Someone to Watch Over Me by: Jeannie

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Rating: PG-13, maybe R. WARNING, SEXUAL CONTENT!!

Helplessly in Love

My ears are gonna fade away
Without a word from you
My lips are gonna fade away
Without kissing you
'cause I'm missing you
can't you see I
feel helpless
so alone here
out of touch with all I love
so helpless
so helpless in love

forever is so long to wait
well it seems like forever
it was so much more than fate
that brought us together

Don't ya know I
Keep counting
The days 'til
I can see you again
So helpless
I'm missing the love of my life
And my best friend  

Oh, I can't count the stars in the sky
No matter how hard I try
I'm helplessly in love and missing you
Cant think of anything else
Except how hard I feel
I'm helplessly in love and missing you

I know that it's so hard to hear
The voice of reason
It's like going from summer to winter
Unwanted change of season
It's not pleasing me baby
I can't see clearly
Even though the sun's been lifted from my eyes
So clearly
'til the day we said goodbye

I used to wonder if you felt the same
I know you do and now it's a different game
When someone you love's
Been taken away
Even though it's not for long
It seems like forever and a day

DEBBIE GIBSON-Helplessly in love

The next few days were awful and went by slowly. Dawson and Joey moped around school while Pacey feverishly worked on his plan. Joey avoided Dawson, and when she did see him just glared coldly at him. Dawson on the other hand used every opportunity to see Joey. He made a point of stopping by all her classes, passing her locker during every break, and being in the library during her study period. Dawson couldn't help following Joey around, all he wanted to do was be close to her. Joey started to expect Dawson to be there, and made it easier for him to watch her. Even though it hurt, Joey wanted to be close to Dawson too. Joey felt Dawson's eyes boring into the back of her as she studied in the library. Dawson was sitting a table behind her, but Joey didn't look up or acknowledge he was there. While Joey studied, Dawson wrote a poem about her.

My heart soars when I see the beauty of your sight
I get lost in your eyes and lose track if it is day or night
Your eyes are a mesmerizing brown and I get lost so deep
I day dream about you while I am losing sleep
Your smile is so sexy and thinking of you warms my day
I think about kissing you and everything else fades away
I can feel your heartbeat as you stand near
Gazing in your eyes my life becomes so clear
I was meant for you, and you were meant for me
Our lives are intertwined and that's the way it should
always be

Dawson reread the poem, and then crumbled it up into a tight ball. He couldn't send that to Joey, it sounded so unbelievably corny. How could he expect her to take his attempts to win her back seriously is he wrote mushy, lovesick poems like that. Dawson sighed thinking, "Joey is liable to laugh in my face if I give her this…I mean, isn't she the one that said the girl might not choose the romantic doofus who woos her with flowers and cheesy love poem? I want Joey back, and I have to show her she means absolutely everything to me…there's nobody like her in the world." Dawson looked at Joey, her back turned to him, he needed something absolutely brilliant to make her understand they belonged together.

Joey bit her lip, she was trying to control her urge to glance back at Dawson. Joey knew he had been watching her the whole time, she could feel his eyes on her. It took all the self control Joey had to keep herself from going to Dawson. Joey felt a blush creep over her cheeks as she imagined what would happen if she reconciled with Dawson right there in the library. A smile played on her lips as she imagined just what would happen.

Joey couldn't take the tension between them, it had to stop right now. Pulling her chair back, so it screeched across the floor she stood up from her seat. Walking around the table she fixed her gaze on Dawson. She approached him at a quick pace, and leaned over the table. Grabbing him she roughly pulled him out of his chair, and to her for a slow smoldering kiss. A kiss that was sure to set off the smoke alarms. Pulling back, Joey glared hard at Dawson then said seductively, "The games end here and now, Dawson. I want you back, you're mine. I don't want to hear anything out of you--no complaints, excuses, or apologies….I just want to hear one simple word….do you love me?"

Dawson, stunned at Joey's brashness, managed to sputter out, "Yes, of course…you and only you."

Joey, still holding the collar of his shirt, pulled his face close and whispered in his ear, "Then prove it to me, Dawson."

Dawson gave her a sizzling kiss, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Pulling her closer, Joey climbed on top of the table then back over into Dawson's lap. Dawson pulled Joey onto his lap, and she placed a knee on either side of him. Sitting down she wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. Making sure she was secure in his lap, Dawson let his hands travel down the sides of her body. He slid them down her itty bitty waist, and curvaceous hips, then back up again. Dawson finally settled on resting them on her backside while Joey ran her fingers through his silky hair. Joey ran her fingers lightly down Dawson's shirt, and tugged at it until it came untucked from his pants. Raising it up, Joey worked her fingers over the soft fabric to the skin that laid underneath. Dawson kissed Joey's neck finding a place between her jawbone and neck. Dawson lightly sucked on her skin while Joey finished removing his shirt. Joey tossed it backwards while pulling Dawson into another passionate kiss. Dawson deepened the kiss while letting his hands inch Joey's shirt up to her shoulders. Dawson's soft, warm hands massaged Joey's flesh leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. Joey raised her arms above her head, and Dawson in one swift move pulled if off completely. Dawson tossed it absentmindedly over his shoulder. Joey kissed him again, this kiss a little hungrier than her last. Dawson lowered Joey's bra a strap at a time, until the skin of her shoulders was fully exposed to him. Dawson nuzzled her neck, and left butterfly kisses over to her right shoulder. Working his way around he brought his lips to the other shoulder. Joey moaned a little finally realizing the deep impact Dawson's kisses brought to her body. Joey kissed Dawson's lips and left a small trail down to his collar bone. Dawson ran his fingers through her hair, and slowly down her back. Reaching his destination started to unhook her bra. Finally undoing it, he…BRRING

Joey's eyes reopened, she hadn't even known they were closed. Joey, clearing her head from the fantasy, started to gather her thoughts, and calm herself down again. Recalling where she was, Joey realized study hall was over for the day. Gathering up her books she peeked over her shoulder at Dawson. Dawson felt Joey's eyes on him, and looked up. Dawson had been engaged in a really racy daydream about Joey and him, and hadn't paid attention to the time. Dawson stood from his chair hoping to talk to her. Joey saw Dawsonstand, her mind quickly flashed to her fantasy and then back to the present. When Dawson started to walk towards her, Joey blushed and bolted for the door. Dawson stood mouth open watching her run off. Feeling defeated and depressed, Dawson collected his stuff together. Walking to the door with his head down and shoulders slumped, he pulled the rumbled poem from his pocket, and threw it in the garbage.

Warren sitting in the far corner of the library had been daydreaming about the sexy brunette too. He started to get worried when Joey looked at Dawson. All through the period, Joey had ignored him and Warren figured she was over him. Dawson, the hopeless loser, stared at Joey longingly while Warren watched. Warren divided his attention from being entranced with Joey to curious over what Dawson was so intently writing. Warren waited until Dawson left the library before nonchalantly picking his crumbled paper out of the trash. Making sure nobody saw him, opened it and laughed. Warren shook his head thinking, "No wonder doofus Dawson threw this away…god what a geek!" Warren realized with this being Dawson's tactic for winning Joey back, he didn't stand a chance. With Dawson out of the way, Warren could have a chance with Joey. Warren crumpled the paper back up, and threw it again in the waste can. Laughing to himself, Warren left the library to find Joey.

Bethany, supposedly studying chemistry, instead studied Dawson. Dawson was so incredibly gorgeous. Bethany's heart raced as she thought about his warm soulful blue eyes, sexy smile, and wavy blonde hair. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, faded blue jeans, and tennis shoes-a simple but elegant dresser by Bethany's standards. Bethany smiled thinking to herself, "like he just stepped off the pages of a Jcrew advertisement." Dawson's hair was swept back, but fell in loose curls at the ends. Bethany knew who Dawson was staring at, Joey was at the table in front of him. Bethany tried not to let it bother her while she watched the way Dawson looked at Joey. The look of adoration, love, and longing. Bethany would do absolutely anything to get Dawson to look at her like that. He was the most wonderful guy Bethany had ever met, and Joey was a fool to let him slip through her fingers. Joey didn't deserve such a warm, caring, understanding, romantic guy like Dawson. All she was capable of is breaking his heart. Bethany saw how Dawson's face fall as he watched Joey leave, it broke Bethany's heart to see him hurting. Dawson looked so sad and hurt, you could almost see his heartbreaking since he wore it on his sleeve. It angered Bethany to watch Joey treat him like dirty, Dawson didn't deserve to be treated like that. Bethany watched Warren staring at Joey, Bethany knew Warren had a thing for her. It was plain as day, Warren wanted Joey, and Bethany was more than happy to help Warren get her. Bethany retrieved her belongings and followed Warren's lead rummaged in the trash until she found the crushed paper wad. Reading it, Bethany sighed deeply, his words touched her heart. Dawson was so romantic and honest, two characteristics that made Bethany fall in love with him in the first place. Bethany folded the note placing it in her pocket she walked away smiling. Soon, Bethany would have what she always wanted, all she needed was some help from a certain lovesick admirer of Joey Potter.

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