New Beginnings...Hard Realizations
Wedding Bells Part Four by: Holly

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Author's Notes: This is kind of a short part which will lead into the second part of this series which will examine the marriage of Dawson and Joey in Hollywood. Did Joey really know what she was getting herself into as a Hollywood wife?

Joey looked down at the rings on her fingers. Two days. Two days she had been Mrs. Potter-Leery. She loved those two days of really getting to know Dawson again.. emotionally and physically. She missed Jack and Jen, and Pacey and Andie and Glenna. But these two days had been wonderful, wonderful days. Dawson woke up beside her and traced a finger along her shoulder.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” he said back. “I have to go into work this morning.” He nestled his head against her shoulder. “Want to come see the studio?”

“Yes, definitely,” she smiled. “I want to see the magic happen.”

“Are you going to go try and find some contracting work tomorrow?” He asked, referring to her photography. She frowned. That was the only bad thing so far about her marrying Dawson and coming to LA. She had lost her job at the photograph business she had been at.

“Yes, I need work.”

“Well, actually..” Dawson indicated to their plush Hollywood Hill’s home.

She gave him a look. “But I want to work.”

“I know.. and you will.”

The two hurridly dressed and Joey made breakfast for themselves and Gayle, who was moving into her own apartment the next week. Eggs and toast and some orange juice, and they were ready to go. Almost.

“Um, Joey, honey? Wear these.” Dawson pushed a black baseball cap, mirrored sunglasses and a coat into her hands.

“Why, it’s warm.. and kind of overcast.”

“Honey, you have to be prepared..”

“For what?”

“The media,” said Dawson grimly. They stepped into the limousine waiting for them.

They argued in the car on the way over. She insisted that she didn’t need any of the stuff, and Dawson argued harder. He won, and just before they reached the studio, she relented and put on the hat, glasses and coat. He threw one last thing at her before they got out.

“Also, Jo. There’s going to be a press conference later. Ten minutes tops. I promise.” He gave her a kiss and they stepped out into what was literally a mob. Dawson was somewhat used to it, although nothing to quite this extent, but Joey was lost and scared. Maddie met their car.

“Maddie, get Jo!” Yelled Dawson as a couple of beefy studio bodyguards hustled him through the crowd. The reporters screamed questions in Joey’s face as she fought to get through.

“Mrs. Leery is it true you were engaged to someone else two days ago?”

“Mrs. Leery, were you high school sweethearts?”

“Josephine, who are you? Are you marrying for money?”

“What!” she screamed at that reporter. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Maddie grabbed Joey by the arm and put herself between Joey and that reporter. She whispered to Joey, “Just keep quiet for now! Come on, I’ll help you.” Two other security guards showed up just then and hustled Joey and Maddie through the crowd and into the safety of the building.

“What the hell was that?” Dawson asked Maddie.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out,” Maddie got on her cellular and began talking angrily to people about the mob outside. Joey, pale and shaken, sat down on the leather couch in the front of the building.

“Joey, I am so sorry about that.” Maddie said while dialing another number. “You shouldn’t have had to deal with that. It won’t happen again.. I promise.”

Dawson put his arms around his shaking wife and made hushing noises. Joey was beginning to think that there was an awful lot about her new husband's life she knew nothing about.

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