nice guy.

JoeyDo you think the two of you will have a repeat performance of last night?

Kayla:I'm not sure. We really haven't talked about it. I saw him this morning though in the hall. But, all we talked about was the you and Pacey.

Joey:Well, let me know if you need the room to yourself.

Kayla:Joey!! I can't believe you. What about you and that Mark guy making out on the dance floor last night?

Joey blushes

Joey:Well, let's just say we got a little carried away. I usually don't do that kind of stuff. I don't know what came over me.

Kayla:(under her breathe) I bet I do. Pacey.

Joey:What did you say?


To be continued . . . . .

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