The Ugly Green Monster by: Felicity

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The Foursome enters the frat house. There is loud music playing and tons of college kids mingling around and dancing. They stop in a huddle just inside of the door.

Kayla:This is some party. I don't think I have ever been at a party with a live band.

Shawn:Well, babe, you are at Harvard now. The place of high living. I think it is just time we all got use to it.

Kayla:I don't think it will take much getting use to.

Shawn:Hey, Pacey, why don't we get the ladies some drinks?

Pacey:Sure. We will be right back.

Kayla:Take your time.

The boys leave.

Kayla:So. . . . .

Joey:So what?

Kayla:So you think something might happen between you and Pacey?

Joey:Kayla, we haven't seen each other in two years. Plus, I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years. Plus, Pacey and I have never been more than just friends. Except . . . . never mind.

Kayla:Except, when?

Joey:It is nothing. Pacey just tried to kiss me once. But it was a long time ago and now your chance with him is better than mine.


Joey:Because you are interested in him and I just want to be his friend again.


Shawn and Pacey are standing around the drink table.

Shawn:So you knew the beautiful brunette all the time. Why didn't you tell me?

Pacey:I had no idea it was her. It sounded like her but I didn't know that she was coming here. I haven't talked to her in two years.

Shawn:So are you thinking about starting something up?

Pacey:Why? If I don't are you?

Shawn:Well, I won't mind trying. If it is okay with you.

Pacey:Yeah, go ahead. I have no say over who she does and doesn't see. I 've told you, there has never been and will never be anything between the two of us. We are and will always be friends.

Shawn:Okay, I'm glad to hear that because I am very interested.

Pacey looks over at the girls and sees that they are surrounded by guys.

Pacey:We better get back over there before one of those other Harvard males scoops her up.

The boys walk over to the girls and hand them their drinks.

Pacey:Excuse me fellows but I think these girls are with us.

Joey:Actually, Pacey, Mark here was just about to give me the grand tour of the house. So really you should excuse us.

Mark and Joey start to walk off, as Pacey tries not to stare .

Kayla:Hey, Pacey, you want to dance?

Pacey:Yeah, that would be great.

They go to the dance floor.


Later on that Night

Music has got a little slower. People are starting to couple up. Joey is off in the corner with Mark slow dancing. Kayla and Shawn seem to be interested in each other. Pacey is dancing with a blond girl. Both Mark and Joey have had a little to drink. Mark starts to kiss Joey and she starts to respond. Pacey who has been staring over the shoulder of the Blond the whole evening, gets a look of anger on his face. Mark leans over and whispers something in Joey's ear and she nods. They soon leave the room and start towards the back of the house. Pacey seeing this excuses himself from the blond and stands in place staring at the door they exited from for just a second. Before he turns around and storms out. Kayla and Shawn stop dancing and watch the whole scene take place. They look at each other and shake their heads. They go out the same door as Pacey.


Kayla and Shawn final catch up with Pacey in the hall of their dorm. Pacey is at their door but instead of entering he is trying to kick it in. Shawn sees his room mate and runs to stop him. Kayla just stands back and watches.

Shawn:Hey, man, stop that.

Pacey tries his best to fight off Shawn but he can't seem to break the grip. Pacey soon calms down and throws open the door and walks into the room. Shawn and Kayla follow him in.

Shawn:Man, what is your problem?


Shawn:Okay. If that is what you want to believe. I saw how you watch her all night.

Pacey:I was just looking out for her. I didn't want to see her get hurt.

Kayla:I think we all know Joey is a big girl and can take care of herself.

Pacey:I know it is just . . . . .

Shawn:Pacey, just admit you have a thing for her.

Pacey:I'm not going to admit something that isn't true.

Kayla:Pacey, we all saw you tonight. The only girl you had in your sights was your old friend, even though every other girl in the room was throwing themselves at you.

Pacey:Okay, so I'll admit it there is an attraction there but that is all. I mean I only know the Joey from two years ago. This one is just so different.

Kayla:She couldn't have changed that much.

Pacey:Well, the old Joey would never have left with that guy tonight and I have only seen her get drunk once and after that she promised never again.

Kayla:Pacey, we have no idea what they are doing. They could be just taking a walk or something.

Pacey:My instincts point toward the something. Listen it has been fun talking to you guys but I really need to be a lone. I think I am just going to go for a walk.

Pacey leaves and slams the door.

Kayla:I can see we are in for an interesting year.

Shawn:Tell me about it.

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