The Game by: Jeannie

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The Game

Joey moped around the house aware tonight was movie night. Joey couldn't go, especially not after the steamy fantasy in the library yesterday. Joey still felt raw from the breakup, and her attraction to Dawson was growing. Joey didn't know why she imagined them simulating sex in the library, they had never been together like that before. As for experience, they had still been feeling their way around the matter, literally. The closest they had come to being intimate is when Dawson had convinced Joey to play strip poker with him. They were bored, and Dawson thought it would be a good idea to enhance the mood. Joey agreed, partly because she was bored, and partly since she was curious to see what Dawson looked like undressed. They had never shed many clothes during their years of friendship, so Joey didn't know what Dawson kept covered up. Joey's mind flashed to her past conversation with Jen, when they discussed "pistol or a rifle." Joey blushed imagining the repercussions that conversation was about to have on this game.

Joey shuffled the cards, she was an excellent card player, but so was Dawson. As kids they used to get in grudge matches. The rules clearly stated, each time someone won the "loser" had to disregard an article of clothing. There could be no whining, complaining or embarrassment, that was the deal.

Dawson, confident he had a good hand, imagined the fun this game would provoke. Dawson had to admit he a little anxious to see what Joey had been hiding under all her layers of clothes. Dawson fantasized about her body, but this situation presented him the option of seeing it up close and personal.

Joey lost the first game, and felt ignorant for playing right into Dawson's hands. Joey tried to weasel her way out of disrobing, claiming Dawson cheated. Dawson refused to let her goad him into an argument, and just simply stated the rules of the game again. Joey then attempted to give him one of her socks, but Dawson explained you had to work top to bottom in the stripping process.

Joey grudgingly started to unbutton her shirt, Joey tried to prolong the moment by unbuttoning it very, very slowly. Joey was hoping Dawson would grow bored, and say forget the game. Of course it only had the opposite desired effect on Dawson, it only made his anticipation grow. Dawson could only imagine the saliva dripping down the sides of his mouth as he watched each button pop open. Joey finally at the last button sighed, and whipped it off quickly. Tossing it to Dawson she covered his head with it. Joey was extremely glad she remembered to wear a bra, it would have been a horrendous mistake if she hadn't. Dawson pulled it from his head, and grinned victoriously at Joey. Joey slightly embarrassed and angry that Dawson talked her into this game crossed her arms over her chest, where Dawson had fixated his gaze. Joey watched a smile deepen on his face, and felt some of her insecurity drift away. It was apparent Dawson liked what he saw, and that made Joey feel a little at ease. Uncrossing her arms, she lowered them, and set them in her lap nervously twiddling her thumbs. Joey watched Dawson as his eyes met hers, and then drifted downward inspecting her closely. Joey grew impatient of Dawson ogling her, and wanted to divert his attention back onto the game. Shuffling the cards, Joey felt her embarrassment creep back over her again, it was hard to keep her composure with Dawson studying her every move.

The game resumed and Joey, a serious player now, became victorious. Joey set her cards down and smugly announced, "Gin".

Dawson peered over his cards, eyes wide and said, "No way, Joey."

Joey smiled and gestured to her cards sitting before Dawson. Dawson saw she indeed did win. Dawson gulped and fidgeted nervously waiting for Joey to claim her prize. Dawson, the once cocky card shark, was now the humiliated and afraid. Sitting next to Joey was a pile of his clothing garments, the only item missing was the item Dawson was wearing. Dawson sat across from Joey in just his blue and white striped boxers, the last shred of dignity Dawson had left. Realizing he was about to be stripped of his manhood and exposed to the world, he pleaded with Joey. Joey, finally developing the upper hand, considered that after all this would be prompting indecent exposure. Joey smiled a wicked gleam in her eye and said, "Hand 'em over, Dawson."

Dawson refused, claiming the same thing Joey accused him of earlier, cheating. Joey denied the allegation, and in a condescending voice recited the rules for him the same way Dawson did earlier. Joey enjoyed Dawson's discomfort, now she wasn't the only the who felt humiliated. Revenge was sweet. Dawson, desperate to keep his boxers, proclaimed he would do anything for Joey. Joey thought about it, and, making Dawson wait a few minutes for an answer, agreed. The deal was for Dawson to remain intact with his boxers, he had to give Joey a back massage. There was one catch though, Joey was allowed to get dressed but Dawson had to just remain in his boxers. Dawson reluctantly agreed, especially considering the alternative.

Joey sat with her back facing Dawson. She was exuberant by her winnings. Dawson pulled her hair to the side, and started to massage her shoulders. Working his fingers deep into her skin he relieved the tension Joey was feeling. Joey's eyes rolled back in her head as Dawson massaged her back making wide strokes with his fingers. Joey moaned softly feeling the release of all her tension, this reaction prompted Dawson to knead harder. Joey dropped her head forward as Dawson pressed his thumbs in a circular motion on her upper back. Dawson moved his hands lower and lower while Joey relaxed completely in his arms. Dawson, feeling bold over her response, reached his hands under Joey's shirt, and massaged her bare skin. Traveling up her back, he pressed his open palm into the spine of her back. Dawson toyed with the fabric of her brassiere, running his hands under and over it. Moving his hands all the way up he massaged her bent neck, and ran his fingers through her long raven hair. Dawson pulled his hands out of her shirt, and moved them around to the front. Dawson started to unbutton the first few buttons on her shirt. Joey didn't uttered a word, so Dawson pulled the shirt down a little. Dawson, caught up in the moment, ignored the warnings they were headed into dangerous territory, and kissed her exposed shoulder. Dawson rubbed his hand on the fabric of shirt, and then pulled it up so he could caress her naked skin again. Trailing his hands up, he unhooked her bra and pulled it down off her shoulders. Joey opened her eyes as Dawson kissed her neck and earlobe, and gently brought his hands around to the front of her shirt to unbutton the remaining buttons. Joey had never felt Dawson touch her before, she couldn't explain the warmth radiating from his touch. Turning to face him, she looked at the desire burned into his eyes, and realized it was a reflection of how she felt. They kissed exploring a new type of intimacy, a kiss that brought new heights to their relationship. Dawson broke the kiss breathlessly and started to unbutton Joey's shirt again. Joey, overwhelmed by the shift in body temperature, struggled to remove her bra while keeping her clothes intact. Joey was still nervous about being undressed in front of Dawson. Dawson wanted to finish unbuttoning the shirt, but Joey seemed reluctant. All he wanted to do was be close to her, he wanted to feel her skin pressed to his own. Dawson pulled the shirt down a little more so it was now completely off her shoulders. Joey let Dawson run his hand inside her shirt and out again while they kissed and laid against the bed. They consumed themselves in a earth shattering kiss while Joey agreed to let Dawson undo all the remaining buttons on her shirt. Joey ran her fingertips up and down Dawson's back while Dawson struggled with the last few buttons of her shirt. They both thought about where this was leading, and if they were really ready or not. Dawson reached the last button when they were interrupted.

A knock at the door signified the end of their self exploration. The voice spoke pleadingly to be let in, it was Jen. Joey pulled away and with her back turned to Dawson started to button her shirt again, of course most of the buttoning was crooked. Dawson grabbed his clothes from their pile, and resumed dressing also. Joey wasn't sure if she was relieved or agitated that Jen interrupted, things were happening fast between them. Joey wasn't quite sure if she was completely ready for the next step, it might still be too soon. Joey moved to the window, she decided she was mad. It wasn't fair Jen lately always ran to Dawson for comfort, he was Joey's boyfriend not Jen's. Joey hated watching Dawson soothe Jen, he explained they were just friends and he wanted to be there for her after her grandfather died. Joey wasn't sure comfort is what Jen was looking for, Jen used every opportunity to pull Dawson closer to her and farther from Joey. Joey started to climb out when Dawson grabbed her arm, and pleaded with her to stay. One look from his puppy dog face, and Joey's heart melted and she agreed to stay. Dawson kissed her gently and unlocked the door to let Jen inside. Opening it, he let Jen walk in, Jen's eyes were swollen and red. Joey could tell she had been crying again, and started to feel bad for Jen. Jen looked surprised to find Joey there, she was hoping to find Dawson alone. Jen sat next to Dawson on the bed, and told him about her fight with Grams. Joey listened feeling sympathetic until Jen curled up against Dawson and cried. Joey rolled her eyes thinking how Jen never missed an opportunity to grope Dawson. Joey watched Dawson, who look confused, patting Jen's shoulder. Dawson felt torn between his girlfriend standing over him, and his ex-girlfriend crying in his arms. Jen pulled something out from underneath her, and puzzled Jen held it up with two fingers. Joey smiled and said, "Thanks, Jen…I wondered what happened to that."

Joey was feeling jealous and angry, and wanted to show Jen she wasn't going anywhere, Dawson was her boyfriend. Dawson watched as his ex-girlfriend handed his current girlfriend her bra back, the one Dawson took precious time removing. Dawson didn't know if he should feel embarrassed or not, what happened between Joey and him was private. It was nobody's business but their own, and certainly not Jen's affair. Joey didn't look embarrassed at all, she look satisfied that Jen found it. Jen upset at the prospect of Joey and Dawson having sexual intercourse got up to leave. Dawson told her to stay which hurt Joey, so Joey started to climb out the window. Dawson begged Joey to stay, but she reminded him of an old saying, "Two's company and three's a crowd, Dawson…it was fun while it lasted."

Dawson walked towards her and gave her a deep kiss, and then watched her climb out the window. When Dawson turned around to talk to Jen, she was gone and the door was open.

Joey sighed deeply, Jen was always getting in the way of her relationship with Dawson. Jen couldn't let go, and Joey didn't know if Dawson was completely over Jen yet. Dawson seemed to still be hung up on Jen, and Joey wouldn't stick around to play second fiddle. As much as it hurt, Joey wasn't sure the breakup was a mistake. Joey felt tears drip down her cheeks as she thought, "Maybe Dawson and I aren't right for each other…maybe we aren't meant to be."

The tears flowed harder as Joey cried wondering if the pain would ever go away.

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