A Thin Line Between Love and Hate by: Jeannie

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Dawson awoke the next morning actually looking forward to school. Dressing in his blue shirt, gray vest, and khakis he was ready to go. Dawson hummed to himself as he brushed his golden locks, and then grinned at his reflection in the mirror. After hearing Pacey's devious plan, Dawson was actually confident he could win Joey back. That was after all the only thing important to him in his life. Joey meant everything to Dawson, and he wasn't about to lose her over some stupid misunderstanding. Dawson slung his book bag over his shoulder, and picked up the dozen roses he bought for Joey, and left for school. Dawson started walking to school thinking about how much fun, he and Joey were going to have making up after this fight. Dawson couldn't wait to kiss Joey's soft lips, run his fingers through her silky brown hair, and wrap her tightly in his arms and never let go again. Dawson was so involved in this thoughts of Joey, he didn't hear Pacey pull up beside him in his truck. Pacey honked his horn loudly interrupting Dawson's daydreams and yelled, "hey, Dawson get your head out of the clouds, we have work to do if you want the vivacious Miss Potter back."

Dawson smiled, and climbing in the truck said, "Let's get to work."

Joey silently trudged to school wishing she was back in bed under the covers. Getting ready for school, Joey realized being at home probably wouldn't have been any better than going to school. No matter were Joey was, everything reminded her of Dawson. Joey's heart ached for him, all she wanted was to tell Dawson her troubles and curl up in his arms. How could Joey seek comfort in Dawson's arms though, if Dawson was the person she was seeking comfort for? Joey was deep in her thoughts when a car pulled up alongside of her, and the guy behind the wheel spoke to her, "Want a lift, Joey?"

Joey broke out of her thoughts and looking at the person glared hard at him. Joey's voice dripping with sarcasm said, "Not before my lobotomy, Warren."

Warren pulled the car to a stop and rolling his eyes said, "Come on, Joey. You can't possibly still be angry about that can you?"

Joey shot Warren another death stare and said, "Go play in traffic, Warren. You must be the most arrogant guy I have ever met, or the stupidest, if you think I would ever accept another ride from you ever again. So go play with your gear stick elsewhere, I am not interested."

Warren pretended to be hurt and said, 'Ouch Joey, that hurt my large heart. I mean I go out of my way to give you a lift, and you can't even be kind to me."

Joey rolled her eyes and said, "Put a Band-Aid on it, Warren. You know the only reason you want to offer me a ride is so you can once again tell your only friend, besides your hand, that you scored. Well forget it, I'm not available."

Warren's eyes lit up and smirked as he said, "Oh yeah I forgot, you and Damon are a couple. So how's everything between you two?" Joey grew angrier over the fact Warren purposely said Dawson's name wrong, and the fact Joey and Dawson weren't together anymore. Joey trying to regain her composure spoke in a low menacing voice, "his name is Dawson, and yes he is my boyfriend. Not that it's any of your business but things between us are perfect."

Joey knew she just lied, but she was desperate to get rid of Warren. Besides it was wishful thinking for everything to be perfect between her and Dawson, to just be together with Dawson.

Warren looked at Joey, and, realizing she was serious, disappointedly said, "Okay, well, good luck with the minor leagues. But you let me know if you ever want to enter the majors. See ya, Joey."

Joey's eyes filled with hate as she watched Warren start the car, and drive out of sight. Joey started again towards school realizing today was going to be a horrible day, worse than she anticipated.

Dawson, on the other hand, thought today would be a great day, the best in fact. Dawson smiled as he shut the Joey's locker door, and imagined Joey's face when she saw the roses. Dawson quickly walked to his locker, and pulled out his textbooks while anxiously waiting for Joey to arrive. Dawson stood there looking around for Joey, but out of the swarm of student bodies didn't see her anywhere. Dawson was growing more and more nervous waiting for Joey, looking at his watch he noticed the bell was going to ring in five minutes. Dawson sighed and hanging his head down in disappointment walked to class.

Joey rushed into the building realizing it had been stupid of her to sit and think after Warren drove off. Rushing to her locker she dialed the combination, but glancing at the clock realized she didn't have time, so she walked off to class. Joey figured she could do it before lunch since she already had her books for her first few periods. Joey rushed into class and sitting in her seat apologized for being late. The teacher not swayed by her heartfelt apology gave her a disapproving look, and a Saturday detention slip. Joey sunk down deeper in her seat after her reprimanding and softly muttered, "no this is definitely not a good day."

Dawson sat staring at the clock as class went on around him. Dawson barely listened to the voices of teachers and students, as he counted the minutes until the end of class. It was agony sitting there. After a torturous couple of minutes, the bell rang to end class. Dawson raced out of his seat surprising his teacher, and fellow classmates. Dawson knew it was lunch time, and he would see Joey soon. He couldn't wait to find out what she thought of his choice in roses, and if they had a chance to reconcile their differences. Dawson tore down the hall knocking kids out of his way as he thought of nothing but Joey. Dawson dialed her combination, and to his astonishment saw the roses were still in there. Dawson smiled and said to himself, "this is better, now I get to see Joey's face when she opens her locker. I can't wait to see the look on her beautiful face." Dawson decided to stay out of view until Joey opened her locker, so hiding nearby smiled to himself while he awaited her arrival.

Joey didn't pay attention to her classes, they all seemed to blur together. Joey spent her morning deep in thought about Dawson, and didn't awake from her trance-like state until the bell rang. Joey slowly rose from her seat, and walked out of the room still not sure what class she had just been inhabiting. Pushing her way through the halls, she walked to her locker. Joey sighed realizing this day couldn't get any worse, but she was wrong because it did. A voice from behind Joey confirmed it. "So how was the walk to school, Joey? Did you get lonely and miss me?"

Joey wanted to whirl around and slug Warren, but she remained calm and said, "you know there are laws against stalking someone, Warren."

Warren laughed, he loved Joey's sarcastic attitude, but it turned him on when she got vicious. Moving closer to her, Warren said, "I was worried about you, Joey. I didn't know caring was a crime."

Without turning around Joey replied sharply, "For you, it's a crime. Nothing you do, Warren doesn't come without strings attached. Your not a caring guy, you're a lecherous slug who is determined to win my affections. I have a news flash for you, It's never going to happen. I don't want to date you, I don't even like you to be perfectly honest and if you were the last amoebae on earth I still wouldn't want you. Mankind would die out, and so would whatever species you are."

Warren, taken back a bit by her brute honesty, said, "Well, do you want that Dawson guy? I mean does he do it for you?"

Dawson, who was still standing nearby, let the smile disappear as soon as Warren strolled up next to Joey. Dawson didn't know who this guy was that was talking to Joey, but he didn't like him. The guy was tall with an athletic build and wavy brown hair, and was standing way too close to Joey. Dawson's heart dropped as he contemplated if Joey could like this guy or not. Dawson analyzed the situation and realized maybe she could, he looked like the kind of guy who all the girls fell to his feet. Dawson painstakingly analyzed the situation while Joey told off Warren. Dawson couldn't hear Joey going off on Warren, he wasn't close enough. So after several minutes, Dawson felt drained of intelligent thought, and decided he could have lost Joey after all. Dawson didn't want to witness anymore so he walked away heartbroken and defeated.

While Dawson walked away, Joey finished telling off Warren in her special way with words. Joey's face got hot at Warren's question and said, "Dawson is my boyfriend, and he means everything to me. I want Dawson in every essence of the word, so go find some perky cheerleader to impress with your brawn and no brains."

Joey fuming dialed her combination, and thinking of something more to say turned around smirking. Turning to face Warren, Joey said, "Let's face it, Warren, if brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose. So unless you want me to treat you like Grant Bodine I would walk away." Warren took the cue and said, "All right, well if you change your mind you know where I will be. Later, Joey."

Joey smirked again, and said, "Yeah, at the free clinic getting advice on your problem. Hey, Warren, you might be in the majors but your handicap is crippling your game."

Warren laughed and said, "let me know when you get that lobotomy, Joey. It might actually turn you into a human being worth being around."

Joey watched Warren walk off before yanking open her locker, and started to pitch her text books in. Joey looked up and saw the roses sitting on the top shelf. Joey's heart leaped in her throat as she pulled them down carefully. Instead of choosing just a dozen red roses, Dawson had chosen yellow, white, pink, and red in a bundle wrapped in cellophane. Joey's hands shook, and her heart hammered in her chest as she read the card.

Dear Joey,

I hope you like the roses. I couldn't choose just red since all the colors symbolize my feelings for you. The red symbolize love, my love for you. The yellow for friendship, the great years I have spent being best friends. The white for peace, the way you make me feel deep inside. And the pink are called Just Joey's, and only blossom once a year creating the most beautiful bloom out of all the other roses. Joey that rose reminds me of you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and there is nobody that compares to you. I love you with all my heart. I want to work things out, please say we can have another chance.

Love always,

Joey didn't even notice the tears spill down her cheeks until they started to wet and smeared the beautiful writing on the card. Joey held the card close to her heart, and leaned against her locker for support since all of the sudden she was feeling lightheaded. Joey's face broke out in a huge smile as she reread the words on the card, memorizing them to heart. Joey's eyes glistened again as she read, "please say we can have another chance." It was like Dawson answered her prayers, and happiness overwhelmed Joey at the prospect Dawson loved her still. For once, Joey had hope for the rest of her day, nothing could ruin her day now that she knew Dawson Leery wanted her back. Joey finished collecting her books, and smelling the intoxicating smell of the flowers shut her locker door. Joey walked away thinking to herself, "it's weird how my day started out so horrible but will end up so wonderful. I guess I was wrong, Dawson does want me, and I know I don't want anybody but Dawson." Joey let a smile spread over her lips as she went in search of Dawson to thank him properly for the roses.

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